How to become a man with connections

The ability to create an environment of the right people is one of the areas of personal growth.

How often do we hear about: "Communication decide everything," "he has people everywhere", etc. more and more people worldwide come to the conclusion that the man often becomes successful and accomplished in life thanks to the presence of large relations.

This raises the question: "How do they do it?". How to become a man with ties? For this you need to learn how to establish valuable business contacts you need to become a master of establishing relationships.

The process of creating and maintaining a network of useful contacts all over the world called networking (from eng., networking — creation of business networks). In this article we will deal with the concept of networking, its features and practical application.

First, take a look what can be useful for networking?

First, thanks to networking your life will be filled with a large variety of events (meetings, parties, conferences, meetings, trips to theatres, etc.). You just don't when will be bored! Of course, all these events will need to be given time and attention. With this You get a huge portion of life experience, knowledge and positive emotions from meeting and talking to new people.

Second, a large network of acquaintances will help you in your career and business because you can always find attractive employers or new clients among their friends or friends of your friends.

The basic principle of networking — reciprocity of the established connections, you do not need to always expect some kind of benefit from a particular experience. From networking can and should be fun. All the people around different, everyone has their own life story and that is what makes the process of linking a very exciting experience. The meaning of the linkages in the creation and maintenance of warm friendly relations between people. At the same time to build a business or career with people who know you and trust you, much easier and more productive.

The process of establishing a new business contact can be divided into several stages:

1. Communication

This is actually the process of Dating. It can be a chance meeting or a carefully planned event. Regardless of the nature of acquaintances there are a few simple rules that will allow you to establish a warm and trusting relationship:

a) Sincerely be interested in new friend: his interests, family, activities, etc.;
b) Find common interests and talk about them;
C) don't talk about Affairs and do not make transactions during the first acquaintance! Instead, communicate and agree on the following contacts. After the establishment of friendly relations You will be able to speak boldly about the partnership;
d) All attention only to the interlocutor! Avoid distractions and listen carefully to the interlocutor, and then he will appreciate.

2. The consolidation of a new acquaintance

The main thesis of this stage: "If You do not remind about yourself, then You will fail".
During the first meeting make SURE you take contact your partner (phone, e-mail, etc.), then to remind about themselves, thereby maintaining the established relationship. To remind myself after the first meeting it is necessary not later than in a month in any convenient way (call, write a letter).

Here are a few rules for consolidation of a new acquaintance (reminder):
a) Contact your new friend by name. Man always nice to hear your name;
b) Express gratitude. Thanking a new acquaintance for pleasant and make communication;
C) Mention important or interesting memorable moment of your conversation (some important idea or joke);
d) Confirm the readiness to fulfill its promises or remind the interlocutor of his promises (if given);
d) Speak briefly and to the point. Respect and appreciate the time and attention of the interlocutor;
e) If there were people who helped You to organize a meeting with a new acquaintance, thank them and briefly describe the results of the meeting;
g) the sooner You remind about yourself, the better!

3. Liaison

This is an important stage of networking, because if you do not support network connections, then why do it at all to build?
Here's what you need to do to maintain a relationship with your friends:
a) people To remember about You need to keep in touch with them at least 3 channels: e-mail, phone and in person;
b) If the person already knows You personally, you need to maintain relationships, communicating by phone or e-mail at least 1 time per month;
C) in order For the acquaintance grew into friendship, you need at least 2 times to meet and chat in a relaxed outside environment;
g) With old friends need to contact at least 2 times a year.

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