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Peculiarities of the National Hunt - Art Comedy Film Alexander Rogozhkin. One of the most popular and cited Russian comedies. Premiere of the film took place on 15 June 1995 the festival "Kinotavr". The premiere took place on TV October 6, 1996.
Year of creation: 1995 Country: Russia Studio: thumbnail, Roskomkino Duration: 93 min. Comedy Alexander Rogozhkin Ville Haapasalo, Alexei Buldakov Victor Bychkov, Semyon Strugachevym, Sergei Kupriyanov, Ruskin and Sergey Sergey Gusinsky in the lead roles.

Young Finn Rajvo studying Russian customs and traditions, persuades his friend Eugene to help him participate in this hunt to get acquainted with its features. They join a purely male company, headed by an army general, and sent to the distant forest cordon, taking with him a few boxes of firewater.
The cordon of waiting eccentric huntsman Kuzmich, meditation enthusiast and Japanese culture.
Instead of the expected hunting Finn faced with continuous drinking bouts and adventures. Fragmentary film can be divided into stories - a case with a bear in the bath, the fireworks, the story of a rural policeman who lost his gun case on the farm, the story of the cow, which is transported in the bomb bay of the modern bomber Tu-22M3 per bottle green dragon, a trip to a police UAZ for exploring the local milkmaids and t. d.
In the bustle of booze and funny incidents hunting itself takes second and even a third plan.
The second storyline - it's Daydreams Finn Rajvo about this Russian hunting. Short episodes of the pre-revolutionary period periodically appear in the film in the form of inserts in basic plot outline. Hunting "historical" is very different from the modern. Its members, in contrast to the mountain-hunters main plot for pleasant conversation, flirting with the ladies and "treat" is still the main thing is not to forget, and extract the beast - a large wolf.

In 1994, director Alexander Rogozhkin starts filming the movie, the script for which he wrote himself. To work on a picture he drew of actors who were already employed in his early works. Alex and Victor Bychkov Buldakov filmed there in the first film Rogozhkina "For the sake of a few lines." Also filming were involved nonprofessional actors. Sergei Gusinsky before filming was busy in some movies Rogozhkina as sound engineer. Redhead milkmaid played Zoe beet and dark-haired - spouse Ville Haapassalo - Saar.

Filming took place in late summer and September 1994. For most of the film was found in nature Protochnoe town and its surroundings. The episode with the cow in the bomb bay was shot at a military airfield "spindle", near the city of the Island. Aristocratic hunting scenes were filmed near the town of Pushkin
During the filming were involved three cows and one bear. One of the cows had to really hang in the bomb bay of the aircraft on the hammock, but none of the animals as a result of the shooting was not affected.

The film is filled with allusions and adaptations of folk oral histories of cases that could happen in reality on this hunt. Beat kit Russian stereotypes: sauna, fire-water, bears. The behavior of the characters of the film and those funny situations in which they find themselves, are easily recognizable in real life. All relationships heroes in grotesque form repeated relationship in a particular social group. Even the selection of the characters seem more certain cut in society - t. N. "Real men" - the general, a police sergeant, a student, a ranger, a businessman, an investigator with the military airfield.
"In Russia, everyone knows that" hunting "and" fishing "- a euphemism quite chaste bachelor outdoors, alibis for men, each of which has something of the general Buldakova and something - from Russian Buddhist Kuzmich."
- Michael Trofimenkov, film critic of the magazine "Kommersant-Vlast»

The film is replete with paradoxes, anecdotal moments that, although impossible in reality, however, in the context of the film, are perceived as credible - Forest rangers Kuzmich the garden rock garden; he is in the garden grows pineapple. Finn Rajvo Kuzmich and communicate in their own language, but understand each other perfectly.
The idea to put the picture of the hunting adventures of Finn in Russia belongs to Michael KIRILYUK, who became the director of the film. Alexander Rogozhkin to which Kyrylyuk made a proposal to film his invented story, not only agreed to become a director of the project, but he wrote the screenplay.

"Actually, I do not think the film comedy", - says Alexander Rogozhkin. - "That is, I wanted to make a comedy by nekomediynym laws. I mean the style of the image. Comedy presupposes an active actor playing in the foreground. The viewer needs to see the facial expressions of the actor, his plastic. And I tried to remove a normal, quiet movie. A couple of popular science in style. And if we talk about the genre of the film - it's a short course unscientific communism. I understand that it is quite absurd thesis that needs to be explained. Firstly, scientific communism, we never had. But always was unscientific. At least at home. When you do not think about their daily bread, you have to drink the sea and no problems - this is the "non-scientific communism».
Despite the fact that the film "Peculiarities of the National Hunt" became the most popular domestic comedy of the 1990s, the heroes of the tape immediately became a popular favorite, and their sentences, especially toasted charismatic General Mikhailovich, became a popular expression, by Alexander Rogozhkin rather skeptical initially for his film.

