If you ever ask me what it is - the Caucasus Mountains in a few words, I'll tell you - he as a young thoroughbreds. Wild and free. Free. Unbroken. Flexing its muscles, choosing space and subject only to the elements of nature.
You can compare it to the mountain Switzerland Alps - just remove the out ad nauseam neat houses, ideal highway and everything that was attached hand boring-European. Then you get the picture, vaguely reminiscent of the Caucasus mountain. But, you see, there is no sense in such difficulties, when you can sit in the car and a little less than a day journey from Moscow to meet with him - the inspiration of Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy.

During the former signified! ..
In those days, you know me, the Caucasus,
In its sanctuary deaf
You called me several times.
In love with you I was crazy.
I was greeted by loud you
Powerful voice of their storms.
I heard the roar of your streams,
And snow avalanches rumble.
And click eagles, and singing virgins,
And Terek ferocious roar,
And the echo of laughter dalnozvuchny,
And I beheld, your weak singer,
Kazbek regal crown.

1. Stately mountaineer

Civilized, helpfully-intrusive service attitude and you definitely will not find here. This was so good in Turkey. But among these places, just glance at the rapidly ascends upward toothed ridge is definitely easily get answers to many tormenting you "eternal" questions. When two or three thousand height you can barely distinguish miniature barns and grazing in the endless green carpet cattle, and over all that is dominated by basking in the sun snowy peaks of five-thousands, then you know how big around the World and what you saw in him a disciple-grader. And then you can only, with his head up, shake it and silly sentence: "Yeah ... Oh yeah! ..»

Visit the Caucasus this year I had with the team Rope jumpers from Moscow «Let's Fly» - guys jumped here with a rope on a few natural objects. Well, look at me a little, so I tried to get involved in the process of preparing coherent linkage, and even participate in the "jumping." That came out of it - on.


The main object for jumping this time was the Kel-Kechhen - one of the five karst lakes located in Cherek district of Kabardino-Balkaria and the common name "Blue Lake".
Kel-Kechhen - the place is not easy. Until the beginning of the last century, it was a deep karst lake with clean, cold water, lost in the beech forests. But in 1923, as a result of the earthquake the water suddenly gone, revealing a giant karst dip depth of 170m. Translated from the Balkar "Kel-Kechhen" literally means "lake under the bridge." At the bottom of the well was only a small body of water about 30m in diameter. Here, down, over the last hundred years descended here is not so, and a lot of people.
Discover this karst chasm in the middle of a dense forest can only know the route. To the east of Lake Cherek-Ceol of Wessex, the track, steeply goes mountain gravel road - the path to the top lakes. Going up on it, you should not miss the narrow path in the woods - this is the forest route on the Kel-Kechhen.

Rope-jumpers from the team «Let's Fly» know this place since 2008. Rope jumping - it's jumping rope as a "pendulum", and with the free fall, after which the system performs soft security rope grab.
Kel-Kechhen - a good place for such a venture. Hidden away from the tourist trails, steep walls of failure goes straight down, creating breathtaking views and secluded. There is a necessary point with a negative bias, and a narrow width of the lake (about 200m) allows sag necessary equipment for light day.
What is it, jump into the abyss from a height of 135m, to overcome more than 80m free fall to near the bottom rope to stop you? A bold idea! However, the guys from «Let's Fly» do this is not the first time - work debugged. But do not forget that Rope jumping - it is a sport that directly associated with risk. We jump into the Dry Lake, only if we are confident in the safety of the jump!


Upon arrival from Moscow a couple of days we had to sit in the hotel - it rained. On the third day the weather took pity on us, and early in the morning, our team of 13 people popped into place. On machines we select as close as possible, as far as the mountain road, and then goes on a footpath in the beech forest, distributing 300kg of equipment and things for all participants.
Forest wet after the rains, fresh, but some unusually quiet. No birds singing, no breath of wind. Beech trees, among which come across the real giants soar up high. Move thoroughly dirt in the hollow and streams, wading slowly, stopping now and then to rest.

And finally, here it is, the long-awaited Kel-Kechhen! Harsh and lonely, and in cloudy weather - gloomy, unsociable. But what power lies in its massive rocky arches, boldly carved water!

Upon arrival, divided into two groups and inspect the future site of attachment base pitches. Since then, the team was here last time (two years ago), the point for fastening "base 2" crumbled into the abyss, and you need to choose a new location. With the "base 1" okay, just need to make sure that the edge of the cliff is quite durable.

