Cap of invisibility: a device that hides objects

Singapore Bale scientist Jang demonstrated at the TED conference in Los Angeles, a device that can make objects invisible, writes The Telegraph.
Scientists plan to improve your product / Screenshot videos zulu451 via YouTube
The device is a small transparent rectangle that perelomlyaet light rays in such a way as to enable him the object disappeared from sight.

The scientist himself admitted that he developed a new product just for fun. "I just thought that the idea is very cool - Zhang told reporters, - Besides, I hope that my work will show that even the simplest tools can perform the essential functions».

The scientist noted that the project is in early stages of development. In the near future, researchers hope to increase the size of invisibility cloak that with its help you can hide larger objects.

Note that most in the creation of "invisibility cloak" interested in the military. The use of such materials can make military equipment and aircraft invisible, which will provide a significant advantage in battle.


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