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Author of the report: Sergei Star-TM Pil'shchikov
Text and comments: Mikhail Rebrov
Talissera Organizers of the project: MG "Quad-A" - Alexey aka Rats Anton aka stormNWS, Alexei aka Smouk,
Anton aka J. Maels
The site of the organizers of the games -

Each group's lived his life:
-uchenye engaged in restoration and scientific base of research areas and its creatures
-bandity tried to take control of the entire Zone
-Monolit Tried to restore Radar
-Dolg Brings order into chaos Zone
-Voennye Engaged in ensuring the law on the borders of the Zone
-And Only monsters living their normal lives incomprehensible
How it all happened? See for yourself ...

So, the secret paths through the cordon we penetrate into the Zone ...

Overall we expect a danger

Zombies, sometimes quite a good, can help give advice or artifact. But more frequently aggressive individuals: they roam the crowd and shouting: "Meat! Brain and! EDAAA !!!! »

Favorite Food monsters - stalkers. Stalker: front and rear. The characteristic differences from other kinds of food: the presence of the respiratory system and backpack system, "Sidor»

Woe to those stalkers who experiences a zombie army on the way! Either fight and die,
or flee. Most choose the second option (but not the other two, which
previous frame)

The Zone. On the face terrible, good inside ... And very hungry

In search of fresh brains, monsters looked at the cross-base flame "Debt»

Attack repulsed, the road is dotted with the bodies of organisms attacking

Survivors - a scientist! In the experiments!

Nearing emissions stalkers seek shelter.

Bar "100 X-Ray" - better safe haven for the weary traveler

There stalker will help get rid of excess cash
For the money you can find anything - food, ammunition and most valuable - the feeling of comfort, warmth and
peace of mind that you will agree, sometimes much more than money ...

Positive moment in the gloomy world

Only at the bar you can hear so many wonderful and sometimes incredible stories ...

Here, fed, watered and was packed to sleep! Oh, and do not get robbed!

The bartender gives stalkers Chico quests

Stalkers brought the artifacts for sale. Assistant bartender Fizz checks them for falsity

Smart stalker always use master keys - young stalkers who can always make
go ahead if there is no certainty that there is no abnormality in front.

Most stalkers go in small groups - together more easily fend off monsters or bandits,
take place in the most remote corners of the Zone ... But it is difficult to divide the booty.

Rare moments of relaxation. However, weapons ready.

In various shelters and abandoned sheds you can find a lot of valuable ...

Placer artifacts. Low-value goods, everything of value has ever claimed, a pleasure for hidden caches.

Look for many, make card ... Yes! There is something to strive for!

Group of stalkers has found one of their hideouts - gangster obshchak! That's good luck!

But it is also necessary to carry out, as well as desirable to stay alive.

Grizzled stalker road checks for the presence of anomalies.

Gone. Return it?

Great risk of running into one of the terrible creatures of the zone

Or in the welcoming arms of thugs. Come on - do not be afraid, go - do not cry

Yes, the bandits still better than the monsters. Obyschut, everything of value taken away, but left alive (if you're lucky)

Stylish, confidence and arrogance sometimes help better caliber

Dr. Marsh to work! Surprisingly, almost mystical action!

Maestro does not like to be disturbed in nepriёmnye hours

On a string and dried food residues stalkers, angered doctors

No no, not at all, he is not evil! Covsem the contrary: the good, dreamy, any help,
if it is good to ask

A rival organization to the doctor. Reception garrison physician in Harmont. There
doctors and scientists together fighting for the lives of refugees from the zone.

Tomb near the base of "duty." There's a medicine worse.

The commander of the garrison town of Harmont Enkil reading reports Cordon.

Field Laboratory scientists "Amber-34»

Even zombies with interest examining laboratory

The complexity of the high, the purpose is not clear

Not everyone can reach the living stalker to Amber, but the reward is worth it - the activation of artifacts,
which will give a chance to survive in the most terrible and dangerous areas of the Zone.

