Peregrine. How does this work?

Due to the shape cockpit windshield, etc. Remote it seems that you are in space. Such a picture could see the crew of "Enterprise", when Captain Kirk ran warp engine. Such is the association ...

In the northern capital prefer to travel by "piece of iron." By plane flew there a couple of times - for such a distance, this option is not very useful. Of course, the flight takes much less time - only an hour a penny, but until you come to the airport, yet will pass inspection, then-se ... In short, an amateur. If the distance is in the range of 1,000 kilometers, it is better, I think, to take a ticket for the night train. Although there are different situations.

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Once traveled from Peter on the day "Sidyachko." Cursed everything and more so not experimented. One day, however, had to take a ride on the night (!) - "Pleasant" experience there is still more. :)

So for me, "Peregrine Falcon", which reaches the "Venice of the North" in three hours and forty minutes - the optimal means of transportation. But ... For the high-speed train need separate ways. What is now - this is a compromise. However, in my opinion, it should have gone, because otherwise regular and high-speed traffic, we would not have seen for a long time: ER200 though and went, but to call it by regular flights difficult. Vickie says that in 2006 he made only two flights on Fridays.

Let's log cabin in the "Peregrine Falcon" and hit the road.
1. But first we must get into it. We were approached with macos head of the train and led into a separate compartment, which is located in front of the cab. There we had to wait until the flight engineer will come and open the door to the cockpit: machinist distracted while driving is impossible.

2. Type mesmerizing.

3. Train drivers on the "Sapsan" work in person. The train has a flight engineer, but he is sitting in the staff car and into the cab comes only during rounds composition.

4. Sasha decided to try a first-class seat. Incidentally, the rent of this compartment (four seats) costs about 45 thousand rubles. According to the head of the train, go there mainly businessmen or families. And the chair itself with all the features - in the region of 23,000 euros. But back better in the cockpit. There's more interesting.

5. Look at the equipment before machinist. In the lower left corner - the locomotive radio BPC-1. Above it is the computer screen, which displays the image from the DVR. Initially, they were not there and then had to be installed already in place. In the second series of the same reason, do not put nominally. On the left, in front of a machinist, a rear view camera. They work in cunning: they turn on and off while driving. Can be controlled manually. The left and right of the driver's head - multifunction screens, which displays information about the train. While driving on the left are usually displayed traction parameters (voltage in the contact wire, current consumption, power and traction engines, including regenerative braking mode), and the right - the brake. This allows you to control the pressure in the brake cylinder, brake line and the surge tank, and status of all electrodynamic, pneumatic and parking brake. The screen also displays the signals of self-train. An indication of the failure is always accompanied by information on how to eliminate it. Then - again radio BPC-1. In the bottom right part of the world a couple of gauges brake line.

6. Before machinist is KLUB-U. The device performs the safe conduct of the train, lets you know whether the first five are free to block sites ahead (locomotive traffic light to the left of the screen), warns of speeding and, if necessary, performs emergency braking. Hardware unit CLUB-U has been successfully integrated into the security system "Peregrine Falcon" and provides reliable protection of passengers in the whole area of ​​high-speed traffic. In general, the design of the train - more than 150 unique Russian developments.

7. CLUB-U even watching well-being and reaction to driver. During the movement of the wrist driver necessarily wearing the bracelet. If the system will show that the driver was distracted or do not let the gods, fell asleep, then starts ringing the bell. To make it disconnect, for a certain period of time necessary to have time to get up from their seats and click. If the driver ignores the warning, two (the second is already written in the black box and then collated), the system applies the emergency brake.

8. ER200, "Sokol», Siemens Velaro (platform "Peregrine") in addition to the electrodynamic and frictional Track brake is applied. On the "Sapsan" was abandoned because and so achieved the necessary amount of brake paths required by our rules.

9. By the way, there is one part of the axis, which is involved only in emergency braking. This is called the standard axis. Its speed of rotation used by the system protivoyuza.

10. During the shift operator time to make only one trip. Limitation of seven hours (this time without an assistant works driver) can not make the return journey. Therefore, the schedule provides for spending the night in the final paragraphs. According to the drivers, this is best organized by the Finns.

11. Almost all Capsanov machinists now have a tolerance for "Swallow" and "Allegro". If a "swallow" everything is clear, the "Allegro" they lead to the border station is already in Finland. In depot special person watching valid passports and Schengen visas. On the territory of Finland leads the local train driver. Moreover, there are some security issues are much simpler, which greatly surprised our. For example, in the composition, in addition to the black box where all the information is written, there is space for a personal driver cartridge that is inserted into the control panel and takes, leaving the cab. Decrypted data from it after every flight, as opposed to black box whose contents are much less studied. So: the Finns no personal cartridge. Less paperwork and bureaucratic work. There are girls machinists. And a lovely holiday home. :)

12. Let's see how to manage the "Peregrine" (honest description taken from here). The left hand rests on the handle of the driver traction. With it, the driver controls the power and acceleration of electric trains in accordance with the schedule and traffic conditions. When thrust is greater than the level required to maintain the desired speed, power control engine takes over the computer.

