Forming new neural connections with the ancient tradition

"We only use 10% of their brain!"

We are so used to the common phrase that we take it for granted. But is it that obvious, really?

Scientists say that in fact we do not live in the present moment, we live in their past memories, which awakened in us the moment. They explain that neural connections (pathways, followed by impulses in the brain). These paths were formed in a time when there was the initial event, and since the impulses from neuron to neuron follow this path again and again. And we are faced with situations in life, tend to interpret them based on the initial experience, all the more reinforcing the established neural path. That is, not developing new relationships, but rather reinforcing their "10 cent brain".

But how is it then possible that when we are in the second know who we call or when we can easily and as if without effort comes a solution, a seemingly hopeless task, or when we meet a new person with the feeling that you knew him your whole life?

The seers of ancient Mexico explain this connection with something greater than we tend to realize themselves in everyday life. They call it more "energy body" through which we are able to perceive the world widely, beyond the usual representations. Perception, which is usually called intuition arises when our "energy body" wakes up and gives us signals.

The seers of ancient times sought to go beyond the restrictions using the special tools and practices. In the 20th century, Carlos Castaneda introduced these tools in the system, which he called Tensegrity®.

The goal of Tensegrity is to help achieve the integrity in which we have access to all of our senses, to the physical body, the "physical me" and "I am energy" — the energy body that can "read" the energy.

If you look at the system of practices through the eyes of a neuroscientist, we can say that it is focused on the development of neuroplasticity – the ability to build new neural pathways through changes in physical habits, behaviour and environment.

One of the practices proposed Tensegrity are a special series of energetic movements. These movements were found in the ancient and modernized for the modern man. Regular practice of these movements provides a significant increase in physical energy, mental clarity and emotional peace.

In addition, Tensegrity offers the practice of recapitulation of those key memories that keep our perceptions in captivity, in combination with breathing and head rotation. With this technique the practitioner pereprodavat the experience again, thus weakening the fixation of the previously obtained perception and the breath helps to build new neural connections, resulting in our perception of ourselves and the world becomes a matter of choice, not only need. And isn't it amazing to imagine that I can live the most amazing life I could dream of in their fantasies?..

Castaneda told his disciples "Everything is already inside you! However, you are locked from the his best part! Tensegrity is your key!".

To build new neural connections and pick up the key at the workshop "the Dance of multiplicity of the human being", which will be held in Moscow from 7 to 9 January.



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