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According to most sources, the deaths end (on average) about 30 of the 100 thousand jumps.
C more likely to be killed in a car accident than during the jump.
I want to tell you about the survivors after the accident while skydiving.

Daniel Farr

Imagine this situation and decide whether to make it cost your first jump joint (where you his parachute attached to another person, usually an experienced skydiver) with an instructor who may die in the air. Daniel Farr - US soldiers specializing in military intelligence. His girlfriend gave him as a Christmas present a ticket for a parachute jump. Farrah partner in the tandem was a man named George "Chip" Steele, an experienced skydiver, which account for more than 8,000 jumps. He jumped out of the plane, while in free fall, and then opened his parachute, as expected.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until gone to the dogs. Farr noted that the chip does not respond to any of his questions, any action (in fact, the absence of any action), on approaching the ground. Despite the fact that the armed forces did not give the young Farrah no training in the management of a parachute, they taught him to remain calm in extreme conditions. Farr, in this situation, took control of the management of a parachute - just as he had seen on TV, of course - and he managed quite well to maneuver to avoid the approaching trees, and eventually he landed safely near the designated landing zone. After that Farr did unsuccessfully Chip artificial respiration. Later, the coroner said that Chip had a heart attack.

However, one painful experience was not enough to discourage jumping from Mr. Farr. He expressed his desire to jump again, despite the protests of parents.

Dave Hadzhmen (and a guy named Frank)

The incident occurred in 1985 in Australia, in the state of Victoria. Mr. Hadzhmen made the jump from a height of about 12,000 feet (about 3, 5 thousand m.) As a member of the formation skydivers. Everything went according to plan when Hadzhmen inadvertently opened his parachute, directly above the other skydivers (and it was a guy named Frank). Frank also did not see Hadzhmena, and opened his parachute at about the same moment that Hadzhmen. Two parachutist trying to occupy one and the same space at the same time. As a result, Dave fell right on Frank.

Strong blow deprived Frank consciousness and confused lines of both deployment of the parachute. Frank parachute was open and filled with air, while the parachute Hadzhmena released air and curled - men were tightly linked. In addition, because, in fact, is now one parachute had to withstand the weight of the two men, they fell faster than I would like in this situation, eventually crashing into a crowded parking lot - surprising, but they landed right between several parked cars. And survived.

Hadzhmen got a pretty extensive injury, while Frank came out of this mess relatively unscathed. To his credit, Hadzhmen returned to skydiving from aircraft operating flawlessly as soon as his wounds healed.

James Boole

Mr. Bull - telereportёr specializing in shooting skydiving (and participating in) and BASE jumping. BASE jumping, for those who are not familiar with the term, is a sport which consists in jumping from fixed objects (such as mountains and bridges) and waiting for the last possible second to opening the parachute. Dangerous thing.

During one of such filming Mr. Buhl and got into trouble. Buhl and its partners carried out the jump for the filming of the documentary film in Russia. Buhl, focusing on shooting, relied on his partner in broadcasting, as they neared the ground, and it was necessary to open the parachute. Communication problems prevented this, and instead open the parachute, Buhl met with the snow-covered ground. Falling from a height of two thousand meters at a rate far in excess of 100 miles per hour, usually means a terrible end. However, the Briton crashed, apparently, in the snow in the middle of a rocky terrain. Boule a fractured back and ribs, but the rest was not so very tacky. The incident, ironically, was captured on film.

Laris Butler

Parachute malfunction can happen in any country. A young woman from South Africa named Laris Butler experienced it myself when she felt a conventional parachute jump in 2010. The beginning of this story sounds just like any other similar incident - the usual way out of the plane, followed by a normal, unremarkable free fall (of course, if you can call "unremarkable" stones falling to the ground).

However, what happened next made Butler resort to prayer as their last hope. At first she tried to open the parachute. He did not open. After several fruitless attempts, she tried to do the same with his reserve parachute. But he did not open. One can only imagine the fear, from which the blood run cold, covering person at a time. Ms. Butler said that the sole focus of its actions remained prayer. She recalls thinking, "Lord, save me, please." God, as they say, hears and answers the prayers of the faithful. Impact on the ground from a height of 3,000 feet left Miss Butler with a broken leg and a concussion, but alive.

But that's what makes this story even more interesting: she says that she changed her mind to jump, when he stood in the doorway of the aircraft, but the instructor literally pushed her out of the plane, ignoring her protests. Butler describes how she held on to the door frame, and the instructor had to push it a few times, so that it fell out of an airplane. Is this not contrary to the law? ..

Hans Lang

BASE jumping has already been mentioned in this article. It seems that waiting until the last second to open the parachute allows you to experience the most excitement. However, Mr. Lang received a little more than the usual sense of euphoria, while BASE jumping, which went according to plan in 2008. Jumping from the top of the mountain in Norway, Lang learned the consequences of the poor planning and a lack of boldness wings together. Simply put, this means problems for people jumping from the mountains.

