Scary movie monsters

A list of these monsters is not complete and must take into account the fact that everyone has their own preferences in this regard.
But anyway, these terrible creatures make us afraid, when watching a movie.

Shot from the movie "Alien»

Whatever you say, an absolute favorite in any "monstrovskom" list. Scary creation whether it is from outer space or the ocean depths, or from the bowels of the earth regularly appeared on movie screens - America 50-60s are, by the way, served as the perfect personification of the Soviet Union, the most terrible of an external enemy, ready to attack at any moment . But "Alien," Ridley Scott in 1979, the year is not just to change the existing mythology (that you have not the Soviet Union), but also impressed the technical quality. In past years nasmotrennost viewers still could easily be separated from the reality of a special effect - here the border was completely erased, the monster looked quite "really." This, incidentally, is facilitated by the fact that in several episodes as its "stuffing" were used vzapravdashny animal entrails (intestines of sheep and cow's stomach, for example). Played their role and the director's decision not to immediately show the Alien and scare them a little, parts: it strengthened the expectation and makes everything more afraid of the unknown monster, which instead of blood - Burn down the metal floor acid. But especially thanks for the Stranger should, of course, the famous painter, sculptor and designer Hans Rudi Giger - whose works was born a monster, became legendary. A mechanical head of his sketches made by Carlo Rambaldi, before it has created the new King Kong.

When zero appeared the film "Alien vs. Predator", it was akin to the eternal battle of the elephant with a whale: Predator really is always perceived as a Stranger match. And in Russia, it was perhaps even more popular - as in the original film 1987, his opponent was playing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ferocious fighter fell to fight with unusual monster - which was not easy to discern. The suit Predator - special effects very original: how to make visible what kind of transparent? But its creators have coped with the task brilliantly, proving once again: the less you see - the more afraid. To heighten the effect, experts were involved electronics and optics, involved and time-lapse imaging techniques "solarization" (the essence of the latter consists in the fact that a certain part of the image gets much more light than anything else that affects the result on the frame). It turned out impressively. And put on a suit Predator initially had ... Jean-Claude Van Damme. But the rising star did not like the role of silent extras, and two days later he was replaced by more compliant Kevin Peter Hall. It's funny that just a week before the premiere of "Predator" in the US rolling out another picture with the actor - "Harry and the Hendersons" where Hall has also appeared on the screen in a snowman costume.

Shot from the movie "Predator»

Speaking of "something" in the first place, we remember, of course, a picture of John Carpenter's 1982. And speaking of monsters in the movies - especially her, because in 1951, the year the film "Something from another world," the alien creature was completely different, by today's standards - not so scary. Painting the Carpenter makes a serious impression, and in the present time. Artists have developed not only frightening, but also repulsive image of something that is able to take a variety of forms, and above all - be introduced in person. A filmmaker perfectly caught the atmosphere of overwhelming fear, when you do not know who is in front of you - a man, or no longer exists. Many see similarities resulting from the Alien creatures - and you can agree that a certain kinship is indeed present. But if after all they are brothers - very long, and the film in any way suffer from it becomes. Although Released picture was taken pretty cool: Its premiere took place just two weeks after the world met with a friendly "alien" - and evil "Something" was clearly inappropriate. It is said that the shows "Something" ran out of the audience packs halls, holding hands over her mouth - and is willing to believe.

Shot from the movie "Something»

Monster with the most luxurious filmography: dozens of Japanese bands, one of which was remounted by the Americans in 1956 under the distinctive title "Godzilla - King monster" hit of 1998 by Roland Emmerich, in which the giant lizard carries the New York ... And ongoing Rumors about the new reincarnation, which must implement Gareth Edwards, made famous by the way, is very suitable to our case the film "Monsters." And only one in our list is not so much a victim of the human imagination as human malice and thirst for self-destruction - as we know, the monster was a reaction to the Japanese atomic bomb, the implementation of the end of World War II the United States. But becoming a visual warning, a giant evil monster is not turned into a walking campaign - remained primarily a giant monster, whose wickedness varies depending on the external situation.

Shot from the movie "Godzilla" by Roland Emmerich

Movies about dinosaurs appeared, and until 1993, but the team under the direction of Steven Spielberg made another revolution, having achieved in the "Jurassic Park" of absolute naturalness. No one but professionals did not care that most of the dinosaurs lived shown here are actually in the Mesozoic era - the monsters looked so believable that it is easier to believe in light of today's cloning. Particularly impressive here Tyrannosaurus, animatronic model of which has been recreated in full-length: 6 meters height, 12 - length, 6 tons of weight. Spielberg Spielberg would not have been if it had not achieved not only impressive quality special effects, but also the overwhelming commercial success: the film outscored the dues of that "Alien" and before the "Titanic" was a box-office №1. No wonder: in contrast to the "Aliens" and "Predator", designed for an adult audience, here in the plot involved the children - and the calculation that the "Jurassic Park" will be watching the whole family, is fully justified.

