Scary movie monsters

A list of these monsters is not complete and must take into account the fact that everyone has their own preferences in this regard.
But anyway, these terrible creatures make us afraid, when watching a movie.

Shot from the movie "Alien»

Whatever you say, an absolute favorite in any "monstrovskom" list. Scary creation whether it is from outer space or the ocean depths, or from the bowels of the earth regularly appeared on movie screens - America 50-60s are, by the way, served as the perfect personification of the Soviet Union, the most terrible of an external enemy, ready to attack at any moment . But "Alien," Ridley Scott in 1979, the year is not just to change the existing mythology (that you have not the Soviet Union), but also impressed the technical quality. In past years nasmotrennost viewers still could easily be separated from the reality of a special effect - here the border was completely erased, the monster looked quite "really." This, incidentally, is facilitated by the fact that in several episodes as its "stuffing" were used vzapravdashny animal entrails (intestines of sheep and cow's stomach, for example). Played their role and the director's decision not to immediately show the Alien and scare them a little, parts: it strengthened the expectation and makes everything more afraid of the unknown monster, which instead of blood - Burn down the metal floor acid. But especially thanks for the Stranger should, of course, the famous painter, sculptor and designer Hans Rudi Giger - whose works was born a monster, became legendary. A mechanical head of his sketches made by Carlo Rambaldi, before it has created the new King Kong.

When zero appeared the film "Alien vs. Predator", it was akin to the eternal battle of the elephant with a whale: Predator really is always perceived as a Stranger match. And in Russia, it was perhaps even more popular - as in the original film 1987, his opponent was playing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ferocious fighter fell to fight with unusual monster - which was not easy to discern. The suit Predator - special effects very original: how to make visible what kind of transparent? But its creators have coped with the task brilliantly, proving once again: the less you see - the more afraid. To heighten the effect, experts were involved electronics and optics, involved and time-lapse imaging techniques "solarization" (the essence of the latter consists in the fact that a certain part of the image gets much more light than anything else that affects the result on the frame). It turned out impressively. And put on a suit Predator initially had ... Jean-Claude Van Damme. But the rising star did not like the role of silent extras, and two days later he was replaced by more compliant Kevin Peter Hall. It's funny that just a week before the premiere of "Predator" in the US rolling out another picture with the actor - "Harry and the Hendersons" where Hall has also appeared on the screen in a snowman costume.

Shot from the movie "Predator»

Speaking of "something" in the first place, we remember, of course, a picture of John Carpenter's 1982. And speaking of monsters in the movies - especially her, because in 1951, the year the film "Something from another world," the alien creature was completely different, by today's standards - not so scary. Painting the Carpenter makes a serious impression, and in the present time. Artists have developed not only frightening, but also repulsive image of something that is able to take a variety of forms, and above all - be introduced in person. A filmmaker perfectly caught the atmosphere of overwhelming fear, when you do not know who is in front of you - a man, or no longer exists. Many see similarities resulting from the Alien creatures - and you can agree that a certain kinship is indeed present. But if after all they are brothers - very long, and the film in any way suffer from it becomes. Although Released picture was taken pretty cool: Its premiere took place just two weeks after the world met with a friendly "alien" - and evil "Something" was clearly inappropriate. It is said that the shows "Something" ran out of the audience packs halls, holding hands over her mouth - and is willing to believe.


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