8 of the most beautiful mountains of Russia, who want to conquer

The mountains never cease to inspire. Next to these giants comes the feeling: "to Live well!"What else does a man need, tired of working everyday?

We have compiled a short guide to the beautiful mountains of Russia. Read and plan a journey from relaxation at the top to climbing and Hiking.


They lie


Ninety nine million two hundred forty six thousand seven hundred ninety

Mysterious place — so say about this mountain in the West of Karelia Republic. They lie impressive not tall — only 417 meters, and unusual objects. For example, here and then meet Seid — boulders placed on some small stones. A huge rock stands at the highest point of the mountain. Under the stingy Northern sun, rising eerie crooked trees, which and look to look out the Goblin. The strangest design Vottovaara — stone amphitheatre with a well as perfect stage, which is called "stairway to heaven".

While scientists ponder what created man, and that nature, on the mountain roam the esoterica of all sorts, and walk in the Internet the stories that they lie — Karelian Stonehenge, a place of power and a portal to a parallel world. To check whether in the "amphitheater" the satellite Navigator and the temperature at which water boils easily. From the village to the foot of the Gimoly can be reached by car, if not frightened of the old wooden bridge. And the walk along the trail takes about an hour.

Complexity: 1/5

When to go: The best months to travel to Karelia — August and September-still warm enough, but few mosquitoes.

How to get: To Himal can be reached by train or by car. The nearest airport in Petrozavodsk.

What to pay attention: Those who you are with a compass and a GPS, it is better to conquer Vottovaara in the company of a conductor from Himal.



Western Caucasus, Adygea and Krasnodar Krai

Eighteen million two hundred seventy four thousand three hundred

Is adygeiski Fisht — "white head". This is a real Caucasian top with steep rock walls and glaciers. Together with the neighbor Ostrom they form a single mountain range with a huge dip in the middle.

According to the legend of the Circassians, to the Fisht Prometheus was chained. When Zeus relented and allowed the arrow to release the Titan, the mountain was divided into two halves. In our day guides show impressionable tourists red spots on the rocks traces of the blood of the rebellious Prometheus.

To visit the Fisht much easier and cheaper than the Olympus. From the Western wall — see on Pshekhskaya waterfall, one of the highest in Russia, can be reached by SUV: Apsheronsk and Chernihiv, and then on the dirt road almost to the end.

To the shelter "Fisht", a convenient base for climbing and just a nice place at the foot of the mountain, will have to walk. From Guzeripl through the passes of Guzeripl ' and Armenian reached in 5-7 hours. Other routes are longer. You can settle in one of two austere houses or in a tent — your own (more reliable) or stationary. On a luxury service do not count, but the bath you provide. Starry sky and thousands of fragrant Alpine flowers included.

Complexity: Simple Marshal to the foot — 1/5

When to go: Fisht was pleasant to conquer from mid-June until September.

How to get: From the Adygea — through Krasnodar and Maykop, from the sea through Sochi and Dagomys.

What to pay attention: Fisht is inside the Caucasus nature reserve, for which you need a permit. Get it, piece of cake.


Big Thach

Western Caucasus, Adygea and Krasnodar Krai

Five million seven hundred thirty seven thousand sixty four

Big Thach is one more spectacular place in the Caucasus, it's easy to reach from the Black sea. "Mountain of God" — beautiful rocky peak that climbs easily even children.

The North face Big Theca flat, but South and West are cut off by steep cliffs — this relief is called a Cuesta. If we ignore the pseudo-science, Big Thach similar to a medieval castle on a high hill, especially at sunrise. For attractive rocks, dressed in a harness, climb a fearless mountaineers and climbers. Spelunkers exploring the grottoes and caves. All the rest of the climb by easy trail.

On the Big Thach arrange tours. You can spend 3-4 days, even if you have to move from the coast. During the week you will learn even with a Small Thecom — reduced copy of the Big enough walk up through Alpine meadows, catch fish in the local rivers and eat sweet mountain raspberry. And just wait for the perfect light for a photo shoot on the background of the fascinating rocks.

Complexity: 1/5

When to go: The best time to travel to the Western Caucasus — c mid-June to September. Experienced offer winter climbing.

How to get: The route usually begins in Novopashina, which is accessible through the Maykop and Khadzhokh. The nearest airport is Krasnodar.


Dragon's toothWest Sayan mountains, Krasnoyarsk Krai
Forty seven million nine hundred forty six thousand five hundred seventeen

From above — the sky under your feet — the edge of the cliff, to the cliff — only a step. You on one of the most spectacular peaks of Ergaki mountain Park — the Tooth of a dragon.

Dragon tooth is good that is available not only experienced climbers with tons of snap-hooks and coils of rope. For lifting on the Eastern slope of enough bottles of water, good Hiking shoes and a camera to make a spectacular shot on the edge of a precipice. On top catches the network: you can share with friends the euphoria of a fantastic looking and convince mom that you're okay.

If very lucky, catch the base jumpers who pretend that they are not scared and jump from the top. Another Tooth is famous for the fact that in 2013 he was made the first in these parts jump in a wingsuit is a suit that makes a person look like a flying squirrel, but, in addition to membranes, contains the parachute.

Complexity: Along the Eastern slope of — 2/5

When to go: The dragon's Tooth, it is best to go in June to mid—September.

How to get: By train or plane to Abakan, then — about 200 km by bus or car to the trail head.


