Spain guests are invited to swim with the tuna

Spain made a new diving programs, Diving toy. Participants will enjoy an incredible immersion in the company of hundreds of bluefin tuna. The weight of some of them are even more than 250 kilograms, and body length of about two meters.
Is this program off the coast of La'ametlla de Mar (l'ametlla de Mar, 46 kilometers southwest of Tarragona, Catalonia). The project was developed together with the diving center Subkrо, according to buenaespana.
Diving divers will deliver an 18-metre catamaran that has all the necessary amenities — hot water, dressing rooms, bar and VIP area. Upon arrival, tourists can swim with the fishes, feed them and spend photography.

Program Tuna toy Diving will be carried out on Sundays at 10:00. Its approximate duration will be two hours. On the way back, participants will enjoy a tasting of fish dishes.

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