The road was built in Khakassia on the latest technologies (25 pics + 1 video)

In Khakassia, three months ago it was put into operation a new road. Its length is 4 km and is built on the latest technologies such as (Category 4, dust-free cloth). It requires a hard surface, lights, road signs, rainwater and so on. The construction of roads has been spent 46 million 455 thousand. Rub. And now let's look at the road after 2 months.

As you can see from the photos, the road surface looks smooth at first, but if podkopnut rubble, already at a depth of 5-10 cm - the usual clay and sand, that is, the base side of the road there. But after kilometer gravel ends and the road is simply compacted dirt. In this way fast 30 km / h is simply not going. On both sides of the road - a deep ditch. Half of the road signs that were just stuck in the embankment beside the road, already lying in the roadside ditches, the second half, too, and glanced about to fall. Lanterns along the road and all were found - or rather, the pillars are, but they do not have lights on. Here's a road, here are the latest technology ...

May 10, 2011 the head of the Federal Road Agency Anatoly Chabunin signed an order approving the list of facilities renovation and construction of roads (under the federal program "Development of Transport System of Russia"), which includes funding for four kilometers (3, 82, to be exact) of the road section between the villages of Red Key -Small Monok Beysky region of Khakassia. The amount of funding (based on sales) - 46 million 455 thousand. Rub. That is, one kilometer 11,613,000 750 rubles. The road was supposed to meet the requirements of category 4 (hard coating, installation of lighting lanterns, road signs, rumble strips in hazardous areas, rainwater and even litter bins). Road solemnly handed over in the second half of December 2011. After 3 months, my colleagues and I went and looked. Judge for yourself. This is the beginning of the reconstructed (the newest technology that eliminates dust on the roadway) road to aal Small Monok from the village of Red Key. Travel pointers lying in a roadside ditch.

Signs just stuck in an embankment beside the road. Two months after the grand opening, they simply dropped. The very fabric looks flat.

But it looks like. A little break in the rubble and make sure that there is no reason to have a new road there. 5-10 centimeters deep and encounter the mixture of clay and sand. Digging in another location - the result is the same. In another - it is useless. Old road almost leveled and spiked with gravel. Everything!

Judging by the statements of the officials, the roadway (as mentioned above) reconstructed according to modern technology on the basis of the concrete that eliminates dust on the roadway. We go further. In a kilometer from the rubble mound abruptly ends. We leave on a truly modern way. Hard-packed dirt, impregnated meltwater.


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