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Look at how everything is changing. As if I'm standing and the world around is rapidly changing shape. It is clear that it is not, and I do not stand, and at least actively support your balance, balance. But it's not as noticeable as the fact that around.

Since then, had gone from the incarnation of the son, I stopped being afraid of death. To me the Meaning of Life in fact it was all very simple — the point is to live as long as possible, or rather, as far as possible to postpone / delay the arrival of death. Well, it's in the depths, and higher — to live in healthy physical and mentally condition and how it is possible to make interesting and useful for the soul and body, and in General — to have fun and gain a variety of experience. What I was doing.

Now the task for as long as possible" left unnecessary. Entertainment happened enough experiences varied too, experience too. The desire to die has not yet occurred (except that occasionally a couple of times and very briefly to strong feelings). And again the question arose about the Meaning — okay, if you still live, why? Just because the body has not yet ended???

At the same time — all sorts of meanings of the public sphere are seen more as the answers to the question "how to live" and not "why". Well, from the that once, and while I live here I will make the world around them so that I liked him (to the best of their capabilities, of course)... One acceptable answer regarding the sense came to me. But to talk about it, you need to clarify — what ideas about the structure of the universe in terms of life and death, I assume, otherwise it will be unclear.

When the world is changing rapidly and something unimaginable, the key is to follow your breath. More precisely — time to exhale. Exhale means to be alive. We had seen in the movie scene "last breaths" — there characters beautifully, or not, close your eyes with the exhale. Lies! When I was 12, I watched my grandmother died (went away quietly, after a stroke long after, at home) — and the last one was breath. And then, who I saw live, confirmed — and it is. So follow the exhale doubly useful — and a sense of life support in cases when it seems that it is already over, and from the "perehvatyvaet Ghost rescues — they are softer, you might say, "protesilaus", not allowing the body to pinch.

Well, it was saying. And now for the conclusion about the meaning of life.

To start it will have with philosophical refinements. Because meaning can be found only among what is there for me. If, for example, for me there is an afterlife (in one form or another, does not matter) it is possible to find meaning in connection with her, but if for me it doesn't exist, but there is the concept of "duty to the Fatherland", meaning you might find there, and in the afterlife — no... Search for the meaning of life is always based on performance, with the device of life and death related. And they are many people of different.

I will try briefly to describe their.

In my view each person has 3 "as if body". Physical — it is clear and you can even touch, and the meaning of his life — in the life, it rejoices from the state of liveliness, enjoys affection, motion, food and drink in time, care to everyone — as a home animal. About the future it is almost unable to think, except that of the near.

The second body — Public. It is convenient to call "Personality" — what I present to the society, how to look, what place it occupy. The meaning of life of this body is to ensure at least the survival in the society, and as a maximum — occupation and keeping it a decent place (sometimes even posthumously — as happens with prominent personalities). Personality includes all patterns of behavior and is able to subdue the body, if expression, which the body wants, it's dangerous for her, she will not allow it, and if she needs what the body uncomfortable — can force (though not always, they sometimes compete). The person is able to think about the future, and generally live only in society. The hermit, etc. may be missing. With the destruction of the body is also destroyed.

A third body — a Soul. It is in this company the eldest, because the strongest: with the death of the body is not destroyed. And with the birth of the body occurs. Therefore, its meaning of existence — the strongest, and they are subordinated to the physical body, and personality. For mental tasks a person is able to sacrifice and position in society, and even the body. There are other — what sort of man is more than just the body, but if you look for this, too, will certainly find something soulful, from which the body is so valuable. How does soul — I don't know there are assumptions, but they say it makes no sense. The meaning of life at all souls, outside of this body, I can not, again only speculation. It remains to consider the meanings of life in the incarnate in a specific body condition.

Here begins interesting. If I believe that the life of the soul more than the life of the body, then the bodily incarnation of her why you need something (in some sense), there's something that she can only in it. The question is — what? The question, of course, open. But watching their lives, the lives of other people, reading all sorts of ancient philosophical and religious texts, one gets the impression that the soul has tasks of two kinds — to Do something (build a house, grow a tree, give birth to a son, to write a work to open people another law of the universe, to fly in space, etc.) and to Learn something.