IremelSouth Urals, BashkiriaNine million eight hundred forty four thousand seven hundred sixty six

The second highest mountain of the southern Urals — Iremel is surrounded with clouds and legends. It is called sacred, compared with Kailasam and tell us that over the mountain flying UFO, here is a channel of positive energy, and go, and then they themselves are things. What about Iremel not hear! But all agree on one thing: he is extremely handsome.

The climb usually starts from the village Tyuluk that Big Iremel is about 14 km. On the way I remember school geography lessons: mixed forest to the coniferous and upstairs the realm of Alpine tundra. The top of Iremel — a broad flat plateau, covered with a layer of stones kurumniki. Landscape from the window of the Rover.

After the hike guests can rejuvenate at the hostel in Tyulyuk. Wash off in the bath and sleep in a wooden hut — a perfect option for those who do not want to break away from civilization. There's also rent backpacks and other equipment, arrange the ascent (in summer on foot, in winter by snowmobile) and yoga workshops.

Complexity: 2/5

When to go: Southern Ural is especially beautiful in the warm season from late June to early September. Prepared for winter beauty rise to the Iremel from December to March.

How to get: The closest airports in Chelyabinsk and Ufa.

 Klyuchevskaya volcanoKamchatka
Thirty nine million seven hundred ninety eight thousand one hundred five

The right cone of the Klyuchevskaya volcano attracts and scares. This is the highest volcano in Eurasia — about 4 800 meters (the height changes after eruptions) and one of the most active.

Some enthusiasts monitor the activity of volcanoes and when the eruption begins, quickly go there. Over the past 15 years Kliuchevskoi has erupted 6 times. If you do not want on your experience to see what sizes are volcanic bombs, before traveling it is better to clarify what the condition is. All is calm? Then you can admire the volcano from the village of Keys to get to the base of volcanologists on the slopes, Hiking through lava flows and even to climb Klyuchevskoy or one of the neighbouring volcanoes.

If you are concerned that the volcano suddenly zhakhnet, choose the Kamchatka tourism helicopter flight. Below in the tank did not burn the entire holiday budget, call friends: in a large company each will pay less. A helicopter ride can be combined with trekking, fishing and bathing in hot springs.

Complexity: 3/5

When to go: Since the second half of June until mid-September. The warmest and least rainy month is August.

How to get: To fly to Kamchatka are not as expensive as it seems, especially if you buy tickets in advance.

What to pay attention: Do not forget warm and waterproof clothing: the weather on volcanoes — nature.


In Russia many beautiful mountains that you can ride them mountain goats though each vacation. If conquer the 10 highest peaks of our country, including Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Elbrus and Belukha, will receive the title of "Snow leopard" straight from the Federation of mountaineering of Russia. Just keep in mind: these mountains — not for beginners, before climbing need serious training. If you are not confident, go with an instructor.



ElbrusThe border of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-CherkessiaForty seven million one hundred eighty three thousand forty one

Elbrus is a Russian mountain No. 1, above clouds and airplanes. Besides this volcano, which adds to the charm. The most popular route goes along the southern slope of mount Elbrus. On the glade Azau jump on the lift to the "World" and "Outlook", and then to the shelter of the Barrel at height of 3 800 metres. There, catch your breath, discuss the fantastic beauty with other climbers and wander through the snowy expanses. After a few days climb to Priut 11, which is the final climb to the Western summit. When you get there, you can be proud: not everyone's strength is the highest point of Europe.

Don't forget that before the rise of 5 642 meters need to get used to the altitude. Come for 10-14 days and do a few acclimatization in the surroundings and MT. For example, take a look at the waterfall Girlish braids, defeat pass trade unions and take a photo for the background of the Pastukhov rocks. And climbing be sure to take a GPS Navigator: it will help to find the way, even if you suddenly run across the fog.

Difficulty: 4/5

When to go: The ideal time is from June to September. Experienced and strong spirit of fall in a snowy tale from January to March.

How to get: By train or plane to Nalchik or Mineralnye Vody. On a direct bus to Terskol, or with transfers in Tyrnyauz. If you do not want to wait for the bus, take a taxi.

What to pay attention: Before climbing Elbrus check in the Control and rescue service in Terskol. And when you come back, don't forget to call them: (8-6639) 7-14-89.


BelukhaAltaiFifty million eight hundred ninety four thousand nine hundred ninety two

The double-headed Belukha — the highest mountain of not only Altai, but also in all Siberia. 4 506 meters — even sounds solid. To storm the white whale. Master of sports climb almost vertical Akkem wall. It is considered one of the classic easy route on the glacier geblera, so it was done the first ascent of Belukha in 1914. Firms lead customers through a Delone. In organized climbing instructors explain the safety rules themselves lay rope "railing", you just have to go and enjoy.


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Mysterious Kamchatka


If you have no ambitions of climbing, 2-3 days on foot or on horseback to reach from the village Tyungur to the Akkem lake, pitching a tent and walk around the neighborhood. It's not nearly as much fun as sweating, to climb up. Mystical image of a Beluga whale draws esoteric, so don't be surprised if a random person starts talking Shambhala, will be cited Roerich or twist in intricate asana.

Complexity: 5/5

When to go: The ideal time to travel to the Altai — June—September.

How to get: The nearest airport Gorno-Altaysk, replacement options —Barnaul and Novosibirsk.

What to pay attention: To March on the white whale you need a permit in the border zone. It can be issued free of charge — through the portal of public services.published 


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