Trains and Railroads

-Zheleznye Roads in Russia each year carry 1 billion 300 million passengers. On average, each of us 9 times a year, is a passenger train, but it is a very small figure. In Soviet times, this figure reached up to 15 times a year.

-Transsibirskaya Railway is considered the longest in the world. Its length is nearly 9,300 kilometers.

-Ctantsiya "Half" is the middle of the Trans-Siberian Railway. From here, the same distance as from Moscow and to Vladivostok.

-After Opening of the first railway in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), the first three days of travel was free. Because no one wanted to go on this "terrible thing».

-In France still has a law that prohibits kissing at railway stations. The reason for the ban was delayed departure of trains. Laws enacted by another 100 years ago and it still has not been canceled.

-Okazyvaetsya, Lineman, who tapped the wheel trains have a perfect ear for music. To change the tone, they should determine the fault wheel.

-In The train, which runs to the west of Peru, guides offer passengers oxygen bag. Because the train goes to the highest mountain railway in the world (at an altitude of more than 3 kilometers).

-Odnazhdy On railway road in Ohio (USA) train collided with the steamer. The fact that the lake overflowed Ohio, and the railway line was under a meter of water. However, the driver decided to hold the train drenched track, but collided with the steamer.

-Nachalnik Bavarian railways in 1910 was forced to issue an order banning the machinists and stokers buy during stops at stations beer.

-In Argentina, now you can take a tour on the legendary train "Patagonia Express", which was restored especially for tourists. In addition to impressions from the surrounding landscape, passengers can without its consent to become parties to a carefully planned campaign "Train Robbery».

-Several Years ago between Paris and Venice began to run a special "love train". In a compartment of the train: VIP-service, a TV, a shower and a special double shelf.

-Odnazhdy On tour in Switzerland went the train, which drove the cream of Swiss society: ministers, deputies, honorable citizens, etc. On the occasion of the celebration train was made up of some dining cars. But the organizers did not consider a small nuance: a Swiss restaurant cars no toilet. Therefore, when the train came into the station, gathered to meet him locals were very surprised: the guests of honor of the doors sypanuli cars like peas.

-As You know, some trains have its own name. For example, the "Red Arrow", "Russia", "Baikal", etc. Often the names of the trains give passengers themselves: for example, the train "Rostov - Odessa" passengers affectionately called "Papa - Mama»

-Japanese Company "Toshiba" built magnetic levitation train. The train is capable of speeds in the 517 km / h.

-Odnazhdy Group of German engineers surveyed the Isthmus of Panama for the construction of the Meso-American railroad. And finally ruled that the rails are better to do not a rare in these parts of iron, and gold ....

-Vagony Third class on the first Russian railways followed the front of the structure and were equipped with hard benches. But most passengers traveled under the benches. Because these cars had no roof, and passengers were hiding from the weather and sparks.

-In The Australian desert plain the railroad, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It is famous for the fact that over 500 miles on it no rotation.

-Sredi Collection of Faberge egg has "Trans-Siberian Railway," which contains a clockwork model of the Imperial Trans-Siberian train from gold and platinum.

-In The near future may appear in Russia bunk passenger cars. These cars will be much more economical for the railroad and much more comfortable for passengers. Each compartment of the car has a shower, toilet and air conditioning.

-In The Monte Carlo can see people who meet in a train waiting for those who arrived in the principality for the first time. After which passengers are offered money for the game, promising to share the winnings. Throughout the blame sign that beginners luck.

-And Here at Shibuya station in Japan, there is a monument to the dog, "the stationmaster cap" on the head. This honor was awarded for his dog feat 10 years she met the owner, who left the train.

-When In England built the first section of the railway between Liverpool and Manchester, decided to make a kind of competition between the five locomotives. However, just before the start of the competition fifth car was excluded from participation in them "because of outdated engine." Under the steel jacket there were hidden ordinary horse.

-The Long freight train in the world of cruising in the Soviet Union from Ekibastuz - Ural. Train length of 6, 5 kilometers moved his 42,000 tons of coal per 440 cars.

-In The early 90s. was aware of this scam: an African promised to emigrate to Europe, took away the stipulated sum, brought to Moscow (then it was easy and cheap). And then this African put in train, assuring that it's a train to Germany. But in fact it was a subway train that was moving along a circular route. The poor man could go a very long time.

-Surovoe Punishment deserved one train driver "Ahwaz - Tehran." His fault was that he did not stop the train at the time of namaz (prayer). Because of this, the passengers were forced to pray in the compartment, in fact, with every turn of the train, they had to turn around on the spot.

-Experts advise for safety, when buying tickets to give preference to the central carriages. In the event of an accident they suffer less than the head or tail. And better choose seats against the movement of the train. By the way, according to statistics, the train is 45 times safer than cars

Maximal speed on the track recorded at around 9851 km / h! That is the speed developed during the experiment platform with a rocket engine in the state of New Mexico (USA)


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