Rescuers continue to search for survivors of the earthquake in China

April 14 residents of remote Yushu County, located on the Tibetan plateau, were awakened by an earthquake in 6, 9 points. In the sparsely populated villages and the larger town Gegu destroyed thousands of wooden and earthen buildings, and more durable buildings were partially damaged or completely destroyed. Rescue teams is difficult to reach remote areas, lying at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level and the connection of several roads, most of which was destroyed by an earthquake. Chinese media have reported that the number of deaths has reached 1144 people. Rescuers continue to search for survivors, and left homeless residents are trying to recover what was left of their homes to shelter from the cold at night.

A rescuer searches for survivors amid the wreckage of a building destroyed by an earthquake in Yushu County, in northwestern Qinghai Province, April 16. (AP Photo / Andy Wong)

Rescuers search for survivors in the rubble of buildings destroyed by the earthquake. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

Rescuers carry the 13-year-old Tibetan girl trapped under the rubble of destroyed by an earthquake at more than 50 hours in Yushu on April 16. (REUTERS / Donald Chan)

The wreckage of a collapsed building after an earthquake in 6, 9 points in Yushu County. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

Tibetan monks carry a body, which they found under the rubble of a collapsed building a hotel in Gegu. (REUTERS / Alfred Jin)

General view of the town square, where the operation to search and rescue victims of the earthquake. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

In this photo taken on April 15 from the satellite is visible area of ​​Yushu County, on the day after the earthquake. Experts estimate that the earthquake destroyed 70-90% of earthen buildings. (AP Photo / DigitalGlobe)

Tied with a rope and bandages car damaged in an earthquake, trying to get to the hastily constructed field hospital at the stadium «Yushu Sports» April 16. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

Woman (foreground) is resting in a ruined building, while the rescuer with a dog searches for missing in Gegu, in the county of Yushu. (AP Photo / Alexander F. Yuan)

Dead horse lies among the bloody wreckage of the building in the county of Yushu. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

Survived the earthquake in 52-year-old Sonammon, who lost 10 family members, praying, embracing his nephew in Gegu. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

Rescuers search for students among the debris of the collapsed school. (AP Photo / Andy Wong)

Tibetan monk walking on the debris in Gegu, in the county of Yushu on April 16. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

Hand victims of the earthquake Tibetan child sticking out of the blanket that covered the bodies of those killed in the earthquake near the town of Yushu. (REUTERS / Alfred Jin)

Tibetan monk stands next to the hundreds of corpses wrapped in blankets in a monastery Gegu. The exact number of victims of the earthquake is still unknown, but the main element of the damage inflicted Gegu town's population of 1000 000 people. (REUTERS / Alfred Jin)

Monks ship wrapped in blankets and body tissue in a truck to bury them. (AP Photo / Alexander F. Yuan)

People are looking for useful materials in the wreckage of a destroyed house in Gegu. (AP Photo / Xinhua, Wang Peng)

Chinese paramilitary police officers search for survivors in the rubble of houses in Yushu. (REUTERS / China Daily)

Wounded villagers waiting Gegu departure in a safe place at the airport in Yushu on April 15th. (REUTERS / Stringer)

Physicians caring for the victims of the earthquake in the hospital after a group of 24 people evacuated in Lanzhou. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

Ambulances are on a freight train bound for Yushu to help victims in the earthquake. (AP Photo)

Tibetan monk calls to relatives in their home destroyed by an earthquake in Yushu. (REUTERS / Stringer)

Dog sleeping near a Tibetan Buddhist monastery Gegu. Many of the bodies brought to the monastery for cremation. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

Ethnic Tibetans and locals unloaded from a truck tent in the town Gegu. (REUTERS / Donald Chan)

Car under the rubble of a building in Yushu. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

Friends soothe Tibetan Woman after rescuers pulled her son's body from the wreckage of the school. (AP Photo / Andy Wong)

Relatives are wounded Tibetans in the bus that will take him to the hospital. (REUTERS / Alfred Jin)

31-year-old Tibetan Ansiduodzhi shows how he and his family were rescued from a collapsed building during an earthquake. (REUTERS / Alfred Jin)

Nine boy injured in the earthquake, waiting for boarding the plane to Xining. (REUTERS / Stringer)

Tibetans take down the wall of the hotel, which may be for survivors in the earthquake. (REUTERS / Kevin Zhao)

Rescuers search for survivors in the rubble of buildings in the county of Yushu. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

Body Tibetan woman and her daughter in a cage in front of the traditional cremation among the debris of a building in Gegu. (REUTERS / Alfred Jin)

Family resting in his yard near the destroyed building in the city Gegu. (AP Photo / Alexander F. Yuan)

Girl reading a book at the tent, set right on the ruins of a building in the county of Yushu. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

Woman collects boards on the ruins of buildings in Gegu. (AP Photo / Alexander F. Yuan)

Earthquake survivors in preparing dinner on a makeshift stove in their destroyed homes in the town Gegu. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)


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