February 29 - the rarest date

Leap Year came with the introduction of the Julian calendar in 46 BC, and since then a new day on February 29 people began to attribute the unusual properties.

In Russia, a leap year is considered dangerous, and many attributed to him, the unprecedented disaster. A February 29 of a leap year it seemed the most appropriate day for all possible misfortunes.

It was believed that on this day, and the cattle MRET and tree wither, and an epidemic of the disease appear, and family strife start. February 29 people - day Kasian jealous, vindictive Kasian, detractors, unmerciful, avaricious.

In ancient times, almost the whole of Europe, this is a sacred day: the day when the window is opened in the "parallel world».

Not for nothing is still February 29 called "pop-up", "elusive", appearing out of nowhere and going nowhere.

It was believed that on this day are born favorites. They were considered natural-born magicians endowed with the gift of prophecy. Carefully preserved and protected surroundings, they were forced to live like hermits.

Born February 29 allegedly were able not only to predict the future, but also to heal, "cleaned" from all filthiness.

Sergei Zhemyakin, agronomist, candidate of agricultural sciences:

"I was born on February 29, and I think it's good luck. Birthday in a non-leap years there Feb. 28, because I was born on the last day of winter.

And my close friends on that day Congratulations. Those who know me are not very good, "bethink" March 1st. So birthday I get "long».

But every four years congratulate me absolutely everything - even those people from whom you do not expect that they will remember the date of my birth.

Colleagues at work is already December 31 - two months before the event! - I said that this year it is necessary to congratulate me with the "real" birthday.

By the way, February 29 - the day of St. Kasian, and he is considered the "evil" and at the same time the most "strong" Russian saints.

They say in Russia because it feared that Kasian icon hung in the old village church on a yield - to people leaving the church, always bowed to him - the door-it was The low.

Guardian Angel Kasian - strict, but very caring. It is believed that his players - the lucky ones.

I felt it more than once. When he studied at the graduate school of thirty people from the first time I defended one. And in an accident a few times got - got off easy.

So born February 29 - in my opinion, more luck. Although my mother wanted me to write the next day, but in the hospital she was not allowed to do this.

But my classmate, who also was born on February 29 in the passport is a different date - her mother, on the contrary, he said that on the 29th of newborns do not write!

In Scotland, in a leap year, February 29 women had the right to propose to men, that is, it was "contrary».

Initially, the custom of female courtship had one condition stipulated in the Code of the Scottish Parliament: "to every woman who goes to woo, put on the bottom of scarlet flannel shirt," and that the edge of it was clearly visible.

Then the man if he refused the offer of marriage, had to pay a fine.

February 29 was born author of "The Barber of Seville" by Gioachino Rossini. Even in his youth a gypsy foretold him that he would not survive his twentieth birthday.

The young man with the fear of waiting for twenty years, but happily survived it and lived for many years until he met that same fortune-teller and tried to catch her in a lie.

However, the witch said her forecast is correct, because his birthday only happens once every four years. The composer actually died, a little bit before they reach 80 years.

On the ground, there are about 4 million. People born February 29th.

According to statistics, the probability to be born on this day is 1: 1461.

German professor Heinrich Gemma gave a gift to those born on February 29. As they developed the graphics, they can celebrate a birthday every year, not only in leap years.

Crucial hour of birth. If a person was born shortly after midnight, in "normal" years, you need to celebrate the day February 28th. Those who are born shortly before the March 1 professor recommends accepting gifts March 1.

Born between six am and noon for two years, following after a leap year, celebrating the day on February 28 and in the third year - March 1.

If the person was born between noon and six in the evening, then a four-year schedule of festivities is as follows: February 29, February 28, March 1 and March 1.


 - When's your birthday?

 - 29 of February.

 - You're lucky that was a leap year, and that could never be born.

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