Caves of Kamchatka

An interesting story about the snow caves in Kamchatka said Denis Bud'ko. And he showed amazing pictures taken inside the cave.

Writes Denis Bud'ko aka ratbud: "The final point of our photo tour was the area of ​​the volcano Mutnovsky. I come here every year, but this time it was different. Last winter was very little snow and even to the same outstanding hot summer. Therefore snow, which never pose this year greatly reduced in size. As a result, open the passage in a snow cave beneath them. "

Snow cave on the slopes of the volcano Mutnovsky

At the entrance to the cave, the thickness of the ceiling is very small and the sunlight breaking through it gives us the unique beauty of the spectacle.

Conditions for shooting in a cave not to put it mildly better: almost everywhere water flows from the ceiling, and which wants to pour technique. And without eksesov not done - Irina was so absorbed shooting that is invisible, how to put the unit under running water.

The main colors that our eyes see in the cave is a green, yellow and blue, but modern cameras automatic thought is still present red-pink shades.

The further we move away from the entrance, the thicker became the vault of the cave, and the less light penetrates through it.

On the ceiling and then manifested bizarre images, both in form and color.

That's the last ray of light on the way to the center of the cave.

At first I did not want to go further into the cave, but our restless Alain, his zeal to pass on through the cave, just forced me to go further and for that she thanks !!)) Otherwise, I would not have seen all the charm lurking beneath these strata of snow.

Somewhere in the middle of the cave (it is approximately 300 meters) was a large room with a small stage. In this photo, where I Veronica I pose as a guide to Hell;) can be clearly seen, like tree rings, of which the layers of snow and is composed of a cave. According to my estimates are about 5 layers of compressed snow. The lower layer is almost the ice.

The area is famous for its volcano Mutnovsky abundant rainfall. This cave is located in a ravine to a depth of 10 meters, which carries a conventional mountain stream. In winter it is a ravine flush sweeps the snow, and the thickness of the roof of the cave can be up to 5-6 meters.

At the exit of the cave the way we blocking the small waterfall of 5 meters, but the approach to it is dangerous, because the edges are set constantly crumble.

But the problem is solved by a small side exit through which we crawled out of the cave.

Going out and looking round the whole snowfield can not believe that we just passed underneath.

To understand yourself, how much snow falls here, and how much of it melted this year. Imagine that the small waterfall, usually located under the snow !!!



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