New doomsday date: February 5, 2040.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we all live to see it.

NASA astronomers have discovered an asteroid that in a collision with the Earth can cause a great disaster. According to their calculations, an asteroid called 2011 AG5, may encounter with our planet February 5, 2040.

The width of the asteroid is more than 140 meters. Astronomers estimate that the chances of a celestial body hit the ground are 1 to 625, however, this information may change in the future.

If AG5 collide with Earth, it can cause the destruction of billions of people, but it is not in danger of extinction of humanity. For comparison, the scientists cited the example of the asteroid, which became once cause extinction of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago), its size was 14 kilometers.

According to recent research by NASA, just around the Earth (at a distance of about 200,000 km) is about 19,000 asteroids such a medium-sized (1-100 km wide).

Most public attention attracted Apophis size of two football fields, which is projected to astronomers, will fly as close to Earth in 2036. If the predictions come true, the asteroid weighing 30 million tons of fly at a distance of 30,000 kilometers from the earth, and its inhabitants will be able to see all of Europe, Africa and Asia.


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