FlyCalifornia – America's first high-speed train

Surprisingly, despite the huge size of the United States of America, in this country still do not have any truly high-speed rail system. However, soon this situation may change. For example, the legislature of California has recently adopted a decision on construction of high-speed Express train connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles.

San Francisco and Los Angeles is the largest and most important cities in California. This is one of the most developed and richest settlements of the planet Earth. And finally, it will tie high-speed railway, which will seriously compete with the airlines.

We are talking about the project of high-speed Express FlyCalifornia. The idea to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco this type of transport exists for a couple of decades. It has its own supporters and opponents, and, consequently, were discussed at different levels — in private conversations, in the press, in the corridors of power.

And finally, the California state Senate took unanimous decision, the high — speed Express between Los Angeles and San Francisco — to be!

In order to run the Express FlyCalifornia, will build a separate railway with a length of approximately 650 kilometers. You plan to upgrade all the infrastructure surrounding this line — to be built new highways, multilevel junctions, made of communication, etc. Nothing should interfere with high-speed train hurtling down a railroad track without stopping.

As the authors of the project FlyCalifornia, the train that travels the distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles in just 2 hours 38 minutes, and travel at an average speed of 350 kilometers per hour. And, when equal to the cost of flights, this railway Express will become a serious competitor to airlines.

FlyCalifornia start of construction is scheduled for 2013, and input of object in operation — in 2018. This will be the first truly high speed train in the United States of America (Express Texas Central Railroad will be run only in 2020).

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