Caves from around the world

The descent into the cave on the island of Java, Indonesia

Admiral's Arch, Australia

Cave in California

Han Song Dung, Vietnam

SOTA de Las Golondrinas, Mexico

SOTA de Las Golondrinas, Mexico

Dragon Cave, Greece

Shulgan-Tash Bashkortostan

Crystal Cave (Cueva de los Cristales), Mexico

Phraya Nakhon, Thailand

Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

Cave Nehru, Spain

Tunnel under Jerusalem

Caves in the Lebanese mountains

Nia Caves, Malaysia

A large cave, Borneo

Cave of Swallows, Mexico

Reed Flute Cave, China

Fingal's Cave, Scotland

 - In some caves do not advise comes without a rescue mask. For example, the crystal cave in Mexico will not help you or a scarf or kerchief tied round face. After a while you poisoned, you feel dizzy, and therefore you need to rush to the exit


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