The king's head: a resident or an infrequent visitor?

Let's see for starters, what it means to live "without a king in the head"? And then suddenly someone does not know.

It is to live without mind, will, discipline and make rash acts, to succumb to the whims and stuff... And if you look at this expression deeper: to live unconsciously, to understand their motivations, not to be able to hear their true desires.

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King — all goals.

Take, for example, the pyramid. The king is in the apex (the mind, the highest ethical principles), and below the people (feelings, emotions, values, low level of motivation appropriate to the values of the level and stuff like that). The closer to the base of the pyramid, the lower the level of development where people live. They, as a rule, are guided in General, the survival instinct, with the prevailing negative emotions and limited worldview, which is often built on the basis of social patterns. The closer one is to the bottom, the farther it is from the king and the less it understanding of the concepts of "hierarchy" and "king" to the extent that man does not recognize the hierarchy and believes that the king is not a king... and in General he can be a great king (literally and figuratively).

Can the people to govern the country without a king? Can't. Already more than once passed through it in history.

In such cases, separation begins in life in all directions: violated ethical principles, it is chaos in all spheres of life, no culture of education and behaviors in my head and in society.

What "king" is "the state".

What is the task of the person who wants to approach the king (the one in my head) and to understand what are the principles he lives and acts, what motivates that?

The goal of a good "king," to ennoble "the people", give him a decent education (read: correct knowledge) to teach him how to think for themselves and things, in the same high spirit and fine style.

The king needs to be in place in the head under any circumstances and to see the "possession" of the top, maintaining equanimity, why would you do that did not work as a joke:

— You absolutely without a king in the head or something?

— Uh no... it's a constitutional monarchy: the king seems to be there, but the real power of cockroaches.

So, the king still chose the head with the place of their permanent residence:


It is necessary at any time to stay in the present and see what you are doing, and why. What are your benefits that you can get the results (whether they have or not?) etc. In these matters it is necessary to study the laws of the universe, to understand how the universe works, how our life, then did not come from nowhere. But if after all arrived, then, being savvy to understand what your actions have provoked such a result and how to make it so that no longer flew. OR with optimism and understanding to be able to it all properly clean up and restore order.

Even if you have suffered on all four sides ( in any area of your life)- anything terrible, it is sometimes necessary and useful for transformation, development, exit the comfort zone and other things. The main thing that the king always remained in place. Try to answer the question why.

If there is no king or he comes over to visit only from time to time, it is best to contact a Teacher, mentor, coach for advice in ambiguous situations.


At this point, askance most of the average citizens. Describing their desires in all colors, the man on reception at psychologist, coach or Teacher with surprise and sadness learns that it was not his true desire, a: the parent dies and setup, the envy of the neighbor ( he has a car and want me too, it's so practical!), attitudes imposed by society (because" accepted"), it's the actions of the inner child, personal fears and psychological trauma.

Realizing their true desires will be easier to implement them, to get a really full coverage (but not so: today it is, then it is not because the desire wasn't true, you're too capricious and zealous in the pursuit of its fulfillment, etc.) and define YOUR future path to Happiness.


Haste is only useful in three cases: someone else's wife/husband, if you have diarrhea, when catching fleas. In other cases, it only hinders.

As for "think", then it is possible again to repeat the first point, above: use the awareness, ask yourself questions.

And remember that:

-things you never

— it is useless to be in control. Only lose time, health, money.

— The universe knows best what you are worth and at what time.

— in haste and without hesitation, you can view what you really needed in life and to be at the end with nothing.

improvisations does not exist. Any improvisation is planned in advance (ask the musicians).

— when in a hurry, "faster", are late more often.

— the following items are add yourself, the folk wisdom are endless.

So, gaining knowledge about laws of the Universe, with the awareness and understanding of their true desires, "with feeling, really, slowly" the man goes up to the top of the pyramid and gradually learns to "live with the king in the head". published

Author: Daria Pantyh

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