Will fly by the Earth asteroid worth $5 trillion

The asteroid, codenamed UW-158 will fly past Earth tomorrow is so close that it will be able to consider astronomers. Celestial body contains about 90 million tons of platinum. The company Planetary Resources, developing the technology for the extraction of minerals on asteroids, classified the approaching asteroid as referring to "x-type".

Kilometer-long asteroid will fly in 2.5 million kilometers from planet Earth. The live broadcast of the flight of the asteroid will be expensive to on the Internet from the Observatory in the Canary Islands.

It should be noted also that the company Planetary Resources launched with the ISS, the first one that will test technology related to possible mining operations in space. However, the company's specialists are not yet out of the question to extract the precious metal from UW-158.

Despite this, Planetary Resources state that the company developed a technology in the future will help to create an economy that will radically change the lives of earthlings. published

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Source: vk.com/wiki_inventions?w=wall-56414092_23247


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