A former military base in Balaklava near Sevastopol (30 photos)

In the early fifties Joseph Stalin personally reviewed and endorsed his own construction project in Balaklava bay of a unique underground plant to repair submarines, and the summer of 1957 in this heavenly place gornoprohodchiki appeared and began to boil around the clock in four shifts, work. What is the truth, risen after the death of the Master at the helm of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev attributed to the project which restrained. After seeing in 1961 is almost ready construction with his own eyes, he waved his hand and threw it: "We must give it all winemakers!" However, the efforts of the leadership of the Navy winemakers extraordinary underground complex still has not got in the same 1961 came into operation under the code name "Object 825 GTS." The scale of this structure can be seen, for example, by the fact that in the event of a nuclear war in his underground harbor could hide an entire brigade of submarines and several thousand people, and the total production of the rock during its construction exceeded 25 thousand cubic meters. Top secret "object 825" could withstand a nuclear explosion of enormous power and included dry dock management, command centers and channel that allows submarines by going to the factory by the Balaklava Bay, go directly to the open sea, and not only on the surface, but also submerged.


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