Kamchatka: when to go, what to do and how to save

Kamchatka will turn your world upside down. Among the vast spaces where nature, immediately fly out of my head projects and deadlines. And in their place remains only one question: "is this all happening to me?" Really, where else will you be on the geyser field, soak in a hot spring with views of the volcano and slide down on skis to the Pacific ocean?

Tell them where to go and what to see in Kamchatka to travel преврати1лось in a fairy tale. If you are sure that this is necessary to sell half the Kingdom, scroll down. Article — 5 tips to save the trip to Kamchatka.

Relax on the nature with comfort

In the natural Park "Nalychevo" from underground thermal springs with silver, cobalt, silica and lots of other Goodies in the composition. Experience their healing power in itself can, for example, near a cordon. There you will be alone with the charming nature and, thus, will not endure the marching deprivation: sources ennobled, and next have a place to change clothes and buy a cold beer.

If you fall in love with the mystical scenery and want to stay longer stay at the Lodge right in the Park — and even then don't miss your. Look for bright travertine on the road to Talovskie springs. Make sure that the water in the Griffin Ivanova really +75,6°C. And — climb to the observation tower, to the mouth from the natural beauty. By the way, to meet in these parts of the ermine, the Fox, or sable — a common occurrence.

Quickly get to the Nalychevo from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the helicopter or all terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles during winter time. Romantic option is to walk along the equipped trail from the village of Pinachevo, which is located in 18 km on North from the airport "Elizovo". 39 kilometers of slip for two days, and you can even sleep in the house or in his tent.

Steal up to Klyuchevskaya volcano

Klyuchevskoy volcano with boundless character. While others are sleeping peacefully, he smokes, and even throwing volcanic bombs and ash. After each eruption it varies in size, but still remains the highest volcano of Eurasia.

To get acquainted with Kamchatka celebrity. A simple and inexpensive option is to get on the bus to the village of Keys, which have a spectacular view. Looking closer — look for the car Keys to the base of volcanologists at the foot. And there to the peaks nearby. Just keep in mind that climbing Klyuchevskaya is serious business. Those mountains on you, better to go with an instructor.

If you want all at once, go for the helicopter tour. In addition Kliuchevskoi, will see Flat Tolbachik, Kamen, Ushkovsky and a dozen more stunning volcanoes.

Stroll along the black sand beach

Khalaktyrsky beach you will never forget. As soon as you step on the black volcanic sand and I see the rough waves, you know that before you — a miracle. On Khalaktyrka without prompting from Google feel that the Pacific is the large, deep and ancient. To bathe in it is unlikely to succeed: the water is cold, waves are big and currents are dangerous. But the ocean still pulls: whether to experience the pristine power of nature, or to break up your templates on what should be a beach, or just think about life.

To reach galakticheskogo the beach, go to the stop "Central market" in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and take bus No. 24 to Zaozerny or No. 8 to Dolinovka. The remaining miles you can drive a taxi, but even better — to walk, to fully feel the strong atmosphere of this place.

Take a dip in the hot tub under the open sky

Paratunskie hot springs is a rest for body and soul in the hour drive from the capital of Kamchatka. Local recommend coming here in winter: bathe yourself in the hot pool, head over to the sky, and around the silvery snow. If you get to Paratunka in the summer, wait for rain and run into the water: an extraordinary experience is guaranteed.

You can stay at the recreation center or at the hotel — paratunskiye springs is full of them, and for every budget. If you have time to spare, get out here at least once from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: a few hours for everything is enough to wash away the fatigue and return a different person.

Acaroides the Valley of geysers

About the Valley of geysers all know who the photos on the Internet, and who in the film "Sannikov Land". But live only in Eurasia geyser field is impressive, a hundred times stronger. Just imagine an entire mountain valley, where everything is fizzing, bubbling, floating and bubbling!

Carefully look around — in addition to geysers that erupt impressive boiling fountains, you'll see vents, fumaroles, mud volcanoes, and hot springs. And the bears that come to bask in the natural bath. Clumsy to did not violate the distance, will always be near Eger, ready for a meeting though with a saber-toothed tiger.

In the Valley of geysers fly helicopters. Yes, expensive, but when you happen to look at Mars from a height of bird flight? In addition, on the way back landing in the Uzon Caldera, and then the cold in the mineral springs Park "Nalychevo".

Peeped, like the fishing bears

About 8 thousand years ago on the Kamchatka Peninsula exploded volcano ash flew right up to Magadan. On the site of the eruption there was a Caldera that gradually filled the Kuril lake. The story is a little creepy, but now in this place full of harmony between nature and man. From April to November in Kuril lake come to spawn millions of sockeye, and going fishing bears. If you want to see a bear in the wild, the best place to find. And to make it even more beautiful, catch to frame cone Ilyinskaya Sopka.

To come to Kuril lake is better for a few days. You will live in a safe house on the border of the Kronotsky reserve, ride on a motor boat in search of backwoods and rookeries, and around the clock to observe the fantastic scenery. Don't forget binoculars or a camera with a long lens.

