Bottled Water - it sells

Expert: Almost half of all bottled water - water from the tap


"Bottled water - is one big swindle. When you buy a bottle of water, you pay hundreds, if not thousands of times greater than the water that flows and so we have from the tap. In fact, almost half of all bottled water - water from the tap, "- said the head of the project Think Outside the Bottle & Public Water Works Erin Diaz.
According to experts, consumers are able to at home to clean water in the same way as it is done in most plants. A motor extremely profitable trade still remains ads.

"People - like children. Manufacturers probably specially made bottle of a form that is pleasant to hold in your hands, show advertising beautiful actors, rivers flowing down from the mountains. All this is associated with health. In fact, they hang us to deceive, "- said the director Irena Salina.
"This is pure marketing ploy. Companies earn billions of dollars by selling water, which today is more expensive than gasoline. So they definitely on hand that people feel as if the water from the tap is more harmful than the water in the bottle, "- said at the Council on the protection of natural resources of the US.


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