The seven laws homeoenergetic medicine

Laws homeoenergetic medicine is life in all its manifestations. This is her fundamental nature. The choice of awareness of the possibilities of life, or life of suffering depends on us. Understanding and applying universal laws of life, gives us the opportunity to live and realize this way.

The law of mirror reflection or the like

All like attracts like is the basic law of our life. The whole world exists in us, but we do not see. This is the law of life, not a set of coincidences. Life situation, certain people, and various diseases we create with a purpose. The people we meet are on the same wave length as us. They meet us aggressive, angry, irritated, if we get angry with yourself. When occurs, we have negative emotions, we have diseases of the gallbladder and liver.


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We believe that live your mind, so we do not want to realize and notice his anger. With the help of people and diseases we are given signs so that we not only felt superficially, but also felt my internal state. Criticism of people, often keeps us from seeing their shortcomings.To see and recognize ourselves in the other — this is our mirror of life, its regularity. Through our partners, children, colleagues, we show ourselves is mirroring us. Popular with us human — our dignity in them. Not popular with us humans is our flaws in them. The mirror is a tool that all present outside us, is our essence.

If when meeting a man, I react to it, then we are in a state of resonance. It is something that is in me. We are different people, we have similarities. For example, I say, but the man doesn't want to hear me and to him there is irritation. The man did not perceive me, though I try to explain to him how to get out of this situation.

It is impossible to solve this problem, condemning to treat the person experiencing a strong negative emotionAI. Using the method of mirror, I think of whom I may not hear what we consider the case. At such statement of a question, I better begin to understand myself, knowing the habit of not to hear the people around them. I'm changing, aware of his inner perception, and then the world around me changed too. When I change internally, the person wants me to hear. Protective reaction to our lack of understanding becomes our disease. We want to hear, and in sickness there is no need, she leaves.

Act: for our good is given to the disease

Legalized installation homeoenergetic medicine, the disease exists for our benefit. Any living organism is an open system flow, tend to state jump. Our health can be ruined by harmful substances, toxins, clogging up our cells and tissues. When it is violated, the body needs to bring balance to balance, accelerate the process of eliminating toxic substances. The illness develops when the amount of toxins exceeds the necessary biological flow. During the illness activates the necessary processes of destruction and disposal of harmful substances and cleansing of the body.

Homeoenergetic medicine explains illness as a function of the protection mechanism, which starts neutralizing poisons. It is the poisons of different origin who came or originated in the body.

The doctors put a challenge to the patient, to determine the cause of the disease, to understand the meaning of illness, to reveal the symptoms, to understand the history of human life, without medical treatment. The disease is considered so is a medicinewhich is used by the body to resolve emotional state. In the body are medicines of biological origin – diseases which are dangerous to suppress and carry with them any kind of struggle. The exception is the heavy condition of the person when required urgent intervention. Disease is a language, with which our physical body gives us information, not an event on which to focus our thoughts. With pain that is severe energy suffering, a man admits his mistakes, which violate the inviolable laws of the Universe.

Doctors treat the patient but not the disease itself. The body is like the adaptation, but does not feel the disease, the body's reaction can not be suppressed, cut off, to reactions need to be considered. We need to acquire through disease the signals that we provide.

The law: everything continues to exist, as if we did not resist

We create and live through a chronic problem, it does not accept the problem and oppose her, (not considering the internal conflict, re-find ourselves in a similar situation). Modern medicine, for fighting disease, trying, primarily, to eliminate it or to extinguish it. Doctors at the prescription of the medication, tend to the destruction of bacteria, viruses in our body, the elimination of various inflammations or tumors. But we are not fighting disease, but only increase their number, that's our problem. Medicine do not agree on treatment with a life law, under which the forces of action and reaction are equal. Therefore severe disease are not declining but growing at breakneck speed, in spite of all the efforts exerted in medicine. The increase in the number of various diseases has reached unattainable heights.

The law: the denial, the rejection, the failure lies in the nature of each disease

All systems in our body out of balance because of unconscious stress reactions. These reactions contribute to various diseases, arising on a background of unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Therefore, the body can not work the inhibitor or suppressor of the disease. The excretion of accumulated emotional toxins, it helps the body to fight disease.

