These people were born in shirts

Miraculous rescue in Haiti. After 5, 7, and then all of 14 days under the rubble of houses and shops, these lucky people still see sunlight, although many of them have no hope of salvation.

January 27 - 15 days after the earthquake - the rescuers were able to pull out of the rubble alive girl. 17-year-old Darlene Etienne was able to whisper "thank you" to their rescuers. (AP)

Rescuers believe it is a miracle. Neighbors heard a faint voice from the wreckage and called for help. The doctor in a field hospital, Colonel Michel orchil says that the girl is happy and now only worried about his friends. (AP)

January 26 Haitians from the group of looters was pulled from the rubble of the store and a man called for help soldiers. (REUTERS)

35-year-old Rico Dibrivell said that was under the rubble since the first earthquake, but rescuers and doctors believe that he was trapped after a subsequent earthquakes. (REUTERS)

25-year-old Uismonda Eksantusa rescued from the rubble of the store where he worked in Port-au-Prince January 23 - after 11 days in the rubble. Man ate chips and Coca-Cola. (AP)

He spent 11 days under the rubble of shops, prayed constantly, sometimes slept. "I'm not afraid because I knew that I still find" - he said. (AFP / GETTY)

January 22: 22-year-old Emmanuel Busa was rescued from the rubble of a building near the presidential palace. He was saved by the Israeli military. (AP)

"I felt like home runs beneath me shake - he says. - I did not know where I am - up or down. " He says he had to drink his own urine to survive. (AP)

January 22: family members and friends rescued 84-year-old Maria Caridi Roman heard her faint moans from the rubble of the house. (AFP / GETTY)

Volunteer doctor from New York, Ernest Benjamin says that the 84-year-old woman fractured rib cage, and wound up on the body of parasites. (AFP / GETTY)

January 20, eight days after the disaster neighbors pulled from the wreckage of the 11-year-old girl Mendzhi Bakhin Sanon. (AP)

At night, the girl has nightmares. She often cried: "Mama, do not leave me." And my mom does not throw. (AP)

JANUARY 20: Elizabeth Dzhoassaint which only 23 days old, rescued from the rubble of a destroyed house in the city of Jacmel in southern Haiti. She spent under the rubble 7 days. (EYEVINE)

January 19: French 26-year-old rescue Hottelin vines pulled from the wreckage. (AFP / GETTY)

At the time of the earthquake was a girl in an apartment above a supermarket. After the earthquake, she spent a week under the rubble of a building without food and water. (AP)

January 19: 70-year-old Anna Zizi was pulled from the rubble of the cathedral in Port-au-Prince. (AP)

Tears even battered many rescuers. (PA)

January 18: This year-old girl also was pulled from the wreckage unscathed. (SIPA PRESS / REX FEATURES)

Jean-Louis Brahms, who is only 8 months old, was pulled from the wreckage of his home, where he spent five days. He was taken to an Israeli field hospital. (AP)

French firefighters and rescue workers from Los Angeles rescued 22-year-old Marie-France after 12 hours. As a result, to get a Woman, she had to amputate one arm. (AFP / GETTY)

17 January: UN official Jens Christensen pulled from the wreckage of the UN building, where he spent 5 days. (AFP / GETTY)

January 15: Spanish and Belgian rescuers pulled from the rubble of the building two years Redzhesona Haustina Claude, who spent two days in the ruins of his house. (AP)


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