Railways completely abandon second-class carriages

Russian Railways intend to in the near future to completely abandon the second-class carriages. The head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin told reporters November 14.

"I believe that such an anachronism as second-class carriage, which has been preserved only in our country, of course, has to give way to more comfortable types of transport of people," - he explained the company's position.

According to head of the Russian Railways, the timing of the full decommissioning of the second-class carriages are dependent "on reducing costs and the purchase of new, more comfortable carsĀ».

"I can not say whether this question ten years, but I can say that it is not a matter of two years," - said Vladimir Yakunin.

Added: As previously reported, JSC "Federal Passenger Company" (FSP, a subsidiary of OJSC "Russian Railways") in 2013. reduce purchases of second-class carriages 4 times - up to 72 against 290 a year earlier. The company reoriented to the acquisition of more profitable cars to the central power supply and double-decker cars.

Note that the last two years the price of "accommodation seats' tickets as close to the cost of travel in the compartment carriages.




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