Diving in caves (15 photos)

British Speleological diving instructor and photographer Martin Farr travels the world researching the most amazing underwater caves. The next month, they will try to establish a team of a new world record for the longest underwater cave penetration.

Three divers prepare to enter the underwater cave Cenote Karvash in 2000, near Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Jenny Pinder swims underwater in the narrow passage of the cave Grotto Giusti in Tuscany, Italy. The temperature in this "spa cave" reaches 35 degrees Celsius.

Phil Dotchon swimming between the mysterious cone-shaped underwater formations in the cave MIMOS, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

Helen Ryder demonstrates the buoyancy underwater tunnel in Dinas Rock Silica Mine in January 2007 in the Neath Valley, Uyuzhny Wales.

These pictures were taken by Martyn Farr - the only British Speleological diving instructor. The next month, Martin (pictured) will join the team of the best cave divers who try to set a world record, reaching the cave Pozo Azul, near Burgos, Spain, which until now has sailed.

In the UK - the home of Martin - there are several places where you can go diving, speleological, including Somerset, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Sutherland. In his collection of pictures is a cave Veebubbi in Western Australia, which is considered the largest underwater tunnel.

Speleological diving in the UK is very dangerous, but Martin believes that the experience can generate real professionals in this area. "If you can swim underwater cave here, you can do it anywhere, - says Martin. - Walkways are narrow, it's cold, visibility poor, a lot of precipitation. Once you disturb the mud, and you will wrap murky cloud, and you lose a sense of direction. And only an experienced guide will lead you back to the surface. If you can overcome the caves here in the Brecon Beacons, no other underwater caves you will not be afraid ».

Although this type of sailing requires the necessary equipment and team, Martin may engage speleological diving itself. "Explore the cave for the first time, I prefer alone. Speleological diving is very different from the usual. In caving diving conditions can be so severe that even if you close partner, it still will not change anything. Lost in the murky cloud of silt, you will need to think not only about themselves but also about his comrades, and this can confuse you. Sometimes it's better to be alone, then you will not need to worry more about someone ».

Martyn Farr during the first scuba diving in a cave in China in 1985.

Local trainer Ronnie Valencia sails past the sign at the entrance to the popular Grand Senote cave in Mexico.

Helen Ryder swimming in coral cave at a depth of 30 meters in the Red Sea in May 2005, off the coast of Hurghada, Egypt.

Helen Ryder swims through the cave Taina, near Santo Domingo in March 2009 in the Dominican Republic.

Helen Ryder comes up from Port Il Ogof caves in June 2010 in South Wales. The next couple of meters in the cave is very narrow. In such places, be sure to wear scuba gear in the back and side. Women involved in this activity, not so much.

Jason Mallinson - leader of a team of divers, is going to set a new world record in Pozo Azul in early September of this year.


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