13. On the right brake lever. It determines the intensity of the slowdown. Braking forces directly controlled by the computer. Using the buttons located on the handle of the driver selects one of three modes of motion. In normal mode, priority is given to the electrodynamic regenerative braking the motor at which the train generates electricity and sends it to the network. If necessary, connect pneumatic disc brakes. In proportional mode used in bad weather, the braking force is divided equally between the motors and pneumatics. Clean air mode allows the operator to maximize accuracy in the management and is used to check a dead end. In addition, you can use it on the go clean brake from the snow and mud or warm composite brake pads.

14. To the left of the driver's hands grip is speed reference. Train speed of your computer system audit (Automatic control and braking). Like the cruise control in a car, the computer maintains the speed at a given level, regardless of the terrain. The screen driver sees three indicators: green digits indicate the preset speed, red - the maximum allowed speed on this section of the route, white - the actual speed of the train. The driver can set the speed higher than permitted, otherwise there will be automatic braking.

15. On the panel there is the usual reversivki. The direction of motion is given by the usual switch. And to make the composition, it is necessary to insert a conventional key in the keyhole. In the photo you can see it right in the face of the console, below the gauge.

16. Theoretically, the October course has automatic driving. Only driver out of the station, and then the computer does everything himself. But this theory. Actually, setting up of this complex system is conducted for two years already, and now it can only be used as an auxiliary system. The main difficulty - not collect system and reconcile all possible signals, logical chains and dependence. Work is carried out. However, as they say machinists, well ezditsya without this "mnogoumnoy" system - at least some part in the management of train.

17. Perhaps, any high-tech device illustrates the search for compromise. Wheels peregrines, for example, were originally a German profile optimized for high-speed traffic. But we do with him there was an increased wear of wheel sets. As a result, for the peregrine falcon was developed your profile, but it has increased lateral buildup that less comfortable. Although the number of times I went, did not notice that somehow seasick.

18. There are no special rules for the conduct of the train in adverse weather conditions are not present. Literally flying on instruments. Sometimes visibility is on the strength of 3-4 meters. By the way, with the help of the positioning system GLONASS / GPS CLUB-U helps to follow the schedule and allows the dispatcher to control the movement of trains online. The screen displays the distance to the next object (arrow, the station is a dangerous place, and so on), there is a time when it will pass the train: scheduled and actual.

19. Regenerative braking on the "Sapsan" recovery. And if there are no current consumers, other compositions, the way the driver says, felt that the train slows down anyway, "less willing».

20. All train drivers began their work in the ER-2. Some people immediately came to the "Peregrine Falcon", the other went to school ER200, "Falcon".

21. "Falcon" - a domestic project for the high-speed train, develop ... CDB "Ruby", who all his life has designed submarines. So it happened that something similar to the submarine, but on the rails. Although the opinions of those with whom I spoke were different. Who said, well, just do not have time to bring the train to the mind, and someone scolded his last words. Now it is not checked - the composition of the museum.

22. If the initial set of drivers was carried out almost in the voluntary-involuntary, but now want to work from no rebound. The main problem - the medical board. Moreover, a separate, high-speed.

23. According to the driver, the requirements are very strict. So much so, that at some point the train could stay without any drivers (commission began to reject already working). Requirements had to soften. Special and very stringent medical board in our country - it is an old tradition. I do not know how much it is needed.

24. I found it strange that the speed dial is designed as a handle (pictured driver just sets the new value). It seems to me, more convenient krutilki as in auto-pilot aircraft, would be more logical.

25. The driver gives signals without ceasing. Unfortunately, many pedestrians think that they will train, which travels at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

26. Normally, machinists visor lowered almost down. In this flight, I asked him to pick it up. It turns out that this is an additional glass protection against stones. During operation pitched seven windscreens. Through, of course, do not try, but still unpleasant.

27. Where it hit the windows on trains specifically, I will not be considered - enough idiots everywhere. But with Capsanami was more difficult. At some point, trains were constantly arriving with broken side glass. If were in a combat zone. Stones were to blame. Not the ones that throw bullies and those who train picks up the air waves with ballast. Whether fraction of rubble was so "good" that the planets lined up in such a way. The problem was solved, but the glass was beaten decently.

28. If we draw an analogy with the aircraft, the control "Peregrine" similar to the management of modern aircraft. For example, A380 or Superjet. There you are "talking" computer that you want to do, and then he realizes your desires, do not forget to watch in order not to exceed the allowed limit.

29. Thus, in the cockpit, I flew. Now that's traveled the entire route "Sapsan". There is much more interesting than in the cabin with passengers. :) It is necessary to put a new goal ...

30. The trip ended! Thank you all!



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