Scientists have grown human heart alive

Geneticists from Japan and Russian scientists were able for the first time from stem cells to grow a complete heart.
Artificially grown heart Change Medical /
Experiments conducted in the laboratory cultivation of Kyoto University. The findings, according to experts, can dramatically change the views not only on the transplantation, but also in the pharmaceutical industry.

How to tell the scientific group, the source of the genetic material are induced pluripotent stem cell, which is the embryo of the initial stage of development. Because these cells are grown and the new organs. According to geneticists, the main task of the study was to identify the conditions under which triggered the mechanism of formation of any tissue.

In laboratories at Kyoto University, scientists were able to find a chemical activating the mechanism of transformation. From 100 induced protocells 80 become heart cells. It was also found that the optimum temperature for the storage cell is about + 37 ° C.

"Designed cardiac tissue, which we do, suitable for two main things: first - we can on it to test the effect of various substances, and the second - we can help nanofiber matrix to use these cells for implantation into the damaged heart," - said Professor Research Center integrated cellular materials at Kyoto University Konstantin Agladze.


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