Themed restaurant in guerrilla cave

The Chinese are even inventors. Recently, they have turned the cave that the former Communist military leader Lin Biao used as the headquarters of "military bar." As the furniture was used sandbags, helmets, artillery shells and mines.

1. Marshal Lin Biao used the cave as a military headquarters in 1968, shortly before his plane crashed in Mongolia after a failed military coup against Mao. Shortly after the death of the Communist Party declared him a traitor to the motherland. In the photo: The visitor opens the door to the cave, having the shape of an airplane. (REUTERS / David Gray)

2. sandbags, weapons, and on the table - a portrait of Lin Biao - awfully nice design restaurant. (REUTERS / David Gray)

3. Communist symbol on the roof of the entrance of the cave. (REUTERS / David Gray)

4. The room, decorated with military maps and old propaganda posters. (REUTERS / David Gray)


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