Top deadly sport

What he most extreme view, which allows you to find yourself on the verge of death? Authentically uncertain, mainly because of a lack of data - not the organizers or participants in extreme sports do not wish to publicize the deaths ... However, "Forbes" magazine has made a rating of exemplary

The first in the list of the most dangerous sports should besdzhamping. His "progenitor" is parachuting. However, unlike skydiving from aircraft, BASE jumps are made with dramatically lower altitudes in the vicinity of the site from which the jumper jumps, whether rock, building, factory chimney, or something else. In beise due to small height speed of falling when performing jumps very seldom reaches the highest rates, but very little during the flight, often driving to make the correct body position before opening the parachute
The result - in the period from 1981 to 2007 recorded 114 fatalities ... attempts to separate BASE jumping without proper equipment and skills clearly lead to death

The second - at risk of injury and death - heliskiing ... At first helicopter throws you to the mountain top and then you go down on skis from the mountain slopes

Routes allow off-piste experience the incredible feeling - they are ten times more dangerous because of its unpredictability, and often, and complete obstruction ... But the skier as they say, is in flight

In third place - diving - swimming underwater with devices that provide autonomous supply of air .... For snorkeling, you need to have the skills to solve most of the problems when immersed

But even with them, these same skills can easily face to face with a shark and stingrays. What often happens even with the most experienced divers. And then, the outcome of events can be very sad

In fourth place - Cave diving - dive and snorkeling trip to the caves ... Cave diving is deceptively simple ... But in reality it is nothing more than an easy way to die. Only caverns and caves of Central Florida have taken away the life of more than 400 divers

Some of the dangers are quite obvious - low or zero visibility, the inability to rise to the surface in case of emergency. There is a hidden danger - is ill. He is in almost every cave system. Consisting of clay and decayed plants, it is able to completely deprive the diver's visibility. One wrong move flippers or a hand - and clear as air the water becomes muddy brown. In this state it may remain for several days. So you can never find a way out of the maze

At the fifth - the taming of a wild bull ... It looks easy ... However, when you are at a live bull weighing nearly a ton or two, you can expect any developments

For most viewers rodeo "bullrayding" is the most exciting spectacle of all the extreme-equestrian sports, but he - and the most traumatic

In sixth place is surfing, and not the usual, and surfing on the big wave - the higher the wave, the unpredictability of the outcome of the battle of man with the ocean ... Maybe swallow

The seventh - "stritlaging" ... This extreme sport invented in California as early as 70 years, however, the name came up much later ... Teens journeyed, going on skateboards, and acceleration on the highway next to the car

Could slow down or legs ... or when faced with an obstacle or a car ... Sometimes, helmets did not help

On the eighth - climbing - sport, emerged from mountaineering

Despite more than half a century of the history of climbing, safety sport associated with the rise of the athletes on the vertical walls to a height are still in doubt ... The fall from the cliffs serious injury and death ... But many climbers continue to believe that the injury - that's just what happens to the other

On the ninth - extreme cyclocross and "aerobatics" cycling

And on the tenth - "white water rafting" - rafting on the wild rivers with rapids

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