Here everywhere shale, soft, crumble at the slightest touch. Karst processes are continuously and constantly changing contours of failure, destructible internal waters and tree roots. Crumble, new cracks, cavities and ravines. When operating on natural objects need to be especially vigilant to such things, and even acquaintances Journey multiple routes carefully to notice the changes.

When the site of attachment of basic ropes inspected and cleared of fallen branches are hung harnesses railing comes time most time consuming and challenging task - sag base. So called two pitches that cross the karst failure across and will be assigned on a few strong beech trees on each side. It is these ropes will take the brunt of the load when jumping.
On the one hand on the bottom end of the base failure down the ropes, on the other hand to meet them, throw a stone attached to it with the end of a light vehicle rap cord. You can see how in a few seconds rap cord with a whistle is selected with a canvas backing, disappearing into the abyss.

Then at the bottom of the failure on the ropes down two guys. Leape moves down parallel to the route of the future jump. His task - to make sure that the breed has no dangerous protrusions. Finding shaky shale "shelf", is it possible the breaking them. When the stones reach the bottom, menacing sound as if from an explosion, repeatedly flies neighborhood.
Denis is located in the northern part of the lake, where the minimum height of the wall. Here he proveshivajut rope by which the participants will then jump to climb up.
When they are on the bottom, they are the ends of the base and rap pinch and bind them. Then the rest of the top participants begin to rise in the basic ropes, pulling them rap cord. All actions are coordinated by radio.

So the basic ropes provesheny and strained. This concludes the first day of work. Dark, night falls rapidly, and with it comes appetite =)

By noon the next day the team again on the subject. After the base provesheny and stretched, they are mounted rollers, which will move jump rope during flight. Their mission - to "steal" the pick-up point as far as possible from the walls collapse. But no further positions adjustable with two more, stop ropes.
When the system is set up and tested, comes the turn of Uncle Vanya. He first jump! Uncle Vanya (or "Pinocchio" - so even his name) - a test weight, representing a transport bag with weight. After Pinocchio, breaking 4 seconds of free fall, gently picked up the system, the team makes sure that everything works as it should. Comes time to experience the thrill of team members!
Nice to see that successful, safe jumping for kids - this is not the main goal, though, is certainly one of the most important. Mainly, nevertheless, is the team spirit, coordinated work of all participants and a positive, cheerful attitude. Of course, an important aspect of security Rope jumping is the timely replacement of equipment, despite the fact that absolutely all the elements of the mandatory duplicated.


The guys name is jumping with a rope here so succinctly - "jumped." Jumping-jumping. "I liked jumping!" Or "Do not the funniest I jumped!" - That's so short they say. Ordinary thing that really J of the brackets are fear, adrenaline, othodnyak - a whole heap of feelings about that particular chat is not accepted and that, in addition to the friendly ties of close-knit team, keep all of them, of different ages, in this extreme sport.
 - It's hard to describe it in the first place for the reason that I have a total of about two hundred Prygov - says Vitaly. - And the fact that I was there screaming like crazy, so this is what won for themselves a new object. For me now themselves jumping - it everyday. Prepare everything hang, work with a team and as a result do jumping on the new place for me ... Here is my kicks) And of course there is sooo strong excitation at the jump ... - so frank.
Jumping continues into the evening, about 20-30 minutes for each participant. Put on the harness, helmet, gloves, donned a camera shutter release removed the rope in a backpack, latched on to the hopping and insurance - all zamuftuy carbines! Guys checked out - he checked again - and stomp on exit.
Exit - this is the position from which the jumping. Exit on the Kel-Kechhene - a grass area on the edge of collapse, under which the rock has a negative slope. It so happened that at exactly this place is located at the bottom of a small lake, and if you jump into the water of the lake. Small solace against the backdrop of the fact that the depth of a free fall (before the pick-up rope) is about 80m!

Jump the guys and girls. Jumped Leap - take it off the tree on the edge. See how far down he chatted from side to side, subtle eye, stopped, went down to the bottom, on the radio gave up, that the system can be raised. Follow the jump for Acne, shoot it with a homemade tripod. Then Anton - rented it to exit-and, on the arm. Then Vera - its failure to hanging over a tree on the left.

