"Nanopoezd" Railways Vologda

JSC "Russian Railways" has launched a unique train - Mobile exhibition and lecture complex (PVLK), where leading Russian and foreign presented their innovative projects.

August 6, 2011 the train has left the starting point in St. Petersburg and 8 August at 9:20 am arrived at the station Vologda-1. In Vologda up was available for everyone from 10:30 to 19:30, the tour was free.
It was possible to visit the "nanopoezd" as it was called journalists, and to look at new technologies.

The complex includes 3 service domestic and 8 exhibition of cars, each of which is dedicated to an innovative project or company, presented their projects. The tour begins with a "head-ended", the first car, and go through all 8 exhibition of cars, each of which was devoted to a specific topic.

The first thing you see entering the car, it is the chief of the station late XIX - early XX century, and those things that surrounded him during those years, as well as the layout of the locomotive at the time. And after the historical bloc are already the most advanced model of passenger trains, such as "Allegro" - two-system passenger train (from the family Pendolino trains manufactured by Alstom), plying on the route Helsinki - St. Petersburg. In terms of showing the smallest details of the interior of the car.

Another exposition freight and passenger electric and diesel locomotives (different driving force, electricity and diesel, respectively), as well as all kinds of rail vehicles for different needs.

Just pay attention to the lighting of cars, it is made of diode technology and changes its color. About diodes I'll write a little lower, and the animated image shows how the light changes.

Many exhibits tell about the modern infrastructure of the railway network of the country, all of them in the form of a very beautiful interactive layouts.

The railway substation.

Launch pad at the cosmodrome "Baikonur┬╗.

Battle railway missile system. Combat strength hid in the tunnel under the hill.

Gauge interchange at the border.

The layout of modern railway stations.

The station includes not only the way of technical facilities and the building of the station, but also the surrounding infrastructure (parking, shops, theme parks, etc.).

The arrival of modern train station. All models are animated: the train ride, the only people standing.

The next car was an exhibition of technological innovations in equipment stations. Attention is paid to all the little things, starting with the technology of laying the rails, lighting up the territory. It turns out for quite a long time, Russian Railways implements the method of laying of continuous welded rail, making the movement of the train is almost noiseless. Such technology is fully implemented on stages of the train Peregrine, and 80% for the other roads. Rails is not just joined and welded together, as carried out by the new technology of the arrow.

Particular attention is paid to lighting technology. Conventional and energy saving lamps are replaced with the diode. Diode lamps are much more expensive than usual, but provides higher brightness and long operating life. These bulbs can be found in some of the traffic lights on the streets, and read them much better. In his work Railways uses the company's products Philips.

Diode lamps without the use of dyes can produce different colors of light, and can be operated not only in highlighting the object and change its color. Plastic caps change color depending on what kind of a light source from the estate.

Exhibition train wagons are equipped with automatic doors, which are opened by pressing the button.

Very popular with visitors to the exhibition was a room of virtual simulation train control, where everyone could try to travel in the cabin, and to direct the electric simulating real conditions. Moreover, even small children can easily cope with the management after a short lesson.

They present their products and "RUSNANO", "Rosatom" and other partners. Their stands are modern design for the production of nuclear reactor systems of their cooling systems save energy and heat, solar panels, electronic paper and many others. All this will soon cease to be the only pilot and demonstration models, and will actively implemented in all areas of production.

The last car was shown a film dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the Russian Railways in the format 3D.

The staff of the mobile exhibition and lecture complex consists of 16 employees. Among them - a qualified tour guides who take great pleasure acquaint visitors with the exposition presented and gladly answered all the questions.

Route Mobile exhibition and lecture complex laid on the territory of 15 Russian railways - for 2 months on the road from Moscow to Sovetskaya Gavan and back it will make 45 stops. Timetables and all stops can be found at Rosatom.

Thank you to representatives of the company "Russian Railways" for the opportunity to look into the future and assess what has been done in the present. Of course, the exhibits was not enough. No full-scale car of the future, to be able to sit in the passenger seat. There is a lack of historical artifacts, in addition to the stand at the entrance, and photographs on the walls. It would be interesting to see not only the models, but also to electric elements of the real scale. Hopefully, this exhibition is not the last and museums railway history and modern technology will appear not only in some cities, and will be on every major stations such as Vologda.

Thank you for seeing and read.
Source: vladimirkhazov.livejournal.com


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