The most striking place for summer holidays in 2016

Whether there are such holidays that don't mess around, and impressions to be filled, and the wallet is not empty? But, and Yes!

We have collected 12 ideas summer adventures in Russia: make yourself at home, but do not forget that you are in a fairy tale.


The Curonian spit, the Kaliningrad region, the Baltic sea and the Curonian lagoon

Russia and Lithuania joins the long sandy spit: come here – and in a fairy tale. Well, how else to call a place where the pines are dancing, singing goldcrests and warblers, sand dunes stretch to the horizon, and on both sides lapping azure waves? On the Russian part of the spit Hiking trails and you can swim anywhere: the Curonian lagoon warms in June, and the Baltic sea becomes warmer by mid-summer. Housing is also no problem – stay in a private house on the spit or in one of the hotels of Zelenogradsk "on the mainland".

How to get there: by plane to Kaliningrad, and from there by train to Zelenogradsk, which is the beginning of the Curonian spit.


The Karelian isthmus, near St. Petersburg, Gulf of Finland and Ladoga


If a week lying on the beach you will not make for any price, go to the Karelian isthmus and a half hour drive from St. Petersburg. In June, between the Ladoga lake and the Gulf of Finland a wonderful place to enjoy the white nights in July you can swim already, and in August – it's time to gather mushrooms and berries. But most importantly, why you should go to the Karelian isthmus, it is active rest. Experience in trekking sandals, float the river Vuoksi, catch perch for dinner, climb on the rock at the hawk lake, or take part in a joust. The medieval castle, granite caves and Park mon repos – you have to see in Vyborg. And there is still Priozersk with its famous fortress Korela and the remnants of the Mannerheim Line! Impressions last for a couple of vacations, even if not to repeat places.

How to get there: by electric train from Finland station of Saint Petersburg to Vyborg or Priozersk.


Kislovodsk, The Caucasian Mineral Waters

To spend the summer at a resort in the truest sense of the word, go to the water – Yes, the Caucasian Mineral. In Kislovodsk nostalgia without the Soviet flavor dispensed in the air. In local Spa hotels and sanatoria can live with the whole family: while the adults take Narzan baths, relaxing under the masseur's hands and they sweat in the steam room, kids explore the salt caves, frolic in the pools and play in the children's clubs. All together great to walk around the Resort Park with the Valley of roses, ride the cable car and drink mineral water Narzan in the old gallery. Romantic couples will also miss the once-it is necessary to go to the Honey waterfalls, to visit Alexander the rock where the duel Pechorin grushnitski, and dinner in the restaurant at the Castle of insidiousness and love.

How to get there: by train directly to the airport or a flight to Mineral Waters, and then an hour and a half by bus, minibus or train. If you drive, more convenient to hire a car at the airport of Minvody.


Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Black sea


"And in the summer we go to the South," from these words, immediately warming to the soul. Sochi, for many, childhood was synonymous with carefree summer vacation by the sea after the 2014 Olympics has finally turned into a year-round resort. From December to April come here to ski in Krasnaya Polyana, and from late may to early November – a swim in the beautiful Black sea. Even if you did not get out of the city, resting wonderfully in Sochi you are waiting for the hydrogen sulfide Matsesta baths, five water parks, 33 waterfalls in the gorge Dzhegosh, the yew-box grove and the observation tower of Akhun mountain, with views of the picturesque coast from the Lazarev to Pitsunda.

How to get there: by train or by plane.


The village of Golubitskaya, near the Taman Peninsula from Anapa, sea of Azov

The Azov sea is the most shallow in the world, so in early June swimming here, as in the fresh milk. Children have a good rest in the village of Golubitskaya on the Taman Peninsula-the seabed off the coast of the Russian resort flat and sandy. And yet there have built the largest on the sea of Azov water Park "Amazon". If you want to leave at the same time to improve your health, look for guesthouses and resorts in Golubitsky lake with healing mud.

How to get there: 60 km from Anapa or 160 km from Krasnodar by car or by bus.


