Google will invest another $ 1 billion in its data center in Council Bluffs

Just a few years ago, the place where now based one of the most well-known data centers of Google in Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States, represented nothing special. It was an ordinary field. In 2007, the Corporation paid for this field, becoming its owner. It took a few years until Google decided to start building productive data center in this place, and the construction budget was $ 1 billion. Now it is one of the largest data centers, the company that provides the multiple services Google, including YouTube.

Data center consists of two parts, and another is expected to finish in the new project. Now the corporation has decided to invest an additional one billion dollars to expand its data center. One of the main factors which prompted Addiction invest it in Council Bluffs - favorable weather and tax climate. Here is a cool, relatively inexpensive energy, reliable energy infrastructure, plus a lot of free land and willing to work for the IT industry in the region.

Details of the new project

After the company will invest an additional one billion total investment corporation in the region of $ 2.5 billion. At the same time, local authorities have promised to return the tax payments of $ 36.6 million.

Expansion of the functions of the data center will allow the company to better serve its services, including the main search service, Gmail, YouTube and some other related services. The project will be completed three additional unit, which will be located thousands of servers. By the way, despite the size, working in a data center are relatively few people: only about 300 people, including contractors. During construction, of course, will be hired workers, a few hundred people, but they are, in fact. are not employees of the company. After the completion of the construction process Google will offer technicians 70 additional jobs in the region.

Local authorities give companies tax breaks: in 5 years the corporation can pay only 20% of the property tax.

The very same company offers support to local educational institutions and non-profit organizations. In addition, the region opened a network of free access points, which is open to all.

Construction, according to plan, will be completed in about 2019, although the company does not clear predictions on terms.

Apart from Council Bluffs, Google has more data centers in North and South Carolina, Oklahoma and Oregon. Total Corporation spends about $ 2 billion in the quarter for the construction and improvement of their data centers. In this case, the corporation prefers to expand existing data centers, rather than build new ones.

Conditions for the team

All as oobychno - custom office, free food, private chef, excellent equipment and conditions for both work and leisure.

How does the data center itself?

But what's inside the data center.

This is not a photoshop, real herd of deer, which decided to take a stroll around the data center.

Here are stored backups, just in case something goes wrong.

According to representatives of the corporation, in this region was created 130 jobs for IT professionals, as well as hundreds of jobs (temporary) for all sorts of builders.

In 2010 the company signed a long-term contract for the purchase of "wind" energy from NextEra Energy Resources. In addition, the Corporation has invested in the development of wind power in the region.

And here are some photos of what is inside the data center of the company and next to him:

Area data center is 10,680 m2.



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