The guys are all different and each is a little I used to, but at the exit-e each of them varies. Becomes gathered, serious. And then - jumping.
For a while I kept an eye on the place, hitch, team work. Listening to the inner feelings. Has not yet decided for myself that I would have jumped. Actually, at the time and offered me Denis - will jump? Apparently, too, looked closer.
As long as you go with insurance, take pictures, helps children - you feel relaxed. Well, get used to the altitude. Count always, of course, on their own strength, but somewhere in the background of the brain clings to the realization that you pristrahovan - and he is calm.
Stepped on Exit, unhooked insurance - the joke was over. You are alone with their fears and doubts. Attention to detail. Total superstition. All words around acquire a fatal sense. And, despite the fact that you drive away the doubts, rest on the fact that all equipment safely and duplicated - primitive, animal fear firmly binds you. You can argue logically, you can try to negotiate with your fear or suppress it - all to no avail. Fear will stand between you and jump to the last. But when you finally take a step - it means one of two things. Either you Bezbashenny extreme, whose threshold of fear and responsibility disappeared or never existed, or you know exactly the location of each of their own instincts. And you can show them on places to concentrate and absorb new. And if the fear instinct - it is a manifestation of animal origin, the ability to make decisions and act contrary instincts - a manifestation of the will (intellect). I think that a lot of animals and, of course, the man in the process of evolution, being able to think of such an order, significantly increases their chances of survival. In my opinion, this is an important aspect of any risk.

But back to the jump. When I say move, you actually mean jump. Somewhat more complicated! How to push off from the exit-and looking straight down into the abyss for a beginner is almost impossible. The brain simply does not understand what you want from him. Jump over a puddle - please, it is simple and clear. Appropriate. But dropped to 135 meters high on the rocks or in the water - not really, thank you.
As a result - the legs are cotton and jump does not work - you're just like a sheaf valishsya all. In the case of jumping from the bridge is not a problem. But natural objects, such as Kel-Kechhen, this is an important point, since the rock is less obvious danger.
Therefore, I recommend to jump "on the bar," and looking at a 45 ° metyas up over the horizon.

All the time I put the harness, pack the camera and remove it together with a piece of rope to trigger backpack clings insurance and go toward the exit-and these thoughts revolve in my head. When I find myself on a grassy patch on the edge of failure, there comes the moment to test the strength of the philosophy. Trample on the edge, I rise steadily. I feel as insurance pulls me back and unhooked her. When I throw a shotgun and he bryakaet in the grass behind me - uhh! Feeling that on the eve of battle armor removed! However, with every stage of the hopping regulations confidence is growing. I see "Utёkshee" Lake Kel-Kechhen. As far as the peripheral vision - everywhere steep walls of a giant failure. And far, far away from the bottom of the toy trees on the banks of the water snout.
Countdown begins: Ready! Set! Go! Jump "on the bar," but his fingers caught only air ...

Once I understand that jumped out normally, lower my head and look down. Wildly growing speed nesus like a cannonball. Flashed the idea, how much I lost with ease as long as was a small child. The speed and whistling in the ears breath away. The bottom is coming right at me and I only see that growing up in front of trees and rapidly increase in size expanse of lake bottom.
The body itself understands what to do. Arms and legs as if in flight thruster, it occurs at the level of reflexes and probably some ancient animal memory. When we were birds ... After two more long second, I suddenly feel that something starts to go wrong - I showered on the left side and I can not resist this. Then I realize that began grab ropes, which takes me right back down and expands on the huge pendulum rushes to the center. Then a sharp jerk upwards (compensation stretching bases) moment of weightlessness and fall again. Up and down: if the head still have some thoughts, it comes time to go =)

 - All excellent, well done! - Sparingly quacks radio in a backpack.
After whistling in the ears rolls remarkably quiet. Only slightly creaking rail. And absolutely do not want anything to do next, and hung to an hour.

Up to the clouds, leaving the rope and barely visible, like a wave blue team flag on the exit-e. Feeling that I'm in the middle of a huge curved mirror, the edges of which, wooded up there, belong to a completely different dimension. Take out my camera and some photographs.

However, the time to begin the descent - reluctantly pull out of a backpack release the rope, throw it down. Tightens on Zhumar and peeled off from the jump rope. Next, gently descend down to the barn and stops at the water's edge. On the radio pass up, finished the descent and the system can be raised. Find a convenient location and rocks falling apart there on the back.
Indescribable bliss rolls at this moment! Silence, peace, grace! Like a fluffy blanket ukrylo ...
Swaying blade of grass, buzzing bumble bee, the birds are singing somewhere in the offing crowns. Do not even want to turn heads, to consider - you already know by heart these wonderful, familiar things! Spicy. All that radiates world around you, now seen amazing island. And maybe an enclosed space at the bottom of an ancient lake so reinforces the feeling? Or because down here it was not so, and a lot of people, and so the "ether" so pure? Probably all at once ... Few people, few people - spinning in my head. Why there were not enough people? Because they nafig it is not necessary? I guess ... well, let.



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