Working on ctalkery scientists have a chance to get a pass into the Zone - do not have to every time with fear to wade past the Cordon.

Screen stalker PDA. On the game was first introduced electronic system of interaction
players stalknet.

Stalkers often travel together with scientists: at nauchnikov with are always anomalies detectors - devices that allow to find and avoid anomalies.

Some stalkers using traditional methods

Experienced stalker Turk and his assistant escorted Michal Mikhailovich Director of the Institute on the basis

The good equipment - the key to life. Radiation protection, and other non-living danger. From the living
- hardly.

Designated quiet, dull. One bullet career will take off what not to do, and in a few years.
Yes, rarely shot in the back, but sounded.
Dialog to return to base:
Where's your colleague?
-You Know, I just looked away, and it has lifted Snork. I myself was nearly killed, his legs barely carried away ...

Scientists working on the stalkers can get various interesting developments: Vampire ordered
special grenade launcher gun for working on gravitational
artifact. UD ridiculous weapon is actually very dangerous. His many underestimated ...

Life - is a complicated thing. Even scientists sometimes have to negotiate with the bandits

It was getting dark

Many monsters prefer to hunt at night. Stealth and vitality - the main
Allies vechnogolodnogo Snork in the preparation of food

To the delight of Snork, for research earnings luminaries of science: Andrew
Alexander A. Alexandrovich and colleagues.

In his ulrazaschischёnnyh suits are more like monsters. But it does not matter, most importantly - effective!

Andrey. A guard of his helmet more than once saved from misery.

Alexander Andreyevich. He was less lucky: during one of his dangerous experiments
spacesuit could not resist. Now, in order not to scare people, he is forced to hide his face under
mask. Dr. Marsh - the only one who can help.

Carnivorous snorkov failed supper scientists: reliable and incorruptible guard all night bdila
tranquility base. Drunken shouts did not abate until the morning

In the morning equipped with advanced scientific equipment intrepid explorers
We went deep into the zone.

Scientists have questioned the zombie elder Benito and controller of life after death. The main thing - do not
monsters provoke aggression.

Monsters were full, so all the participants of this dangerous enterprise alive. (But highly nervous)


Light of science at Dr. Marsh. Not so easy it seems! The doctor was in good
mood and agreed to help Alexander Andreyevich cope with his illness.

Bunker Dr. Marsh is full of secrets and mysteries. Alexander Andreyevich goes inside

-Prisazhivaytes Sick! Do not worry you so it will not hurt ...
Something broke in the hands of doctors, vague glow appeared around Andrei Alexandrovich

Another bright flash lit up the operating room. Suddenly scientist grabs his face,
Several years ago the disfigured failed experiment. Something happened! Dr.
He looks at the mask removed from the face of Alexander Andreyevich. Will you it to him now?
We learn later.

So far, scientists have explored the area - the base received the first samples of flora

And fauna
The samples were subjected to scrutiny.

Yes, it is Alexander Andreyevich Dr. healed, he again gained literally
a human face! Academic research continues!

And even at night in the field at the risk of life, laboratory scientists brave continues
to collect scientific data.

Zone studying is not all. There are those who struggle with it - Debt!

Artifact - valuable item!

Debt also considers it his duty to clear the bowels of the zone from any malicious artifacts!

On guard their territory.

From the heights of hangars area viewed on Stony meters. No suitable unnoticed.

In the center of the zone inhabited by the most terrible sect - Monolith!

We know little about these fanatics - they are well-guarded secrets

No outsider will not pass deep into the Zone

Their sanctuary - Monolith. Mysterious Wishmaster - one of the secrets of the zone

Another mystery: What will happen the next second, you will have time to smoke a stalker another
cigarette ...

Or decorate an already attractive landscape?

The remains of the unfortunate many stalkers are all over the zone.

But none of the danger does not stop the real adventurers!

Many are sent into the Zone for different reasons ... but few survive. And leave the unit.
Do you dare? Ready for a terrible dangers of exciting adventures and meritorious?
Then adventures await you!




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