Island Gorodomlya, Tver region, lake Seliger

Rest on Seliger love the students – it's close, romantic and cheap. But the love of pure lakes, warm sand and coniferous forests all ages. The ships and boats go from Ostashkov straight to the island of Gorodomlya – the one where Shishkin wrote sketches for "Morning in a pine forest". The island is famous for its inland lake, which is no wonder called Marvellous, and sandy May oblique. It is well to put up a tent in a deserted place, to light a fire, turn off the phone and remember what it's like to talk and not liking posts in Facebook. Ostashkov on the forum will advise you private house or hotel on Gorodomlya tell you where to rent a boat to admire the Nilova desert with water.

How to get there: from Moscow to the town of Ostashkov on the train, and then to the island by ship or boat.


Kamchatka, sea of Okhotsk and the Bering sea

Almost 50 years ago from Kamchatka's Shiveluch volcano experienced first Soviet lunar Rover – and to this day it is like another planet. To enjoy the fantastic Valley of the geysers, and peer into the Caldera, join a Hiking or helicopter tour: independent trekking in Kamchatka under force unless to Hugh glass, and meetings with bears are not uncommon here. The hothouse service here nobody goes, but opportunities for mental relaxation galore. Catch a big Chinook salmon in the Big river, go to visit the Koryak on the ear and swim in "Paratunka" – the hot pools under the open sky in the hour drive from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

How to get there: by plane to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and then how you want to – on foot, by bus, SUV, boat, speedboat or helicopter. Railways in Kamchatka, no.


Lake Baikal, Irkutsk oblast, Eastern Siberia


Even in the hot summer, the water in Baikal bays is not warmer +23 ºC. But to lie on the Golden sand nobody forbids: the biggest fans of bronze tan collect the beaches of the Small Sea, Chivyrkuy Gulf and, of course, of the island. They say this island is still preserved places of power – at least, the legendary mountain of the shaman sorcerers and attracts travelers all year round. Things to do on lake Baikal in the summer? This is the case when supply exceeds demand: offers diving, rafting, horseback riding, ATV racing, colourful festivals and fishing. If the fisherman you have one, immediately get directions to the market in Listvyanka here -- Baikal omul bring something quite fresh and then smoked.

How to get there: from Irkutsk to Olkhon island there are buses and taxis that pass on the ferry without waiting in line.


The "Khakassky" reserve, Krasnoyarsk Krai

In the reserve in the summer is to go to live in a Yurt on the shore of bele lake, or to correct health in sanatoriums at the salt lake Shira in the village of Pearl. There is a picturesque lake Itkul you can settle in a tent right on the beach. The idyllic nature is not the only highlight of these places: you can visit the site starovery-recluse Agafia Lykova. She lives in a forest hut in the Sayan taiga, and get there just will not work -- in a three-day tour take only those who are willing to help her with the housework.

How to get there: by plane to Abakan, then to the lakes by car, by train or by bus.


Belokurikha, Altai Krai


When you want to all around turned off the sound and left you alone, you have to go to the Altai. Silence, mountain air and the antler baths -- all included in a stay at the resort Belokurikha two hours ' drive from Gorno-Altaysk. This town, cosily hidden between forests and mountains, famous for its thermal springs and trails-path. After a couple days of mountain walks from Atlanta with the universe on your shoulders turn into Hermes on winged sandals.

How to get there: by plane to Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul or Novosibirsk, and from there a direct bus to Belokurikha.


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Astrakhan, Caspian Sea, Volga

You can't visit in Astrakhan in the summer and not fall in love. Come look at snow-white Kremlin, a ride on teplohodike, fishing in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain or hamster ready at the fish market "Selenskogo Isady". C July until the beginning of autumn in the Volga Delta Lotus fields in bloom – and then the hand reaches for the camera at all, regardless of gender, age and degree of romance. And for dessert: where, as in Astrakhan, to set new records in the number eaten over the summer sugar watermelons?

How to get there: by train or by plane directly to Astrakhan.published


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