Seven basic laws affecting the system "Man - the universe."

In this article we will look at seven basic laws, some of which are probably known to you.

This is one of the variants of the classification of the main laws of the universe, of course, the list is not exhaustive, and each of the following laws may have their own branches in the other, but less strong laws. We're not talking about the physical or mathematical laws, we will talk about the laws that affect the system: The Man - The universe.

In the universe has its own laws, its own order, finds himself in a seemingly endless universal chaos. This state of affairs is hardly visible to the naked human eye, however, it is present and has a huge impact on everything that is in this world.

How, for example, the law of attraction, which is, in fact, is only part of the law and the law of the transformation of vibration. Each of the laws of the universe in its own way is important and strong, and they are constantly, regardless of whether you know them or not.

The law of vibration and attraction

Everything in the universe vibrates, nothing is at absolute rest. We are actually living in an ocean of motion. And in this lies the great mystery of life.

You can always move on to something, and it's always moving towards you, it is the action and attraction. Fluctuations in the same frequency resonate with each other, so that energy attracts like energy. Everything is Energy, including your thoughts.

Your thoughts have vibrations that you send out into the universe. When you focus your vibrations become stronger and more intense. Your thoughts - cosmic energy waves, which penetrate into time and space.

Thus, a consistent focus on a particular thought or idea attracts like vibration. How to use it: Focus on what you want instead of what you do not want.

If you feel unwell, listen to, what you think, and think about something pleasant.

The law of infinite transformation

This law states that energy is converted into a physical form, and vice versa. Everything flows, everything changes, the universe is a vast ocean of energy raging in the endless dance of amazing transformations.

Nothing stands still, even if you think, you do not change, everything around you is transformed, and never remains the same. Since your thoughts are creative energy, this energy can take on physical form.

The more you think about what you want, the more creative forces you use to create a certain outcome in life. Universe organizes itself according to your thoughts.

How to use it: invest your energy and effort, your thoughts and actions to attract what you want and you are no doubt will attract a physical manifestation of that energy.

Law of rhythm

Law of rhythm says that everything has its natural cycle. Everything is moving back and forth, flowing in and out, it fluctuates back and forth, there is the ebb and flow.

Night follows day, life is reviving itself. We all have good times and bad, nothing remains the same. The changes are permanent.

Knowing that "everything goes" there is great wisdom on the flow of life and change. This law regulates the movement of the planets in their orbits, and also appears in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms.

Men and women can observe this law as an example of their mental, physical and emotional state.

The law is universal rhythm. It can be seen in the rising and setting of the sun and the moon, the tides of the sea, coming and going times. You can not feel good all the time, no one can.

How to use it: When you feel the decline of mood and energy, and everything goes against your plan, you know that things will get better. A good time will surely come, think about it.

The law of cause and effect

This law states that each cause has its effect, and each has its own reason for the investigation. There is no such thing as an accident.

Everything happens according to the law. Nothing can escape this law. Our every action must have a cause and effect, and so on to infinity - in the end it turns permanent, endless cycle of causation.

Ralph Waldo Emerson called the law of cause and consequence of the law of laws. Each of us is interested in the result.

Your physical health, relationships, respect, your income, all of which can be both a cause and a consequence. It is necessary to focus on the causes, then the consequences are not long in coming.

Be careful that what you think. This is how this law. How to use it: constantly think and act based on what you want.

What you send into the universe comes back. Say good things to everyone to treat everyone with respect, and it all comes back.

I never worry about what you're going to get, just focus on what you can give.

The law of relativity

This law states that everything is relative. There is no evil, no good, there is no small or big things, nothing is moving slow or fast, everything is learned in comparison.

The point of view is determined by what it relates observer. Nature, value or quality of something can be measured only with respect to another object. It should also be noted that all laws related to each other and meet each other.

All laws must be interconnected, in other words, they must be in harmony, harmony and conformity with each other. Understanding this law gives you the means to solve most of the secrets of nature, which seems paradoxical.

Whenever using the law correctly, you win. It is enough to understand that there are people who do something better than you, and you do something better than others.

How to use it: the practice of the law, concerning your situation, remembering that there is someone who is in a less favorable position than you, so you'll feel better wherever you are.

Use it to enhance their own self-esteem, if there is a need.

The law of polarity

Everything in the universe has its opposite. There is an indoor room, with no external parts. There is no cold without heat or light without darkness.

Where is the height, there is a bottom. Always have the right and the left, back and front. If there is good, there is bad.

Law of Polarity says not only that everything has its opposite, he says about equality and opposition. If the floor-to-ceiling windows have three meters, and the floor to ceiling is three meters.

If from Moscow to Leningrad 635 kilometers, then from Leningrad to Moscow is 635 kilometers. It can not be otherwise. If your life happens something bad, this should be something good.

How to use it: look for something good in people and situations. If you find it in a man, tell him a compliment, people love compliments and positive perceptions in the mind will make you feel better.

So, what you focus on, you multiply in your life.

Law floor

The law of sex is manifested in all things, both male and female. It is this law regulates what we know as creation. The word "creation" is often used incorrectly, because the really, nothing is created.

All new things are the result of changing something into something else. The law of sex is manifested in the animal kingdom as the difference between the sexes.

It also manifests itself in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. Without the principle of duality, male and female principles in things, there can be a difference of potentials, continuing movement of regeneration.

This law states that everything in nature has a male and female. Both are necessary for existence. Also, the law says that all the seeds (ideas - the spiritual seeds) have an incubation period before its manifestation.

In other words, after you select the target, or create an image in my head, some time must elapse before the image will appear in the physical world. How to use it: to stay focused and know that your goals become a reality at the time. Know that it will be.

You can use these laws to bring into your life uncountable wealth, health, great relationship.

Feel the nature of the laws of the universe, understand and begin to act on the basis of these laws, then you are sure to get close to your greatest success.


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