Google opened a new data center at the cost of $ 600 million

Google Inc. opened a new data center in Oregon, with the total area of ​​the data center is 15240 m 2 sup>. Previously, the company stated that the total amount of funds invested in the construction of a new data center, составляет $ 600 million . New home for servers Corporation became the city of Dulles.

It is worth noting that in this city built the first large data center corporation, which opened in 2006. Since then, the construction of data centers for their needs has become an integral feature of doing business for the company, the number of users is increasing all the time. Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and other services companies require all new facilities, and the corporation is trying to increase the capacity of its time DC, as well as build new.

Corporation chose Oregon as a place with relatively inexpensive energy and very favorable tax policy. The staff do not charge taxes on the vast number of types of equipment (valued at hundreds of millions of dollars in the case of Google), which is set in DC. Therefore, the company saves considerable resources, building a new DC in Oregon.

It is worth noting that in the data center corporation does not work so many people, because almost all of the processes are automated. Furthermore, operations which require the operator can be performed remotely. According to Dulles, a Google data center here has about 175 people (including support staff).

The first Google data center in Oregon, inside view i>

Under an agreement with the local authorities, the Corporation shall pay additional funds the city. Thus, according to the agreement, the Corporation paid $ 1.2 million city, county and local school districts. Thus, the city there are additional funds, and it is logical that the authorities were willing to cooperate with the company. The following year, the company will pay to the local authorities about $ 800,000 - now this amount will be paid annually.

Plans to build a new data center were announced last fall, when the state legislature decided to charge the companies that own data centers a special tax, removing part of the tax burden.

Now other companies, including Apple, Amazon, announced their intention to expand existing data centers in Oregon, and create new ones. But Google had first agreed with the authorities last year.

The corporation is going to rent additional space in the area 1, 5000 m 2 sup> for a small team of engineers working in Portland. Thus, the corporation and expand its office and give his team a more working space. May soon start to work in the region and the project Google Fiber. Details are now negotiated with the local authorities. A law that will alleviate some of the tax burden from the project, already approved by the Senate State and awaiting signature by the Governor.



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