Staying with the Koryaks'

In Esso, come for a fabulous beauty, a special climate and serenity. And to bathe in thermal springs. In the centre Esso immerse yourself in a hot pool under the open sky and feel that not in vain has come a long way. Reborn to explore the surrounding area. Consider the yaranga in Bystrinsky ethnographic Museum and take a look at the nomad camp "Chau-Chiv" to meet the Koryak, to try shurpa venison and sit on a bearskin rug by the hearth. How to feel energized, walk on foot to the lake Icarus — divine views along the way are guaranteed.

You can settle on the basis of rest or in hotel in Esso plenty of them. Just check glitters under Windows, pool with thermal water.

Climb the Avachinsky volcano

Avachinsky volcano in Kamchatka, in my own way to call home. And the name of the "friends" he has — Avacha. To admire them it is possible and from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, but interesting all the same to rise to the top. If Hiking you never went, don't worry: Avacha will submit to almost any physical training. 5-6 hours up to a dizzying level of 2 741 m, 3 hours on the way back — and you will have a concrete reason to be proud.

Going to Avachinsky volcano, taking bread to the ground. These adorable ground squirrels living near the camp sites at the foot, and never refuse treats. They are used to people willing to take pictures and take food from his hands.

Ride with the volcano skiing

If you descend from the famously challenging slopes to ski or snowboard and want to try Heli-skiing, Kamchatka is a popular choice. Capture the spirit as soon as the helicopter off the ground. You will see another planet, which is white hills twisted black zigzags of rivers.

On the spot jump in the soft snow, rush down this volcano and rolls straight to the beach on the Pacific ocean. For another, you can ski down into the crater of Mutnovsky volcano, Kamchatka explore the topography of the bays and make tons of pictures on the background of unbearable beautiful surroundings. In the evenings will recover caviar, grilled sockeye and a dip in the hot springs. Well, not a dream?

Meet scraper and toporko

Starichkov island in Kamchatka — it's not a home, and a favorite nesting place of birds-the elderly. That was fun, inaccessible cliffs with them share Topolki, murres, guillemots, cormorants and Kittiwakes. If you want to look at the noisy bird colonies, sit on the boat in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, say "Chao" quiet Avacha Bay and out to the ocean. When you reach the island, you will be transplanted to rubber boat: it is closer to the rocks. But Hey, keep your eyes open: what if, in addition to the birds, see the eared seals sea lions?

When admiring the startling nature, directly from the boat rate the Kamchatka fishing. Fishing tackle and bait you will ensure and catch boil a delicious soup. The highlight of the culinary program will be the caviar of sea urchin, which you'll get from the ocean's depths.

Find out what kuhlyanka and Malachi

To compartmentalize your knowledge of the Kamchatka Peninsula, visit a Regional Museum in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Consider solar watch with compass worn by Admiral Wrangel, find out how to sew shirts and who Kutkh. Don't miss the sweet box of otters and fur Belek and poglazeyte on crabs the size of a basin.

Still interesting to walk through the Museum with a guide. He will describe in detail on how to live in Itelmen, Koryak and other indigenous peoples of Kamchatka, but more about how Bering reached the Strait between Europe and Asia.

5 ways to save money traveling to Kamchatka

Kamchatka just seems expensive and inaccessible. Follow our tips and you will be surprised how many will remain in the stash by the end of the holiday. Would be a great time to treat yourself with an extra jar of red caviar.

Find out when tickets for Kamchatka are cheaper. Ticket prices vary greatly throughout the year. If you do not want to overpay, avoid holidays and peak season when more expensive once all: tickets, accommodation and excursions.

According to our data, the most expensive to fly to Kamchatka in July, August and from November to overpay to 39% of the average price. In June the roads will be closed due to spring thaw, but warm and still a little mosquito, and tickets will spend somewhere in the 20 to 27 thousand rubles less than the maximum price. In March will be able to visit the camp of reindeer herders, polihachit on a dog sled and try their hand at Heli-skiing, saving up to 35 thousand rubles in comparison with the August prices.

Book tickets in advance. Buy tickets to Kamchatka at least six months before you travel and save up to a third of their average value.

Combine tours with independent tourism. In the Valley of geysers you are unlikely to get themselves — will have to buy an excursion. But to many sites to get easier and so I don't have to spend money on intermediaries. Browse the guide, examine the reports in the blogs and forums and forward in independent travel.



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Use public transport. To the foot of the Klyuchevskoy volcano can be reached by helicopter. And can be reached by bus, the rest of the way on foot, and the difference in price the next time to drive in Sochi.

Search for affordable housing. Take a look at proposals of different reservation systems in one place, not to guess, it would be cheaper. And even look at guest houses, hostels and low-cost bases: stunning service don't count, but everything you need you will have. If you are ready to dive into new experiences head first, try couchsurfing — it's free.



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