Actor Viktor Bychkov recalled: "" Peculiarities of the National Hunt "Rogozhkin wanted to destroy. He shot a completely different movie. But there were circumstances, there was a casting, nature, and all lived happy commune that happened just a movie. And as an honest man who has spent public money Rogozhkin said yes, we got poor child, let him someone look ».
The film "The Peculiarities of the National Hunt" was so successful that it was subsequently withdrawn its several sequels: "Operation" Happy New Year! '' (1996), "Peculiarities of National Fishing" (1998), "Peculiarities of the National Hunt in the winter" "Peculiarities of national policy." Also published two playful comedy - "Peculiarities of Russian bath" and "Features bathhouse policy" with no "hunting", but the name, the focus on the subject and played vypmvatelnoy Viktor Bychkov protagonist Mitrich bathhouse attendant, whose image is clearly copied from the huntsman Kuzmich nothing to do.

In 1995, the film "Peculiarities of the National Hunt" has won a number of prizes and awards at various festivals and film festivals: Grand Prix Grand Competition, FIPRESCI prize, a diploma and a prize of the Russian Guild of Film Critics on ORFF "Kinotavr" in Sochi, the Special Jury Prize IFF in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), the main prize of the festival "Window to Europe" in Vyborg, Special Jury Prize (Viktor Bychkov) and Film prize at the film festival "Viva Russian Cinema" in St. Petersburg Film Award for best film of the year, the prize "Golden Ostap" best of the year, Kozintsev Prize for Best Director at the competition of professional awards "The Bronze Horseman" studio "thumbnail" of the Russian Film Academy Award "Nika" for 1995 in the category "Best Fiction Film", "Best Director", " Best Actor "(Alex Buldakov) prize" Green apple golden leaf "for the year 1995-1996 in the category of" Best Cinematography "(Andrew Zhegalov) Audience Award (Alexander Rogozhkin) ICF in Slavutych Directorate Award Festival Festival in St Petersburg.

The episode with the loading of a cow in bombolyuk aircraft were shot in the Pskov region, at a military airfield "spindle" in the Island, boat trips and motorboats - Lake Ladoga, and hunting scenes (dreams Rajvo) - in the winter, near the town of Pushkin.
The full title of the film - "Peculiarities of the National Hunt in the fall».
At the beginning of the movie Jack, when they arrived at the gate Rajvo military part, approached the question of a naval officer, "you hunting?" Responds "Yes, yes, to hunt, to General Buldakov." In the sequel to the film, "Peculiarities of National Fishing" is the general name "Ivolgin».
To euthanize the bear for photographing the scene with him "hunters", it took two bottles of brandy. During the filming of the episode Bear suddenly woke up and bit Seeds Strugacheva. It is this double was decided to leave the final montage.
In two scenes - while waiting for the hunt to "moose", which was a cow Kuzmich, and during the next feast - Rajvo humming became ten years a very popular song "Polka Eve»
The role played three cows Kuzmich Cows. To the colors, the number and shape of the spots on the skin of the horned "actresses" were the same, the artists before each shooting cows painted in gouache. One of the cows, the one that was loaded on the plane, shortly after filming the hotel. Calf, in memory of the cinematic adventures of his mother, was named Flyer.
Especially for shooting in the film actor Viktor Bychkov two weeks beard.
All guns appearing in frames belonging to the film's director Michael KIRILYUK - the only man in the crew, like hunting.

Some quotes:
& Quot; I have a case - something to grab for the soul, keeps and does not let go. And then, or this (pointing to the vodka), or to the women. And best of all together at once, and a lot of & quot ;.
"The use of this fluid, especially at an early age when the personality is formed, not only undesirable, but also unacceptable. What will you drink? And? »
"We've got a slight mishap, say to someone in the crew credited cow ...»
"Toast on the hunt to be brief, as a team, as a shot, or time to rest will be left».
"Where is that bastard? - Where is th-this-that bastard ?! »
& Quot; I repeat, if the machine does not, then went on a mission. Or vodka? Firewater with us a lot, so went on a mission ... You had one in the form, the form now you do not, then you went on a mission, but not for her because of her we have many & quot ;.
- Kuzmich calls to make love with cows ...
- You can not deny Kuzmich.

"Suffer! You still damn it, hot Finnish guys ... »
- Semenov, you want to drink?
- Nah-ah ...
- And thou shalt?
- Yeah!
"Well, you fucking gives».
- You're under arrest!
- The cha-pistol that is?
- Then detained.
"Living like - not so raskoryachishsya».
- What are you, Kuzmich, Finnish learned?
- Who Finnish learned?
- Well, he says in Finnish ...
- Who speaks in Finnish?
- Well, he's a Finn!
- Who is Finn?
- I!



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