The popular Board game, which are little known in our country

In this article we will introduce You with the most popular table games that are practically unknown in our latitudes, although it could be would be a favorite family and friend's leisure.

Scrabble – word game letters

One of the most popular Board games in the Western world almost never caught on with us. We were of course its Russian type called Erudite, but the national fame he has got us much closer to an ordinary Noodle. The essence of the game is that of the fallen you a random set of letters to collect a special playing field of the word.

Klingon chess game from the cult series
For the first time this game was shown on the TV screen in one episode of the famous television series Star trek, where she played the alien race the Klingons. It is a game of chess in which the playing field is not located in the same plane, but at different levels. Now the game is played by millions of fans of this television series. Play it, including, and Russian "trekkers".

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Dungeon and dragons – the most famous role-playing Board game
Introduced 1974 of the game Dungeons & Dragons was different from most of the other military Board games by two factors: it was fantastic the characters (orcs, elves, dwarves, dragons, etc.) and the opportunity to play for a side in the conflict, and for its specific character. Dungeon and dragons is the progenitor of many other similar Board games, but is still the most popular among them.

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