8 gorgeous reasons to visit the Kamchatka Peninsula

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If you have the opportunity to travel, spend some money and time — go to Kamchatka. Here everyone will find something for everyone: fishing, Hiking on volcanoes, skiing and snowboarding and for lovers of photography it's all heaven.

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Meeting with coptercam undesirable, but with an experienced guide to observe them quite safe

Bears — the ancestral home of Kamchatka, who lived here long before men laid the first roads and built the homes. Bruin I love fish, such as sockeye salmon, and consume it during spawning. However, each bears their culinary preferences: some suck eggs, second only bite a cartilage on the head of sockeye salmon, and others eat the entire carcass. In berry, the company bears on field pours so much that they remind peacefully grazing cows.

The fish here are caught, even those who have never fished

Kamchatka is fish edge, which is abundantly found Chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, and many other noble salmon. The red fish Boca fattens in the ocean waters, eats natural food, and therefore environmentally friendly and useful. Fishing here is a dream of every fisherman: bite constantly, and carrying large fish. The passion is so absorbing that they forget about the time.

In the Valley of geysers it is easy to bake bread directly in the ground

In the Valley of geysers is located about 40 active geysers. Each of them shoots up clouds of steam and fountains of boiling water in your regime. Because of the unique composition of the water, the slopes turn into a fantastic alien landscape. And surface temperature here is so high, that in the ground you can cook eggs or make bread.

The picture beautiful clouds will replace the coolest souvenir

Volcanoes often "decorate" themselves as a picturesque cloud crowns. That lenticular clouds are a rare natural phenomenon. They are formed between two powerful streams of air and do not move, no matter how strong the wind was. Due to the shape and immobility, they are sometimes mistaken for UFOs.

And if you're lucky — you can see awakened volcano

According to various estimates, in Kamchatka, hundreds to thousands of volcanoes. Among them are asleep or near extinct and 29 active. The highest and most active volcano of Eurasia — Klyuchevskaya Sopka. In 2015 he again woke up a monster in the sky 6-kilometer column of ash and a huge amount of lava.

Kamchatka is a wilderness area

In Kamchatka you will be greeted by a fantastically clean air, beautiful meadows, grasses, mushrooms and nettles, which can be collected in buckets. There are genuinely wonderful: volcanoes, geysers, wildlife and, most importantly, the rivers, teeming not with crocodiles, and wild salmon.

Here sweet to sleep after thermal sources

Mineral and hot springs, though the smell of the entire periodic table, but instead give an unforgettable experience and impressions. Is to dip them in to get refreshed and rejuvenate for a few years.

And sockeye salmon waiting to be caught and cooked

Sockeye salmon is born in the crystal lakes of Kamchatka, is sent to the gain in the generous waters of the Pacific ocean, and in 3-4 years returns home breed. Its intense red color is associated with the diet: it feeds on crustaceans and red-calanidae, pigments that go into the meat of sockeye salmon. It is an environmentally friendly fish that grows in the wild and contains minerals and salts from the ocean. A unique taste of sockeye salmon with spicy bitterness cannot be described, you need to try! At least roast it, though of salt, though ear vari — in any form is good!

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