Facebook is expanding its "Arctic" data center in Lulea

It turns out that Habré almost no information about what data center corporation Facebook, built in the middle of last year near the Arctic Circle (just 60 kilometers) in Lulea, Sweden. This data center is one of the most "green" through the use of appropriate technologies.

Now the company is working on the expansion of the data center, planning to add two new buildings. As for the already constructed building, then here is some information on the data center.

Energy Saving h4>

This data center was not just built in Lulea, a region which, as mentioned above, is only 60 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Data center decided to build at the confluence of the Lule River in the Gulf of Bothnia (Gulf of Bothnia).

All case, firstly, the water in which there are many, and secondly, in the cool air, which is even more.

The company uses this data center, only energy produced from hydroelectric power. Due to this fact, the company was able to reduce the number of spare generators by 70%.

Furthermore, since air is always cool, then the equipment used for cooling the intake air that is not cooled further. In addition, excess heat produced by the equipment used to heat the office part of the building.

The average annual temperature here - only 1 degree Celsius.

Incidentally, the ratio of energy efficiency (PUE) for this data center is only 1, 07, while the average rate for other data centers is 1, 6-1, 99.

Open Compute h4>

In addition to energy efficiency, the data center is allocated a number of their own kind, and full compliance with project specifications OpenCompute. In general, this should not be surprising, since the project was initiated by the company. As part OpenCompute developing a set of open specifications for the equipment of data centers, aimed at maximizing the efficiency of infrastructure at minimum cost.

The initiative has already joined manufacturers such as Dell, Intel and HP, not so long ago began to produce their equipment.

So almost all of the equipment in the new data center, including servers and racks are a new type of "open" hardware.

The future of the data center h4>

As mentioned above, the company now is working to expand this data center, planned to build two buildings, each with an area of ​​28 thousand square meters.

And here is a photo + video to familiarize themselves with the data center.

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/kingservers/blog/209874/


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