Dog's Life in San Francisco (10 photos)

The dog is biting only on the life of a dog ... It seems that these dogs do not know what a "dog's life". Effeminacy loving owners, salons and treats, these furry (and not so) little dog can hardly complain about life. Look at the bohemian life of happy dogs in San Francisco.

1. Julia Frink, walking their dogs, decided to wait out the storm with them in the boutique in the Marina District. (Catherine Karnow)

2. Street actor rides along Fisherman's Wharf on roller skates with their dogs in the park district of Marina. (Catherine Karnow)

3. A dog with good manners is looking at passers-by, sitting in a cafe, "Judy" with their masters. (Catherine Karnow)

4. A couple of dogs stopped to grab the goodies at the store optics - one of the many shops in the Marina District, offering treats for dogs. (Catherine Karnow)


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