Several characteristics of your personality, which, oddly enough, are determined by genes

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People love to control everything: no one wants to just be flying to nowhere in a giant ball paintball life. So that we, human beings, have come up with the concept of free will and are proud of it so much that talking about it at every opportunity. Unfortunately, fully in control of their lives are not in a position to anyone. In the end, there is a gene, which determines ...

1. Your political predpochteniya848b17fd25.jpg

Responsible citizen supposed to get involved in politics. So you have to know everything about you recognize all the political parties and try to rationally vote. But in the end vote as I tell you your biology.

Science says that it is very likely: your political beliefs do not depend on your decision, they are pre-determined. Scientists conducted a study to identify the biological differences between liberals and conservatives, and found that the actual physical differences in how the brain functions of both, really is.

Liberals are very concerned about their social relationships, they value friends and the world at large. Conservatives are not too social, and most of all value their family and their country.

In another study, it was found that the liberals strongly developed anterior cingulate cortex, which is used for treatment of controversial and uncertain information. Conservatives - the owners of large tonsils, responsible for the recognition of the threat in a dangerous situation.

Apparently, the structure of the brain affects in general on all aspects of life. Studies have shown that in the homes and workplaces of conservatives most perfect order reigns, and the liberals, on the other hand, chaos. Conservatives also better abstracted from distracting information and easily focus on particular issues, but as a rule, see the world in black and white. Liberals are more open to new experiences and easier to accept uncertainty, but they are more careless.

Of course, any rule there are exceptions, but, according to the research, all of the above is true in 83% of cases.

2. Your belief in a supreme Silyf98e201f5b.jpg

There are many reasons to what some believe. Despite the fact that atheism is now in vogue, religion - it is a personal choice. Perhaps you were raised in a religious family, maybe you had a near-death experience after which you believe in God, may your whole life pushing you to believe. Or maybe you're just born potentially believers.


In a controversial study of 2004, Dean Hamer molecular geneticist analyzed more than 2,000 DNA samples and concluded that predispose a person to spirituality is associated with a single gene that affects chemicals in the brain. Media immediately called the discovery "a gene of GodĀ».

According to the study, people with this gene are likely to believe in a supreme being, with the faith they will come, regardless of education (child from a family of atheists can become religious, and vice versa).

Theory checked in yet another similar study, in which the twins were asked to talk about religion. Children tend to coincide with the religious beliefs of those they believed other members of the family. But as soon as they get older, their beliefs changed frequently, and eventually the twins shared them only with each other. This suggests that religion is determined not only by education and experience, but also DNA.

In the theory of "God gene" of course, there are opponents, but it does not mean that the correlation between the brain and attitude to religion there. A more recent study-2013 showed that people with thick crust (the outer layer of the brain) are more likely to become religious. The answer to the question why this is so, no, but there is another interesting correlation: religious people are less prone to depression.

And no, it all does not answer the question of whether God exists.

3. Your populyarnost211f9c8b7f.jpg

Have you ever seen one of youth comedies in which a girl or a guy from outsiders suddenly becomes the coolest students in the school? These films give us hope: even if you were a little strange child, this may not prevent you finally get recognition. After some time, with proper practice, you can be charismatic and radiate animal magnetism.

Or not?

Scientists have found that to a large extent your popularity (or lack thereof) depends on whether you were born with it or not. The researchers collected 100 are not familiar with each other male students, broke them into groups and asked to communicate with each other. They also did a DNA test and asked to fill out a few forms.

It turned out that all the guys are quickly becoming the soul of the company in his small group had the gene, leading them to a "soft" misconduct - for example, they allowed themselves to drink a little, but things like antisocial aggressive behavior did not show. In other words, people who break the rules, and therefore appear to be "cool", are becoming more popular. But they taught that no one - so they were born.

The researchers also studied the profiles of more than 1,000 adolescent twins in social networks and their popularity is measured by how often they call friends. A previous study confirmed: the popularity of a person closely related to its genome.

4. Your confidence sebe5a29753824.jpg

Have you ever noticed that the world is full of people who are confident that they - just a gift of God to all mankind? And, what is worse, many of them are truly successful. Such are the many professional athletes and the vast majority of politicians.


No matter what nonsense they say, no one clings to every word they say, simply because they are damn confident. Recall, Hitler - in spite of all that he has done in convincing him it was impossible to refuse, we say something he could.

And here's the question: if the self-confidence of these people does not depend on their actual achievements, where does it all come from? According to recent studies, they were born with it. Scientists tested the 3,700 pairs of twins and realized that some children are born with confidence (well, to babies that word is not too fit, but you get the idea) is that they are amazing. It depends (would never guess!) The structure of the brain.

That's really fortunate so fortunate arrogance makes life much more than intelligence. In fact, even in the school self-confidence healthier IQ: confident children learn better - they just give higher scores.

Yes, it is this: the world will think that you are clever, as long as you can convince everyone not to pay attention to your mistakes. And until someone can not bring himself to approach a girl, these people quietly go to happiness.

5. Your leadership kachestvacece294c1d.jpg

You have heard the expression "born leader", which, at first glance, meaningless. In the end, a good leader must possess a whole set of qualities: the above-mentioned self-confidence, intelligence, aggressiveness, charisma, experience and even physical attractiveness. What does "natural bornĀ»?

But the researchers did not let us down here - they found one sequence in the DNA, which was the majority leader.

The presence of this gene does not mean that his happy owners do not need to work on their leadership qualities. But it shows that some people are born with talent (even an undeveloped) control other people.

In another study, researchers found that the ability to lead comes down to how the brain copes with problems - how quickly it solves them and deems a priority. Brain "leaders" and "non-leaders" works differently: the brain "leaders" more "flexible" and allows people to better adapt to the new situation.



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