A late gift on March 8: near Earth asteroid will fly high

On Saturday, March 9, the asteroid will fly past Earth in 2013 ET, which measures about 100 meters, reported NASA.
Scientists will study flying past Earth asteroid / AP
The report notes that this celestial body was discovered on March 3, the American project to search for asteroids Catalina.

According to preliminary estimations of scientists, the diameter of the asteroid can be from 45 to 140 meters. He will fly much further than other recent "guest" of our planet, the asteroid 2013 EC - 0, 0065 astronomical units (972 thousand kilometers, or a 2, 5 times on the moon).

Astronomers working with radar NASA, plans to spend radiosounding asteroid. According to the results of scientists naduyutsya obtain radar images "guest", and will be able to specify the size of the celestial body and the parameters of its rotation.


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