Spectacular views of the cable cars

Height - someone likes it, someone hates. But you have to deal with her fear, if really worthwhile to admire the views as a means of transportation you choose cableway. First appeared in the 1920s, cable cars have become a great way to see the incredible views. Although the lift is considered the safest "modern" way of movement, there have been cases of unpleasant accidents with fatal consequences, including in cases of natural disasters. One feeling that you are traveling in a carriage, suspended on a cable, is already unforgettable, and a ride on the cable car through the darkness or fog - a real attraction with all the elements of a horror movie. But for those who are terrified of heights, maybe when the fog or ice cover the booth, maybe it's for the better? Whether you love or hate heights, offer you a couple dozen photos of unforgettable trips on the cable car.

Terrible cableway in Langkawi, Malaysia. (Farhana Haque)

The cable car in Langkawi. Top view. This is the same location as on the photo №1. (Andrew Lawson)

Little girl on the glass floor of the trailer in the booth Ngong Ping. Under the feet of tourists through the glass floor amazing views of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Until recently, the only way to reach some of the attractions was a mountain road. (jayneandd)

Kayaks in the bay of Tung Chung, the view through the glass floor in the cabin cableway. The cable car is supported by eight towers. The trailer contains 10 seats and 7 standing. Patency System - 3,500 people per hour in each direction. (Paulo Ordoveza)

The accident at the aforementioned cable car. The accident occurred in June 2007. The cabin was empty, it was a trial run of the trailer, which fell in the mountainous terrain. (Dennis Y.C. Wong)

Carriages in Grenoble, France. Grenoble - a city of great history and culture, and one of the attractions of the city «Les Bulles» - egg-shaped cabins cable car for 4-5 passengers. (theilr)

Meanwhile, in Singapore .... Sunset over the Sentosa cable car to the top rope. (William Cho)

Cableway in Switzerland. (Michele M. F.)

The cable car in St. Anton, Austria. (Thomas Tolkien)

Cableway in Zhangjiajie, China. This park is full of karst pillars of sandstone, and the park is covered with tropical forests. It is often shrouded in mist park, why landscapes are mysterious, but creepy. (John Philip)

Glass trailer cable car to the peak of Rio de Janeiro. Sugarloaf Mountain in the background on the right and Botafogo beach. This mountain - one of several monoliths of granite and quartz, coming straight from the water's edge around Rio de Janeiro. The trailer with glass walls can fit 75 passengers and cabin itself runs through the 1400 meter route between the peaks of Sugarloaf and Cara de Cao every half hour. The original cable car was built in 1912. Sugarloaf Mountain - almost a symbol of Rio de Janeiro, one has only to see her in any film, once it is clear which country the action is. (Rodrigo Soldon)

Sugarloaf. The same place, only in the afternoon. If you're ever in Rio, do not miss the chance to visit the Sugarloaf. (P - A - S)

Xiamen. From the top of the mountain on the island of Gulangyu excellent views. Top can be reached both on their own and with the help of the cable car. While many first raised, and only then they will know that it turns out here working lift. (Jakob Montrasio)

On the Sunset. (Schristia)

Cableway Grindelwald-Männlichen in Switzerland. This is the third longest passenger cableway in the world. (Simon Aughton)

View of Mount Tianmen Mountain from a great height. (MetaFilter)

The cable tram to the Valley Blanche. Another accident occurred in August 1961. Military aircraft broke cable cableway on Mount Blanc. Six people were killed. (Xraver)

Hoer-Kasten, Switzerland. This mountain belongs to the district Alpshtayn, and before it can be reached by cable car from Bryulisau. In May 2008, on top of the restaurant opened a new spinning. (Kecko)

Liner «Star Virgo» in the harbor of Singapore, and above it - a cable car with tourists on the island of Sentosa. (William Cho)

The cable car, which connects the parking lot and pavilion Ref Turin, Italy. Before parking can be reached by cable car from the first station called La Palud. (Giorgio Ravera)

Snow blows off from the top of PMSS Valley. In April 1978 there was an accident during a hurricane, when two rope road in California broke away from the tower. One of the cables damaged cabin, killing 4 people and wounding 32. (Rennett Stowe)

Cableway «Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail» in Hong Kong. (Jakub Halun)

Cableway over Vancouver. (Andrea Schaffer)

Cableway between Bozen and Oberbozenom in South Tyrol, Italy. (Herbert Ortner)

The cable car to the temple Manakamana in Nepal. Manakamana - known here goddess, capable to fulfill desires. (Dhilung Kirat)

The booth near Engelberg in Switzerland. Rotating design air gondola «Titlis» which provides passengers with a better view. (Audrius Meskauskas)

The cable car Aiguille du Midi. The road leads to the top of the Aiguille du Midi, and is part of the cable cars that connect Courmayeur and Chamonix. (Giorgio Ravera)

Cableway Shinhotaka in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture in Japan. (663highland)

Fair in New Jersey. These passengers ropeway definitely happy. (Jackie (sister72)

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