Shot from the movie "Jurassic Park»

Martian theme - the favorite of all those that unite cinema and space. There just Martians we have not seen - and just how they did not conquer the Earth! .. But I want to highlight is still the malicious creatures that were presented in 1996 by Tim Burton in the movie "Mars Attacks!": Big-eyed monsters with huge brains outwardly. Arrogant and insidious killer that can incinerate anyone for a second, went to the cinema of the insert to the chewing gum. They were released in 1962, but was soon banned because of the excessive images of violence - it is bad, they say, affects the children's minds. But the little Tim managed not only to gather his collection, but also to hide it in a safe, secluded place that parents are not selected. Love these Martians Burton carried through his life - and his devoted friends a painted one of his best film works. His fantasy of such "friendship" just won.

Shot from the movie "Mars Attacks!»

The monsters of the deep sea has long been worried about the human imagination. What else will arrive from outer space - it is unknown, and the ocean - here it is, right in front of you, and seafarers has always been far more than the astronauts. From them and went to the first legend about a creature the size of the island, whether Giant octopus, or squid, its tentacles capable to pull the bottom of a ship and stored in his lair countless treasures. His name was the Kraken - and meetings with him should beware. In recent years, foreign filmmakers turned to the impressive way at least twice. In 2006, the year his master proved itself terrifying Davy Jones (the film by Gore Verbinski, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"), and in 2010 - the great Thunderer Zeus and brother of his Hades ("Clash of the Titans" by Louis Leterrier). His fans can be and that and the other, but we would rather choose the first - he is, after all, ate Captain Jack Sparrow, but it is not everyone will agree, succeeded.

Shot from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest»

To no one thought that we honor the only American monsters - a guest from South Korea, the 2006 film "Invasion of the dinosaur» («Gwoemul»; Russian translation - not on our conscience). As in the case of Godzilla, the monster grew out of an incident that occurred in fact: Americans are merged with its military base a huge amount of formaldehyde directly into the municipal sewage system in Seoul. There was a terrible scandal, Koreans all want to sue the perpetrators, the case, in fact, nothing sensible not over - but director and screenwriter brought down Chung-ho Bong to think about the possible consequences. And to light a monster, causing panic in the city and took with him to "nest" the little girl - and you are trying to save the main characters of the film. By the way, his new film director shoots in the co-production with the United States - and with the popular Western actors. Here are some of the benefits can be monsters.

Shot from the movie "Invasion of the dinosaur»

Unfair will do in this honorable rating and without domestic representative - as if we were worse. But we have a great Ukrainian Wii, which Nikolai Gogol described as "squat, burly, clumsy person. All he was in the black earth. As sinewy, strong roots, issued its land covered with arms and legs. Clump he was constantly stumbling. Long eyelids were lowered to the ground. " Brrr, in a word. To be fair, of course, recognize that the Soviet film of the same name in 1967 Vij was not that awful. Yes, and a modern adaptation of the story - "Witch" in 2006 - a special memory does not leave. But for many years Oleg Stepchenko shoots his new film, whose release date was repeatedly postponed, but now seems to have a chance that we will see in 3D Wii in 2013. And who knows, maybe when we once again hear this famous: "Lift up my eyelids!" - That's when we really and terribly.

Shot from the movie "Viy: The Return»

Not to mention in conclusion, our list of (very tentatively) "Cabin in the Woods", the encyclopedia of monsters of all breeds and colors, impossible. When the film Drew Goddard we went this spring, almost all critics have found it necessary to conceal from the reader the main "chip" and vaguely expressed the view that necessarily go, would not regret it. Now that the fans of the genre picture have probably looked, you can evaluate it more calmly, without being afraid to blurt out the secret: almost a masterpiece - and a new word in our designated topic. Time to push all the monsters in the cells and release the final freedom - a great idea, in and of itself, and in his virtuoso incarnation. It turns out that all these creatures live around us for fun, and have an extremely important mission, regularly taking part in the ritual sacrifice and thus saving the entire Earth from destruction! .. Whatever you say - it's nice to remember. The main thing - to not be in this hut and in the same vicinity with these and all the other monsters.

Still from the film "The Cabin in the Woods»



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