Rules of the great King Solomon. Wisdom, proven for centuries ...

Favorite anointed of God, the author of the immortal biblical parables, the legendary ruler of the united kingdom of Israel during its heyday, the son of King David - the great and wise King Solomon. During his reign, it was built most important Jewish shrine - the Temple of Jerusalem. King Solomon is traditionally considered the author of the source of poetic skill - the book "Song of Songs" and a collection of philosophical reflection - "The Book of Ecclesiastes." On this historic personality steeped in legend. One of them says that one day to the king for advice two women came and brought a small child. Each of them claimed that it was her child. To find out which one of them is lying and who is right, Solomon advised to cut the baby in half and give each woman half of. Of course, the wise king did not even think to kill the child, but in a sly way he learned of them - the real mother.

Although the great King Solomon had great wisdom, life had not been relaxed. Rumor has it that the king wore a ring that in the storms of life led him to balance and act as wound healing elixir. The ring is the inscription: «Everything passes ...» i>, which had continued on the inside: «pass and it». I>

Team online magazine has prepared for you a rule of life of the wise ruler in history - King Solomon, which can become for you life guidelines, guides to the right path. This wisdom, proven for centuries ... Aptly, concise and makes you wonder!


Passing poor - is gone.
Passing the young - do not be angry.
Passing by the old - the slopes.
Passing the cemetery - sit down.
Passing the memory - remember.
Passing by the mother - Rise.
Passing relatives - remember.
Passing knowledge - it takes.
Passing laziness - shudder.
Passing idle - create.
Passing the dead - remember.
Passing wise - wait.
Passing stupid - do not listen.
Passing happiness - rejoice.
Passing generous - dine.
Passing honor - Save.
Passing the debt - do not hide.
Passing the word - keep.
Passing feelings - do not be shy.
Passing by the women - do not flatter.
Passing glory - not teshsya.
Passing the truth - do not lie.
Passing the sinners - hope.
Passing Passion - go away.
Passing an argument - not quarrel.
Passing by flattery - silent.
Passing the conscience - be afraid.
Passing anger - humbles.
Passing grief - vsplakni.
Passing pain - be of good courage.
Passed a lie - do not be silent.
Passing by a thief - do not steal.
Passing arrogant - tell.
Passing orphaned - Spend.
Passing by the authorities - do not believe.
Passing death - do not be afraid.
Walking past life - live.
Passing by God - open.

I think I poveshat these rules somewhere in a visible place and refer to them when I will not know what to do in a given situation. You have learned for myself that one of these statements? Share this invaluable wisdom with your friends!

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