Victoria Boutenko: How to make green smoothies

The life-giving properties of greens are readily available thanks to the cocktails prepared from it. Do you have the raw diet, vegetarian diet or adhere to a common kitchen, drinking green smoothies can bring huge benefits to your health.

“The only way to keep health — something I didn't want to drink it. what I do not like, and do what you like”, said mark TWAIN.

Revolution green smoothies has completely changed that notion! Now in the Arsenal of mankind was a universal natural medicine, not only useful but also delicious.

Every day more and more people begin to understand that the key to health beneath their feet. Greens — that's the perfect human food. Life-giving force of chlorophyll performs miracles of healing! Adding green smoothies to the diet of any person will give a health effect greater than the raw food diet.

You do not need to completely change the usual system of supply. Enough to include in the diet two or three tasty green smoothie, which I drink even children. Create your own, simple and effective health program!


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P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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