Double-deck coaches. What is silent Railways

The Russian Railways were the first trains with two-story cars. As long as they work in the southern direction. To us it is presented as an achievement.

But Railways of something silent. New cars pose a lot of problems. Read more below.

8 photos. Own investigation.

1. Service.

In normal compartment car 36 seats. The new double-decker 64 seats.

You will have to wait longer for care because the conductor was no more. They are still two. A passenger in a two-car more than 28 people. Even more than in the second-class carriage, where 54 passengers. So bring the tea slowly than in the reserved seat. Also longer have to wait for boarding the train. And how do you pay for a regular floor compartment car.

We are told that there will be more tickets than conventional trains, but it's not quite true. No one will drive the extra cars, just if passengers will be less for some direction, the number of cars and cut proportionally.

2. Stairs

Elderly and disabled people are especially grateful for the Railways need to carry suitcases to the second floor. Even from the first floor is a small staircase to get to the exit. Only one car throughout the composition is a one-story. And of course the place it will be bought up in the first place.

3. Baggage

Speaking of suitcases and bags. Luggage racks above the entrance to the compartment no more. Neither the first nor the second floor. Where to put large luggage 4 passengers unclear. Also on this shelf guides are usually placed blankets and pillows, not to occupy the lower shelves. Now they will interfere.

4. Ventilation

I often travel in compartment cars branded trains. All of them are new, but continuous ventilation works only in one of the five outside. Normally include ventilation in the evening and at night turned off. I'm not talking about conditioning and banal fresh air. The coupe has long put the sealed non-opening windows, and when traveling 4 passengers, and the ventilation is not working for several hours, you have nothing to breathe. I can not imagine how asthmatics and cores suffer such torture. This is a gross violation of sanitary norms for many years to get away with Russian Railways.

The double-deck cars will be even harder, because the volume of the compartment became much less because of the reduced level of the ceiling and the lack of space where there was a luggage rack.

You might think that the new cars will operate ventilation. I really doubt it, because even in the company 01/02 train from Moscow to Vladivostok, where the newest cars with dual toilet at one end of the car, the ventilation does not include the whole trip! Many times cursed with conductors - they refer to various technical problems. Thus the risk of literally gasp at the disconnected ventilation is further increased in a two-car.

Many people are surprised weakness after an overnight train trip to the - still not a headache - if the night had no ventilation and the air did not meet any health standards!

5. Toilets

Look. In normal compartment car 36 seats and 2 toilets. It turns 1 toilet for 18 passengers. The two-storey car 64 seats and 3 toilets - 1 toilet for 21 passengers. Toilets will be loaded on 15%. Not a big problem, but in this regard will be a little worse.

6. Tambour and smokers

Tambour on the opposite side of the compartment conductor generally removed. And there is no place to smoke more. The idea is wonderful. And the new Russian law prohibits smoking in trains. I myself do not smoke and can not stand cigarette smoke, which penetrates into the corridor of the vestibule in conventional cars.

But the reality in Russia is that many smokers are selfish, still want to smoke, and will do it in the toilets. And everyone will have to be poisoned by tobacco smoke in the lavatory. And in the vestibule where the entrance to the train conductors are not allowed to smoke - they're very often go and spend all maintenance of the car.

7. The risk of injury

Once again on the stairs. Unlike Europe, our w / e way not perfectly paved and cars are not as thought out in terms of comfort and suspension cars very much shakes while driving. The risk of getting injured while running up the stairs when you are going to the toilet is very large. Or if you need to bring hot tea or hot water. And rock the second floor will be stronger.


Do you think the tickets will be cheaper? Nothing like this will likely not be. Double-deck coaches are beneficial only for Railways - they will save money at the expense of your comfort and safety.

Yes, in Europe also have double-decker trains, but basically we are talking about conventional trains with seating, ventilation they always work, but cars are usually put in the cheap regional trains, such as RE in Germany. But there are many common single-story train, which the vast majority. In the context of Russia, when Russian Railways is clearly going to replace all of the usual one-story duplex on cars, ride in these trains will not have an alternative, and will in fact amount to torture.

All of the above - my personal opinion.




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