Pacifik originally meant despair

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When we see a symbol of peace, we're having associated mental imagery: an end to war, conflict, unrest, disagreements and prejudices. In general, everything that we wanted to see in our lives or that we consider necessary for happiness. But originally the symbol of peace expressed quite another - he "shouted" the despair that is felt by its creator in touch with the world.

Peace symbol invented in 1958 textile designer and commercial artist Gerald Holtom. He created it during a large protest - people do not want nuclear weapons in England. Holt did not want that, too, not least because of the Second World War.

Holtom is scared - all countries cared about increasing nuclear potential, and the Second World War ended not so long ago. And Holt wanted to create a simple but strong character that would express all that he felt.


Artist superposed signaling symbols for the «N» (man with his hands) and «D» (one arm raised above his head, the other points vertically downwards) - it symbolized the idea of ​​nuclear disarmament. The outer circle was supposed to denote the Earth.

But in addition to the code of two letters, Holt saw the symbol of man, bent at the waist and pulling his hands to the ground, as if to hug himself in a fit of despair. The image came to the artist of the painting by Goya, which the farmer stands in front of a firing squad. Holt also said that he sees in the symbol itself.



Holt refused to copyright symbol, because I thought that the idea shared by the whole world, which means that it can be used by anyone. In the 1960s, he became a symbol of the American counterculture, in other places - a symbol of civil rights in South Africa and it even tried to ban the supporters of apartheid. Somewhere symbol stands for the struggle against oppression and tyranny.

As a result, the artist regretted that his creation was initially so negative message - if he knew how people perceive it, would have done so "man" raised hands to the sky in delight.



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