Well, when I'm talking about the meaning of life thought, the feeling on the subject of Study is quite calm — what the main lessons are passed, and then there are, of course, the prospect of endless improvement, but this "elective", that is not mandatory — it is possible now, then another time in another place. But on the part of the Commission — it is something to do while you're alive and healthy.

Is it possible to improve the soul as a whole is an open question. Answer I don't know, a certain opinion do not have, but because in this form to discuss it I'm not interested. ))) But you can definitely improve the moral qualities or traits and to reveal the abilities. This is a fairly stable and recognizable phrases, they are in the language and this in itself is a bit reassuring. But first you need to clarify (or remind) you what I mean, about the soul, and improve what are going to discuss here. Above we considered that a human being can see with three "bodies." Physical (actually, Body) — and clear how to improve, developments in this direction are occupied medicine, sports, cosmetology. Public (a Person) — includes all that is related to behavior in society, activity in this desired location and improvement of this body is also known — all sorts of techniques of personal effectiveness, PR-technology, image making, time management, etiquette, etc.

Everything that was not included in the above and felt a part of themselves, can be attributed to a third "body" is actually like. That is, it is all "heart" impulses, feelings and aspirations, internal state, various "involuntary" (that is, not due to the behavior reactions to people and events that do not have simple physical causes, inner feelings of himself, malapesquera in words the subtle sensations of the surrounding space. From the point of view of our theme of improving significantly, among the observed (relevant to the field of souls) is what I like myself, satisfied that I consider to be your strengths or qualities. And found what I perceive as a weakness or impediment, imperfection. However, sometimes there are mixing — for example, excessive rigidity can be a strength, but be felt as a hindrance to flexibility and therefore do not like.

And with these qualities, or characteristics, which are perceived as weaknesses or hindrances, it is possible to work by weakening or strengthening them. It is them, not the way I outward show. Because, for example, in childhood I had a girlfriend that thought I was too touchy, and trained not to be offended" — constantly trying purposely to offend and make fun of my hurt. And I "trained"... nothing outwardly to show that hurt. Inner feeling has not changed, and I soon stopped to chat with this girl.

There is another difficulty — sometimes the obstacle is not determined exactly. And something that seems a weakness or a hindrance, is actually a condition for the other, very important qualities or spiritual qualities. For example — increased vulnerability — it often happens that in herself she does not like. But some people (not all!) it is just a sign of the deep level of sensitivity as a whole, and weakening it, people will be forced to weaken sensitivity. Another option inaccuracies — when a weakness or hindrance is not in the edge or quality, and a method of its manifestation in the world — for example, the most generous kindness can be so "get" the others, showing her without their consent, that they just hate...

And the last thing I can say — everything is conditional, relative, and each in its own way. No traits and qualities that are bad or harmful, each person has a complete set of chromosomes all of them and clean absolutely no one. We can only strengthen, to weaken, to reveal the unmanifest. It's a great world of the law, not I invented it. Those philosophers and prophets of old who said — "you are everything" — they are about it... And if it is taken — there is a natural question — and what then to grasp where to start I personally that should be performed, if at all costs?

Don't worry, help is another beautiful world law, illustrated by anecdote: "my Son, the Lord always gives us problems. and if you have SUCH problem then either you have the strength to cope with them, or it's not your problem!".

I mean the fact that each person has their internal and external conditions that define the subject for improvement. The external environment is the circumstances of life, including the characters of loved ones, culture, country of residence, peculiarities of your physical body, its capabilities and limitations. Internal conditions are the inclinations and aspirations that determine how and where a person lives is moving.