The height of the mountain, which jumped Lang is 1, 5 kilometers. Lang was flying at a speed of about 150 km / h near sheer cliff. What could go wrong? Realizing that he and the rock are too close to each other, Lang tried to open the parachute to fly off away from her. Unfortunately, in this battle of man against the rock, the rock beat. Lang repeatedly hit the rocks sticking out of the rock, and the lines of his parachute tangled, which did not allow him to slow down the fall. Flight was over the fact that Lang at high speed crashed into a tree, standing at the foot of the mountain.

Not many people can say that they survived the fall from the top of the mountain, but may Lange. Lang has not only survived, but also of all possible problems suffered only a broken leg. Not bad, considering the circumstances. This case is certainly not scared Lang, who promised to return to BASE Jumping, as soon as he recovers from injury. Oh yes, it was all caught on video, of course!

Gareth Griffiths

Mr Griffiths, being a professional rugby player in his native Britain, is familiar with the physical aspect of the sport. But this does not prepared him for the tragedy that occurred during his skydiving in tandem. In tandem with an experienced instructor Michael Costello (who turned out to be a representative from Massachusetts), Griffiths was going to make a normal jump, safely made to them a thousand times.

However, in this day of the event went completely wrong. After the jump out of the plane and a brief enjoyment of free-fall, the instructor tried to open the parachute. For unknown reasons, parachute opened properly and the instructor did not have time to straighten it until both flew to the ground. Costello last effort saved the life of Gareth: a few seconds before it hit the ground, he turned so that his body was between the earth and Griffiths. Gareth survived, but received a serious back injury. The doctors were shocked that Griffiths survived impact on the ground on a high speed - even with the efforts Costello, which reduced damage from the collision own body. However, he survived, and selfless sacrifice Michael Costello, of course, played a role.

Laverne Everett

At the age of 80 years, Miss Everett was only one unfulfilled desire - she really wanted to jump with a parachute. Given the growing popularity and availability of jumping in tandem, Miss Everett still ... decided to take this step! Remember what happened in a previous stories? So, to her horror, happened about the same thing. Determined in Everett markedly diminished when she looked out the door and looked into the open sky - its knees buckled. Her partner on the jump, which Everett was tied, a little pushed her to the door in an attempt to cheer up, and then they jumped out of the plane.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Everett was not so firmly attached to your partner, as they thought. Almost immediately Everett beginning to slip from fastenings.

Remember that Everett did not have a parachute, since such jumps it is only from the instructor. Partner Everett had to keep her hands, so she did not break the ground. Even operator leaped with them to capture the jump on video, tried to get close to them to help, but to no avail. Everett could only hang on the partner as he desperately tried to hold her.

Surprisingly, Everett, which seems to have nerves of steel, never even cried during the flight. Later, she said in an interview that he did not particularly frightened. Partner was able to hold her, and they both landed safely. Everett was only a few bruises and abrasions from landing. But she will have something to tell your grandchildren. And yes, it was all caught on camera.

Nicholas Alkemeyd

The incident with Nicholas Alkemeyd, from a technical point of view - it is not an incident during skydiving, but, nevertheless, he damn exciting. During World War II, this guy is served in the Royal Air Force - was a member of the crew of a British bomber attacked by German fighters. Alkemeyda bomber was badly damaged: caught fire and went out of control. There were two options: either to burn inside the aircraft, or die in a collision with the ground plane.

Deciding that none of these options do not fit him, Alkemeyd decided to jump out of an airplane without a parachute (it burned down in a fire!). The bomber was at an altitude of 5, 5,000 meters above the ground when Alkemeyd took this important decision .... He jumped. Brave British flying through the snow-covered fir that softened his fall, and fell into a deep snowdrift. According to reports, the pilot escaped with only a sprained ankle and shock. After landing, he looked around and lit a cigarette. Even the Germans, who had seized Alkemeyda prisoner, were shocked by this story and gave him a document confirming the truth of what happened to him. That's it.

Shane Richardson / West

Shane Richardson (West by her husband) to experience what should not have to experience one, especially on his first solo jump, during pregnancy. Unfortunately, an accident occurred with this young girl from Joplin (MO). This story caused a fuss in the media, not only because of the incredible fact that Shane has experienced what has survived, but also because she found out about her pregnancy in the hospital in which she was brought after the incident.

Sheina story begins almost immediately after her jump from the plane. As soon as she opened his parachute, she went into a tailspin strong. Realizing that there were problems (whether it was due to faulty equipment, or because of her inexperience, is still under discussion among fellow paratroopers). Shane snapped slings his main parachute opened and a spare. It also did not help, because her reserve parachute did not work (again, either because of inexperience girls, either because of equipment failure). Shane continued to spin and fell at a speed exceeding 50 miles per hour, to a nearby parking lot, face down.

Shane broken pelvis in two places, suffered a broken leg and lost a few teeth. But most importantly, that her unborn child, which she did not know at the time of the jump, escaped unhurt (Shane gave birth to a healthy baby boy in June of the following year). The accident was imprinted on the video. After that, Shane again jumped with a parachute, to prove to herself that she can still do it, but then she threw the last jump jump. Finally, at least someone found little common sense!


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