Peculiarities of the National Hunt monsters

"Lake monsters" - is not just another horror film from the creators of "Call" and "Aliens" - a reality that awaits you in sunny Thailand. It is home to the most unusual, ancient fish, including almost as old as the dinosaurs - Arapaima. A paradise for fishermen extremists! We look at the inhabitants of "Lake Monster" in the continuation of the post!

Fishing in waters of Sochi, on the mountain rivers to lakes, overfishing bunch of carp, barbel, chub, trout and so on, I would like the new trophies. My wife and I decided to fly to Pattaya to relax, and I wondered, and why not. I do not like deep-sea fishing, which is mainly and suggest in Thailand, I do not like trolingovoy fishing on a boat, I was interested in the famous lake monster or giant as it is there called, I knew by the commercials on YouTube and reviews, known for its exotic giants namely Amazonian Arapaima.
Barely barely out of the clutches of his wife kicking day of family-friendly fishing, long buhtela, saying that a lot of money I spend on a fishing trip that I blёsen and hooks like a fool shag, I replied saying that she purses her even more money to spend, He said that this bad idea and abroad pursuing me, I explained that if I have not been there, the world will stop for me. to me it is vital that this is the last time. In short my wife on the island, and the fishing. Day walking on the tour kiosks, Russian retailers are pushing me bullshit, not understanding about what they say, they are important to sell. The fact that close to Pattaya many different lakes, but it's the other lakes, almost on hands, I explained that I needed, and that's one Thai receive, what I want, he told me poulybalsya promised biting on black stones. Early in the morning for me he calls in Thai, I sleepy, with a sore head after the Roma, taking a beer and crawl into the car. Thai looks at me, smiles, knowing my physical condition, mentally puts me class !!! Half an hour of Thai potholes and fields, delivered me to the lake.

The purpose of my fishing was Amazonian Arapaima, photo taken from the Internet.

About Arapaima I knew a long time ago, watching a movie on diskaveri "River Monsters", which is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the growth of up to 4 meters and weighing up to 200 kg, versatile predator. Generally in Thailand, does not dwell arapayma, some lakes and large parks started bringing it from South America, one such lake monster.
At the lake I was alone and another guy from Stavropol. Fishing on the principle caught sfotkalsya, dismissed. Behind me was designated an experienced guide-Thai, who was next to me in difficult moments. Common Chinese Spinning-shorty, the instantaneous coil, the line 0.8 mm, forged hooks with a bent tip, the lead from a nylon rope, I was surprised that such a Spinning can pull the giant 100 kg, but judging by the pictures of trophies this lake, it is really important not to drag friction mechanism during vyvazhivaniya giant, or will break the line breaks or Spinning, the coil should be unwound with a force during vyvazhivaniya, then the fish tired and quickly loses strength. From bait bucket I had goose hearts, fish, and a bucket of biscuits with jam, and the sweeter the better biting, lip no fool a fish. Near a large landing net, as well as on the lake there was a device such as a stretcher, but not for the fishermen and the fish, big fish podsachek not raise her vyvazhivayut stranded and manually pull out. Planted on the hook heart, throw, sit forward, important not to snap the reel Spinning or fly into the lake. First poklёvki gave me strength, all the fatigue and headache has passed, the adrenaline rush, the excitement is probably the Buddha took pity and gave me the strength to go fishing))).
The first trophy of Asian catfish, grows up to 300 kg, I came across an 8 kg, massive head, flanked by sharp harpoons

Grind catfish Thai beer and a further guide-Thai is always at the ready, he knows what I came for Arapaima, give competent advice, which holds arapayma, generally they are good fellows, organized a cool fishing, trout farm stands to the side and nervously smoking. Rattle reel, spinning in an arc, to tighten up the lock on the coil, the strength of up to 10 kg of fish, but the fish is sad to leave. Take out the tackle, looking to bite off a nylon cord, as if cut with a knife, Thai explained that doing so only a piranha, I was stunned the first time in my life I see a fish bites nylon rope. Guides fly makes me a new tackle, put a spool of fishing line blue, dress for a new heart and a trophy. Poklёvka, cracking coil, hard fight for more than 10 minutes and that's Brigandine pike or alligator reaches a weight up to 130 kg