For example, I don't have the ability and inclination to compete and battle with people. And because there is no desire to improve quality, we need to attack. Reasoning, I may decide that being a bad "fighter" is a weakness, and it is necessary here to improve... but the soul is not responds, in her counter-desire does not arise. And so Yes, I argue further, if life will kiss — I will improve. And yet — will do to others, what more you want. That is — if the weakness is, but she does in life does not prevent does not bother — it is better not to touch her. Perhaps it's actually not a weakness, but a condition. ;)

This is the "life squeeze" is one of the key points of what you should pay attention and what are the challenges in choosing what to improve! The second landmark is the inner desire. The universe, kind attentive and responsive, usually so satisfied that our weaknesses, stiffness, and other "topics for study" regularly sensitive RAID on the density of the surrounding world and other people. Feedback and our understanding is sometimes not accurate, but the "point of application" is unmistakable. Therefore to understand — it is better to improve — you should examine your life for a week, maximum a month ago, on the subject — deeply hooked for the soul of the event (were you right\fair or not). You can even list them on paper — just three to five at the most. If the senses stir too much, better them immediately as a "depoziti", that did not stop to think. Because then I'll have to see — and what my mental imperfection in most of these situations (or in all) manifested?

For example, immediately suggested doing myself. 4 I remember a situation in the three — resentment at people for lack of support from their side. Despite the fact that some support was, and the strength to help myself, enough was the fact. Other things to be offended — enough! ;)))) And that is not enough? In itself, inside? Very good to see, but difficult to call. Albeit this quality is conventionally called "mental resilience" or"elasticity". And this is not enough, Yes. And I want to develop! :)

When the subject improvement was found, identified, the following question arises — how to improve, to weaken, to develop? It's not a muscle that can be downloaded by exercises or relax with a massage. If, for example, a weakness is that the person is not able to forgive, or too touchy (this is not the same!), or proud, or angry easily — it is impossible just to start to "train not to". The maximum that will work is to remove symptoms, driving the feelings deeper, or freeze sensitivity at all. Both not good for health. As a result the person continues to do the same what they were doing (be offended, be angry, not to forgive etc.), but doesn't feel like it or not gives this output. And feelings start to accumulate, the internal stress builds and spills in the form of weird reactions or unexplained illnesses... I mean "training" — is only a special direction of attention to himself, to the place which want to work on the task it should solve.

Because, all improvements convenient to see how the task conditions similar to the problem of physics. Disassemble your living, so to speak, example. This is when I'm feeling down\lonely, I'm just looking or waiting for support, regardless of whether the power to handle most, generally about the ability to rely on yourself in this moment, forget. The goal is to develop what he called "mental resilience" — the ability to not "fail" when there is no support, and not to "pounce" on people when she is, and lean all the time, not closing and being willing to accept help from others and "reinforcement," not "salvation." How to solve the problem of this kind?

The main methods are just two, and it really helps a lot!

1. Find and remove the obstacle to desirable action.

In my example — if there are people that bothers to seek support and make use of them? Logically nothing, but in fact I do not even remember it! It means that something interferes. If you watch him carefully — that knowledge — "I can't handle it". The knowledge received from mom (she always told me that and about me and about yourself) and tested on the children's experience, the withdrawal is made and the decision was made — Yes, I can't handle it. All. Point.

More about this is no longer thought, it goes into the category of knowledge upon which I act, and how I made this decision — is forgotten. Now we need to make this decision to go back to think about it "again" — and now so do this for me? and to change the decision. But that's not all.

2. In the place where I don't know how to act — to create a new image.

In my example — the decision that she can't handle it, I canceled, if the power exist, we can. Well. So, to operate as usual, to wait and to be offended is not necessary. What do you want? How else then? I acted so? Is the next question. The answer to which he sometimes comes as an Epiphany, when you remove the interference, and sometimes requires creative research is to invent new ways of internal actions, test them in practice, to find the best options and fix them as a new habit.

Habit is a very nasty ambush. Although useful. They are used so as not to think. And when the familiar action change is some time necessary specially in appropriate situations to remember, and what I want to do now. Otherwise automatically turns on the old model. published

Author: Olga Kolyada

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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