On the cap of invisibility

Many thousands of years, man-hunter pursuing wild animals, to take away their lives. And now the fear of pets in front of bipedal lives on an instinctive level. Animals in which the instinct of fear of man has not developed to have disappeared from the face of the planet. Now, when wildlife is compressed, like shagreen, more people tend to be near the wild fellows not to take away their lives. Among these people and nature photographer.

A short story about Igor Shpilenok disguise
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This curious Lisa spoiled me a lot of pictures, plugging the lens muzzle

Every photographer who begins to shoot wild animals, faces many difficulties and disappointments. Any hare, duck or snipe tries to not let the man closer distance rifle shot, that is 70 - 100 meters. Pets are obtained in the picture too small, often fleeing in fear of death. To photograph the same duck or a rabbit in full frame even with the long lens, it is necessary to be in three to five meters away from him. Unrealistic? If it was not real, there would be no great number of remarkable photographs showing the most intimate moments in the life of animals. Properly arranged skradok - that can help to approach the careful animals and birds over any distance. "Invisible cap I made four sticks and a piece of dense matter" - so wrote about the device skradka writer and naturalist N. sweet. Man hiding inside skradka and animals are not aware of it. Skradke can serve as everything that can hide the human figure and its movement: a small tent, a tent, a pit, a large hollow, obstruction of trees, even a pile of firewood - it all depends on your particular situation.

Suit "Goblin" great figure of a man hiding. Here I do not how much is masked from animals and from pesky tourists in the Valley of Geysers in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.

Shooting rounds in the Caucasus. Skradke is a simple tent.

Skradok can be made from any local material familiar to animals: straw, hay, grass, tree branches, old boards. Excellent skradke can be a pit dug in the hard ground and lined the perimeter of the parapet of the turf and covered from above by any available material: boards, tarpaulins, boughs. In winter, the snowy ground well build skradke of snow, according to the type of Eskimo igloo.

I rented Steller's sea eagles and golden eagles of snow on the shore skradka winter spawning sockeye salmon.


Sometimes it is enough to dig in deep snow pit and cut her arch of snow plates. Of such shelters I shot Steller's sea eagles and swans, foxes and wolverines in Kamchatka. This is my favorite type of skradke. Snow bricks and plates have excellent heat and sound insulation. I had to do skradke of chainsaw chopped ice (for shooting otters), but they are not as comfortable as snow.
If the show imagination, you can turn in skradke many familiar things. For example, a car. Animals quickly get used to the car stood motionless. A few years ago I was equipped, comfortable skradok on wheels - a military truck GAZ-based all-wheel drive.

From this skradka I shot fishing careful of black storks in Bryansk, bison and deer in the national park "Orel Polesie" cautious saiga and Demoiselle cranes and birds of prey in the steppes of Kalmykia. This even worked skradke refrigerator, where it was stored hefty supply of beer and not only. I was able to turn in skradok taiga hut on Kamchatka. I curtain in it all the windows to the outside could not see any movement, and placed under the windows semidecomposed odorous salmon. After a few weeks on the bait came 4 kinds of animals: ermine, mink, sable, fox couple. At first they were extremely careful, but when they realized that this is a safe place, no longer afraid of the noise even working on the porch gasoline generator.

A few simple rules. Skradke desirable to set long before shooting the animals to become accustomed to them and behave naturally. In skradke should be much darker than the outside, then the movement inside the shelter will not be noticeable to animals. We must take care of the maximum length lens hood - many animals are afraid of the light front lens. If you are after the construction skradka you leave it to the animals accustomed to a new subject, it is useful lens instead put out bottom of a bottle or jar with simulated hood - so the animals can get used to the brilliance of the lens.

Skradok from a simple tourist tents in the desert near the nest Demoiselle Crane

Soundproofing is also important. Animals hearing sharper than ours. If you can not soundproof skradok, we must do it with cameras. Some of them works very loudly. Another very important not only to build skradok quality, but also the right to sit down in it. If you do this in front of birds and animals, they will know about your whereabouts. Sometimes it is necessary to get into an ambush in the dark of night and leave only the next night (as you might imagine, when you are in debt skradke necessary to solve the problems arising from the low and high need). Some animals feel bad, so you can come to skradke together, then one person can go. For such simple creatures, it is important that the abstract "danger" retired. And some are very strong in arifmeteke, especially birds of prey. Once buzzard proved to me that he knows how to count to ten. If skradke his nest came, say, six people, and took five, it did not suit him, and he did not flew up. Had to collect the entire population of our village eleven people with me. After the departure of such a crowd buzzard immediately returned to the nest. Then he managed to come up with another scheme: I was wrapped in a canvas bag, lay down on the horse's back and drove me to the assistant skradke. I crawled in skradok, stuffed it into the bag of hay and twigs, then assistant bag carried away in the village. In skradok necessary not only to sit correctly - but right out of it, so as not to frighten the animal.

But my last photo report, however, failing to use skradka Kamchatka:

Tried to shoot loons, and came bear family, and Lonchakov climbed into my skradok. I had to scare them quickly drop-down umbrella (this is terribly afraid of bears) and running back from skradka. Loons after that I did not become a shoot: realized that stupid to do it in the mouth of the spawning river, where many bears. Now looking bezmedvezhy pond with loons that Kamchatka is difficult to find.




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