Not great, but nice. Mouth is not pleasant, in an easy can bite your finger. All the fish from the hook shot is only a guide, it is very dangerous, especially catfish, they have fins on the sides of the sharp peaks and serrated like saws, like our carp on the ridge, but much more dangerous to even be photographed only when it is calm. He told me how two days before me to an American when he was photographed, catfish to 15 centimeters drove his spear and slashed his hand, cutting the veins, a great loss of blood, lost consciousness, given that Thailand ambulance does not exist, only paid clinics and not everywhere, he was immediately taken away somewhere, not a pleasant sight. The guide on the forearms were taut special bandages that protect hands from catfish. The guide told me he gave the fish in his hands and told how to keep this rule all the time I had in golove.Ya all watched from the opposite bank of its red tail beats arapayma. The trick is that we must make a very long range and accurate throw, directly under the edge of the opposite bank, it is there is all fish in this guide help me a lot. Wearing a bun, yes so that the jam was more and throws. Poklёvka, stretched very tight, hand already ill before the pull had to tinker with the giant piranha

Tilting lower lip tongs teeth I saw more than a man, and sharp as a blade, the actual Clippers, a stick in his mouth poking, flies like an ax, this kind of piranhas do not eat people.
I make another throw, waiting poklёvki, hard and bitter struggle, the main thing is not to pull the lock, and then the fish will break the line, the coil must force the fish to unwind during vyvazhivaniya, pulled about 20 minutes, Mekong catfish

What reminds our carp, but only grows to 250 kg, floated next to me is a monster under 2 meters, I got out the balls over his forehead like a mini submarine. Briefly put on a hook on the heart and Arapaima. Saw a picture on the opposite bank of a bird the size of a dove briefly detained at the bush, about a meter above the water rush up and out of the water escapes under two meters arapayma, the sun could be seen as the flying feathers and the bird goes to the Buddha, I have this to diskaveri I did not even see past me swam blue feathers, tin. Part of me bait, eats heart as we carp bread, time to change.
Waited poklёvki and this was the moment, roared reel, fishing line as a string, spinning is not something that in an arc, he was curled up in a circle, the distance seemed red tail, guide shouted that it arapayma. The real power for the first time in my life experienced such forces were not scroll reel, spinning uper in the abdomen, legs rested as I could, I just heard the cracking coil, not I shake my fishing line and arapayma my fishing line unwinds, I was afraid to Spinning not broken and I made a major mistake in a panic, about which he knew the beginning, and I explained the guide, I decided a little bit more pull friction on the spool mechanism, this bit and enough as monofilament 0.8 mm broke with the sound of the shot. It was a shame, because of the mistakes missed something, why I came here. I thought, well, that time such a struggle, I would have pulled the Arapaima, I would have exhausted her, but what to be to not pass. Even the tour guide was upset, she said that was a good specimen of the weight is very hard to say, but judging by its tail for 50 kg, that's for sure. I make another throw, poklёvka hard talking and there is a decent trophy, the red-tiger catfish

For myself counting the day I was caught about 130 kg of fish, I caught one piranha 30 kg, fed to a large bucket of bait fishing, I was fully satisfied, though not cherished Arapaima caught, but caught discover many other species of fish. Strong hands ached after such fishing, rubbed his stomach, so they had many times balk Spinning in the stomach, and when I was in Sochi, said that the biting was as much hands hurt, tired to carry, no guys it's not hurt)))). For me, a car came, I left a tip your guide, said goodbye to everyone and went to the hotel. Food and I think that definitely more in my life I will try to catch the giant Amazonian Arapaima, and better do it in South America in the Amazon, and why not, once live)))))). Good luck fishing!



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