We Express comparison, presume to judge, to evaluate, to criticize. We experience feelings such as anger, we hate, we envy, we show haughtiness, feel fear. We have the desire to be self-confident. We don't live in the present and go into the past or dream about the future. Under these conditions, we come to a state of stress, and caused a degree of psychological poisoning. Ongoing research in various areas of the latest psychological level of cognition showed that the cause of the perceived painful event in the inability to understand and accept the existing experience. This misunderstanding acts on the nervous system and causes psychosomatic illnesses.

We experience stress if we don't accept things as they are, having experienced the stress from the situations, actions of people or events.

Rejection, manifested in the form of the disease, noticeable at the level of different events and serves as the base element. Non-perception of something us, provokes stress.

The disease also can be seen as an internal violation of the harmony of the body, it reflects a lack of understanding of the experience, a mechanism to ensure survival.

This emotion caused by intense and prolonged seizure, defined brain lesion and the severity of the disease.

The rejection is superficial, when there is a bit of oxygen starvation, the accumulation of harmful substances, activates the discharge, increasing the activity of any organ.

When rejection of moderate severity observed average value of the stress, lack of oxygen are more pronounced, the violation of individual tissues or parts of the body, increasing the amount of matter and brushes.

Serious rejection there is a strong stress, lack of oxygen increases sharply, the violation of individual tissues or parts of the body, increases the number of structural elements tissues by excessive growths, benign tumor.

In severe rejection observed profound stress, catastrophic anoxia, tumor tissue, the number of volume elements increases sharply, there is degeneration of live cells, there is a malignant tumor.

Homeoenergetic medicine is the medicine of existing laws that govern us, giving us the opportunity to discover yourself and live life.

Law: choice of awareness or suffering one of our ways

People in the us live life suffering or is aware of what is happening. We choose one of these paths. Awareness gives us the ability to live without disease.

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Law: there are no mistakes, they are necessary for our lives

Everything is for a purpose. The whole existence is not pointless.

Our problems are due to the various errors committed by us.

Existing levels of consciousness in a variety of ways. Every level has its own perfection. All our actions are designed for a particular purpose. Actions built on error is not possible.

It is pointless to talk about what will be. The meaning of man is what man is today.

The disease also has its own meaning. Our life, suffering, illness, happened to us, is of importance. This is our personal growth, evolutionary change, implementation skills, in-depth development of our consciousness.

In every, even the unpleasant and unacceptable experience for a reason, even if he came to us from the past.

A fleeting moment in our lives, but also our present. At this moment we are not experiencing any fear, anxiety, we don't even have time to tune in to a worrying expectation of something that will come to us in the future

We trust yourself, observe the law of our inner state. This is the basis of human nature, is the key to its complete and majestic perception.

If we are unable to recognition of God and Nature, we have a pathology and disharmony, severe disease. In this state we are not able to show themselves and carry out the mission assigned to us in this world. We no longer understand what actions can or should not do, can not find the correct application of the self-energy.

Doctors use comprehensive medicine, which are the main laws of the universe. Realizing this, physicians clearly see the result of recovery of the patient.

If not clinically determined that the person was healthy, so his recovery was manifested in another form or stepped to the next level. This can manifest itself in the in-depth understanding of what is happening. Can appear the power and ability to live with the disease. Perceived divine purpose and awareness of the presented lesson.

Part of universal, homeoenergetic medicine needs to be any therapy that brings healing. It is given the manifestation inherent to any medical action. It is based on respect for individuality, liability to disease, the ability to return the person in harmony with the surrounding reality and themselves.


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Grief, anxiety, and panic live in the lungs

The law: we all represent the integrity, unity

The information content of our body is transmitted to every cell of our body. Our body has all the information about our planet, Solar system and the Universe. Holographic universe, in which flows our life reflects in everything everything that exists in it. The man is a holographic unit containing a matrix of all information. God does not divide us, it is the world in which we live. We are part of God, he is within us.

The world, with everything happening, he created, is a "labyrinth". After passing this labyrinth, we find ourselves in the center of ourselves, it is the seat of our "self".

The man is aware of it, reveals the semantic understanding of experience. This experience takes the role of a catalyst and a stimulant for self-understanding. It helps to realize the unity with the divine spark which is in man. published


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